how to fix an rsu failure? - MDA, XDA, 1010 Software Upgrading

i was upgrading by rsupgrade and the progress bar stopped on 13%,i pressed the reset button and now all that i get is 3.14 on the first backgroud then U then G without their respective nbrs and then a blanc screen with bleue top bar,and i can"t syncronize,my xda is dead i hope someone can help

Thanks for the PM. Appologies from me though. I have not been this adventurous with my XDA yet....
I hope that somebody will be able to help you soon....
Good look, and enjoy that XDA!!

I had the same problem and had tried any possible methods without any success. In the end, I had to sent my XDA back to O2 to get it fixed (for free). They told me that the board needed to be replaced (which I doubt).
When I received my XDA back from O2, I noticed that the IMEI had been changed.

Changed completely: different device
Only 14/15 digits: the device no longer displays the 2 digit checksum at the end of the IMEI



hey people....
i was just upgradeing the radio stack to v.4.21 beacuse mine was v.4.20 and as i was installing it on the xda, it said "Upgrade failes" and crashed. I then tried a soft and hard reset and it just crashes again.
Can some one PLEASE help me...
Thank you so much
Apart from a sof and hard reset, what else have you tried to resolve the problem?
i dont know how.....i have had the XDA for 1 day
any advice i would be VERY greatfull....
even if u think it may not work.
thank you so much
well looks like you may well have a dead one day old xda on your hands there jay
no dont say that....
its not dead.....its just sleeping (hopefully)
please help any body...*does a jig to get people to help* lol
"it said "Upgrade fails" and crashed. I then tried a soft and hard reset and it just crashes again."
Can some one PLEASE help me...
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What is being displayed on the screen?
Are you able to use your XDA at all?
Will it still connect to your PC via ActiveSync?
the answer to all those questions is no....
no activesync
no using the xda
the only thing that is being displayed is the startup o2 sign and in the left hand bottom corner it says
s 31.85834 (or some number)
and then it goes to a blank white page.....
it keeps swapping back and forth from these two pages
Are you able to get into the bootloader?
press and hold to on/off button while soft-resetting.
Do you have a SD card reader?
Also, where did you get the xda from, just incase!?!
im gonna try the bootloader thing....but what do i do if it works (im waiting for it to charge up abit before i do that) although i dont think it is charging
i dont have a sd card yet....
o2 online....i have insurance, i think (hope) they will change it....but im going away tommorow for 4 weeks....and im stuck without a i wanted to know if there was a way that i could reinstall it again...
thanks again york for your help
hey yeah i can get to bootloader
wallaby bootloader v5.22
what do i do?
it siad there is a gsm erorr?
Right, well it's a start, unfortunatly without an SD card reader there is nothing that I know that will fix this problem, as you cannot use Activesync without the os loading.
I've had a quick look around the forums but all related articles on fixes suggest the need for a card reader.
When you did the upgrade, did you remember to remove the power supply first?.
It seems that leaving the power supply attached while upgrading the radio causes an internal configuration error.
If no one else here can help with your problem, you will have to send it back to O2, they will replace it for new, however, if they do kick up a fuss, remind them of the Sale of Goods Act (Amendment) 2003.
Sorry, that's about as much as I can do mate. Good luck, and don't be but off the xda by this problem, I got mine of ebay and broke the screen within a week, had to fork out another £130 for a new screen, but I'm very glad I did.
ok thanks york......
i will give o2 a call.....
hey yeah i can get to bootloader
wallaby bootloader v5.22
what do i do?
it siad there is a gsm erorr?
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Great now press the Calender button, that should put you in the GSM
bootloader mode. From there run some of the options ect.., try changing your band to 900 and see if that helps also try turning the radio off as that might let your XDA bootup.
hi....i tried that and it kep saying....
gsm turn ON fail!!
any more ideas?

O2 gives Joe Public the ability to knacker his XDA

Request for advice from an green non-techie
I used the phone ROM update from the O2 Website on my perfectly working and very entertaining XDA. I now have an attractive silver paperweight.
During the upgrade process the phone locked. After an hour I soft then hard reset the phone. When I now boot I get the O2 start-up screen which slowly leads to a white screen, blue bar at the top and keyboard symbol in the lower right. Hard resets return the same and the 'soft' reset button doesn't function. MIGHTY ANNOYING.
Whilst I appreciate this will probably mean a trip to the shop and lack of phone for 2 weeks (ie it's buggered), I would appreciate it if someone would tell me what has actually happened and if there is a 'magic' solution.
As expected O2 didn't show much interest. God forbid I should buy their premium product.....
You can download new ROM and radio stack from Jeff, and ugrade again :wink:
The XDA is not recognised by Activesync - is there anither way?
More detail- please, read the links
You can do it

