Oracle Application Express (APEX)

Tag Cloud Plug-in Link to Modal generates Javascript Error

Hi All, I am using Apex 5.0.3 on Oracle 12c. I am using the tag cloud plugin on a page and I want to click on the cloud entry and go to modal page to show report with that entry. However, when I click on the entry the generated link has a javascript entry. I looks like it is missing the static id of the region when generating the link for some reason. The region I If I make the calling page a standard page it directs properly. Trying to figure if I did something wrong. Thanks,Tom
Hi Tom Could you put the JS Error Message RegardsMahmoud
Mahmoud,Yes I should have posted the error message. Syntax Error: expected expression, got ')'.  It looks like at the end of the URL it is generating I see a ,)  where usually the static id is in between the comma and the ). Tom
Tom, Could you demonstare the error by creating a sample app on with providing workspace name and developer credentials. RegardsMahmoud
Mahmoud, Finally got around to creating application. Credentials as follows: App: Apex 5 TestingWorkspace: WSCAPEUser: guestPassword: password When you click on the cloud entry on the home page to call the popup, it generates a javascript error. Any help on this would be appreciated.Thanks,Tom
Hi Tom The problem is that apex_plugin_util.get_link is used in the code of the plugin. The result from this function is like this:javascript:apex.navigation.dialog('f?p=67758:2:101453064706308::NO:RP,2:P2_TAG:TOP\u002520SELLER\u0026p_dialog_cs=6udR937qupGi5h5Wdbn6OKKbuxEWIi-ijKrRf9HXavUY-NmSlqn23I8Uec-OCkkW8mvqzVg7-HUeGHVl0aChOg',{title:'Page',height:'500',width:'720',maxWidth:'960',modal:true,dialog:null},'t-Dialog--standard',);The problem is in    ,) This blog stated some of the new helper functions added by Apex 5.0Differences between Oracle APEX 4.2 and 5.0 | get along with Oracle and APEXHowever, I couldn't find any documentation for apex_plugin_util.get_link  !!
Mahoud,Thanks for that insight ! I guess I need to figure out why this function is producing a URL like this. I thought I was crazy. I wonder who developed this plugin ? Should I contact them ?Thanks for looking at this and pinpoint the problem !!!Tom
All, With Mahoud's help in identifying the culprit I saw in the plugin Cloud plugin the p_triggering_element was not passed as an argument into apex_plugin_util.get_link function. Even though the parameter default is null the javascript throws a null exception. I added the p_triggering_element parameter to the code the of plugin and passed in the region id and the javascript error went away. Hope this code is ok "p_triggering_element=> ". Anyone with knowledge of plugin can chime in. Thanks,Tom
I had to update my code because original I put the region id which didn't match what I saw in other generated urls so I replaced with followingp_triggering_element=>'$(''#'||nvl(p_region.static_id,||''')' now generates what I see in other generated urls. Tom
Hi Tom I am glad that your problem was solved. Did you find documentation ofapex_plugin_util.get_link  RegardsMahmoud
Mahmoud,No I didn't. However I did look at the package specification in the database schema. This is where I saw the missing parameter.Tom
Tom, I think we should ask someone from Oracle: Where is the documentation of that function?! Mahmoud
Tom, Please don't forget to mark the helpful answers also  RegardsMahmoud

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