Looking for GSM1900 firm - MDA, XDA, 1010 Software Upgrading

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Subject: Looking for GSM1900 firm
From: Muellmaen
Date: 21 Dec, 2002 11:40:15
Could anybody help me to find a flash for GSM1900 radio ?
Subject: GSM 1900
From: XDA developers
Date: 21 Dec, 2002 14:22:32
Indications we have received seem to indicate the 900/1800 and
900/1900 radios are actually different parts, and not just
different firmware images.
More knowledge on the phone will be free. We'll keep you posted
Subject: 1900 band on off info
From: Laisvunas Lithuania
Date: 21 Dec, 2002 21:07:09
-tipps -Allgemeine Tipps - info in german.From Bootloader menu.
Subject: GSM 1900 ROM
From: Muellmaen
Date: 22 Dec, 2002 12:16:59
@ Laisvunas
Well, I asked for the ROM, not how to switch as I did know about
that feature quid a while. GSM 1900 ROM are different. GSM 1900
ROMs start with version Number 6.xx
@ XDA developers
But it is possible to flash a 6.xx Rom on a non GSM 1900 XDA,
why not try ?? In the end it would be my device which might be
crashed. But all information about hardware is always welcome
Subject: 900/1800/1900
From: XDA developers
Date: 22 Dec, 2002 17:28:25
Finally someone tested.
> I have access to a US T-Mobile PPC in the UK, and I can
> definitely say that it can't find either the T-Mobile or
> 1800MHz networks in the UK, whatever bands are set in the
> phone settings or via the bootloader. O2 and Vodafone are
> found, probably because they're both on 900MHz here.
In other words, at least just changing the settings in the
bootloader doesn't help to make the US phone do 1800. For now
we're assuming new Radio firmware will also not do the trick, as
we have indications that the radio parts are actually different.
We'll keep you posted.
Subject: 900 flash on 1900 unit
From: Mike
Date: 23 Dec, 2002 07:22:46
If you flash the 4.xx on a US 900/1900 unit, you will render it
T-MOBILE just came out with the update in the last couple of
days, at
You need a 10-digit US t-mobile number to download the update.
Make up a number in the format 801808xxxx as this is a prefix
belonging to them.
The file is a ROM update to 3.14, which internally includes an
auto-updater that puts GSM ROM 6.18 on the unit. Worked great
for me.


New ROMs

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Subject: New ROMs
From: anonymous
Date: 16 Dec, 2002 15:09:30
New ROM in German (was?) here:
New English, also RSU 4.14 here:
Have fun ;-)
Subject: Upgrade failure
From: patrik
Date: 17 Dec, 2002 13:18:21
I have a swedish XDA (Qtek 1010, 32MB) and I tried to upgrade
the firmwares. (From the Irish site)
The radio firmware went well, but the ROM upgrade didn't work.
It says:
And describes my version against the upgraded version. The
difference is in Model. Mine is PW10A1:007 and the upgrade says
As a result, I can no longer use GPRS...
Any ideas how to reverse the Radio Flashing???
Best Regards,
Subject: RE: Upgrade failure
From: Tux
Date: 17 Dec, 2002 13:45:33
I'd say Your best option is to reflash the XDA with the original
Wallaby image and continue from there , as im typing im actually
in process of reflashing one
Subject: Upgrade failure solved!
From: patrik
Date: 17 Dec, 2002 14:21:48
Well, after some more reading from this great site, I decided to
manually try to upgrade the ROM with the XDA ROM Image Tool.
I unpacked the files from the O2 archive and put them on an SD
card. Rebooted the XDA into WALLABY Bootloader and flashed the
ROM from the SD card.
And it worked!!!
Now I have the latest version in my phone!!! The best upgrade is
GPRS 4+1 and the ability to keep GPRS when in suspended mode.
Subject: Failures
From: XDA-developers
Date: 17 Dec, 2002 14:29:37
We're glad it works again. We've upgraded multiple phones with
the 4.14 RSU, and have not observed problems.
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Subject: to upgrade the german version
From: Fab
Date: 18 Dec, 2002 00:03:39
I have a German version but I do not speak good german and I
rather do it in English.
I saw it was a link with a german version but it look totally
different from the Irish one.
Can you please explain me more how you update your swesdish
version by a Irish patch? Im kind a beginner. Thanks a lot