Stuck on a Garbled Splash Screen

As a new O2 xda exec user, I thought I should play safe and upgrade to latest ROM etc on the O2 web site. After a couple of false starts and after checking the excellent wiki advice, I got the thing to run through and complete the upgrade.
But on doing the final hard reset, I find myself with a completely garbled screen instead of the O2 splash screen. After a couple of seconds the 3 lines of text appear on the screen (the R, G and D numbers) but against the background 'snow' I can't read them. No response to keyboard or to 'random' pressing the screen. The screen eventually turns off after a few minutes but when switched back on remains with the same garbled screen as before.
Tried going through the whole process again but sadly got the same result.
Tried going into bootloader and doing a soft reset (as advised one of the many upgrade problem threads I've checked) but that also took me to the same garbled screen.
Can anyone help me out with this? I can't find anything quite like this on the Wiki or in any recent threads.
Should I try an alternative ROM? Stupid question, but is a Jasjar ROM OK on an O2 exec?
Hi - just thought I'd save people any wasted effort. This problem is now sorted.
It seems the O2 web site had linked to an out of date ROM which I downloaded and installed in blissful ignorance. Went back to the web site and found the link is now updated and gives the correct ROM version. This loaded and started up with no problems.
In case anyone reads this - although I didn't get any direct responses from the community I would still like to say a big thanks cos the Wiki and the responses to other threads are a real help. You guys have put a lot of effort into this and created a resource which is invaluable.
Top bananas!
lol...well i guess me and u were in the same boat my dude...i def did exactly da same thing u did..jus a new user getting the update and fu**ed my ish up...thanx 4 posting this tho it was some help*goes to download new update*
I cant even sync with my pc anymore i dont know wat to do
I'm no expert - as the screw up above amply demonstrates - but the failure to sync was one of the rage inducing steps I went thru too. Sometimes the PC would recognise the xda but other times it wouldn't. In my case, it was sorted by reading in another part of the forum how to get into bootloader mode by pressing the light and on/off button at the same time as using the stylus to press the soft reset. This should take you into boot loader - an apparently dead screen but if you look closely you should see 'Serial' at the top and 'v0.xx' at the bottom.
If you reconnect by USB cable to your PC the 'Serial' should change to 'USB' and in my case I was able to run the software on my PC to update the ROM.
Sorry if I'm stating the obvious but hope this works for you. Otherwise check out the Wiki section ( which has lots of good tips.
i fixed it i had jus installed a new rom

Xda Red & Green Screen Freeze After O2 Update Please Help

Hello everyone
I have recently updated my sofware on the O2 website and after following the instructions to the letter the screen will just show a mess of green and red dots all over the screen in vertical sections?
I have tried a hard reset soft rest and all the other posible resets i can do but still this screen wont go away?????
Please help if you could suggest anything
Thank you
I have had exactly the same happen to me, it appears that O2 are total amateurs when it comes to supplying ROM upgrades. not only that but you will find that the support no. on the site actually takes you nowhere. I sent mine back to the supplier and after trying to reflash the ROM they were unsuccessful and so i am now waiting on a new XDA. Dont bother with O2 as they were no help at all to me, firstly i couldnt get through at all and after 2 weeks of emailing them every day i got a response telliung me how to put the unit into boot loader mode (no help at all!!!!!)
Good luck to you in getting this issue resolved, i only hope that you have it insured like myself.
Once again O2 you are indeed crap!! thanks for the service that i didnt recieve, altho i pay way over the odds for this otherwise worthy handset.
£££££ what does it cost to repair? £££££
my phone is using a vodafone sim card and i bought the phone off ebay so reciepts etc are nowhere
will o2 still help me fix this ?
do you know how much it will cost ??
or am i best to throw it in the bin
plz reply soon
thank you people

Not waking up after extended sleep (phone not me!)

I bought an Orange locked HD from ebay recently, after following this board for some time, and have successfully unlocked it and am now using it with O2.
I'm very happy with the phone and its functions except for one major problem, it won't wake up after it has been in sleep mode overnight without a soft reset.
It also occasionally freezes while in use but I cannot discern any particular pattern to these occasions and again a soft reset is the only way. I have tried several of the suggestions for freezing elsewhere on this forum (and have done a hard reset) but without success.
It appears elsewhere that this may be a intermittent hardware fault so I have emailed HTC regarding this and await their response but would appreciate any assistance from the forum.
What are my options under HTC's warranty as the phone must be less than 12 months old, is it transferable to a second or third owner?
I'm using stock Orange ROM WWE
HTC warranty
I am trying to get a response from HTC under warranty, and started by contacting them by email through their website. They replied saying they couldn't help as I'd not given the IMEI or Serial number (neither were asked for on the email form and I did give an outline of the problem and just asked for advice)
They gave me an activity number and said to respond via which brought up my original question but not their reply.
I then sent my IMEI and serial number but am still waiting for a reply. Has anyone managed to get a reply from this 'service'?
Solution to freezing problem requiring soft reset!
I finally got a return number from HTC but as I haven't got an original receipt (bought off ebay) and it might be a software (Orange) problem decided they would probably not repair it FOC.
Decided to install the latest 1.56 ROM using USPL following the excellent guide at
This has resolved the freezing problem completely. Hopefully this may help others although I've not seen anyone else with an unlocked Orange HD with an O2 sim reporting the same problem.