T-Mobile US with new ROM

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dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: T-Mobile US with new ROM
From: Muellmaen
Date: 21 Dec, 2002 11:38:31
T-Mobile US does also provide a new ROM for download:
You need a TM US phonenumber to get access, should not be too
hard to find. They do not have a RSU upgrade
Subject: RSU Upgrade
From: mike
Date: 23 Dec, 2002 07:24:10
What do you mean no RSU upgrade? Yes it does, the RSU upgrade
is just built in to the ROM. It auto-installs after you boot
the new ROM the first time, upgrades to 6.18.
A 10-digit prefix belonging to t-mobile is 801808xxxx, which you
could use to download the update without a t-mobile phone.
Subject: RSU
From: Muellmaen
Date: 23 Dec, 2002 11:11:42
My mistake, because TM and o2 have two updates, I tought TM-US
does only provide programm A. I did not flash it because I do
not need a hole OS in English :wink:
Subject: Valid number
From: Some guy
Date: 23 Dec, 2002 12:33:36
They do check whether a number is valid before letting your
download. There's surprisingly few numbers that are valid if one
just probes around at random. 80180801234 is valid.Since this
ROM is said to flash the phone at boot, I would not run this on
a 900/1800 phone.

qtek 1010 PW10A1 how to make it work in canada

hi, amazing website i must say, but since im new to this site and lagging too in the info i would hence ask the question here to get the answer to my problems:
1) i have qtek 1010
ROM version 3.18.04 ENG
ROM date 05/22/03
Radio version: 3.25.01
protocol version 32S54
at the back: PW10A1
i have a middle east gsm roaming chip, which worked all over europe, but in canada it doesnt pick the local fido network. i believe my qtek is dual band not supporting the 1900mhz, how can i make it work for me ? could you please advise the steps ?
2nd question is:
my qtek is microsoft version 3.0.12039 (build 1178) does it need to be upgraded ? if yes with what software pls.
thank you in advance.
there is no way to make PW10A device to use 1900 ... but it should work for 900 if your network supports 900/1900
im trying to roam on fido , does fido use 900 ?

PLEASE Help Me... T-Mobile MDA NO Network Signal

I recently bought a MDA from eBay.co.uk (item 6370487252), it was described as unlocked BUT I have not been able to pickup any Network (i have tried all 4). Can some one Please have a look at the Details below and let me know if there is any possible way of making this work on ANY Uk Network :?: (GSM 900 or 1800)... I have tried to change it in the phone settings and also Tried to select GSM 900 from the Bootloader Menu BUT to No Avail...
Rom Version - 4.01.16 ENG
Rom Date : 02/04/04
Radio Version - 6.25.02
Protocol Ver : 324e4
Hardware : PW10B1
Platform : Pocket PC 2003
Please reply IF you can help at all.... Many Thanks in Advance :?
Not sure if i really could help you. But your model is PW10B1 so you can only use 900/1900 GSM networks. There is no possibility to get it working on 1800.
Maybe this causes your problems...
just flash to RSU Version 4.21-900-1800 and in GSM boot menu select 900-1800
redsonnic said:
just flash to RSU Version 4.21-900-1800 and in GSM boot menu select 900-1800
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That would be a bad idea.
The Radio Stack depends on the hardware version. Since he has a PW10B modell, the device is just designed for 900/1900 Networks....
Flashing the 4.21could set the device as a paperweight...

SX 56 model PW10B1 GSM BAND 900/1900 - CAN BE WORKS ON 900?

Hi, my SX 56 (PW10B1) isn't working on Brazil because the GSM net is 900/1800. It's possible to make any think to change this reality?
Say, any version of pda softwares or another creator can change 900/1900 to 900/1800 or 900? I saw this kind of software on NET but isn't working properly (BANDSWITCH - XDA developers). This is a a beta version and dont work. Anyone knows any good software for this? If i upgrade system it can be works? can i get a better version of O.S for my SX 56 for free? Sorry for my poor english.
But tanks for ur help.
My radio version do it diference? I'm using special Edition ROM v. 1.2.. My processor is a 206mhz ARM SA1110 ROM 3.17.03 ENG - 05/15/03. Radio Version A.20.10 324e4
900/1900 is a hardware limitation of the device.
You canĀ“t make the device to work properly on 900/1800.
You just can try setting it to GSM 900.
You can do this in the bootloader.
Enter bootloader, press the calendar button and select GSM 900
But pay attention entering the bootloader is the same a a hard reset. All your data will be lost....