!!XDA trying to unlock with version 5. 14!! - MDA, XDA, 1010 Software Upgrading

Dear Manipulator developers,
I have a XDA simlocked to O2 and need your help for unlocking cause it didnt worked by now!
If i hold Power Button and press the softreset there comes the red green blue screen with:
Wallaby Bootloader V5. 14
if i put in my serial cable(bought on ebay) and start the Manipulator..there stands:
GSM turn on
already on restet....
and then it disappears and there stands:
"GSM turn on
ok but in the software there stands :
Status: ready
sidlock : <none>
Gidlock: <none>
IMEI: some numbers
keep first 8 digits is hooked
call timers: zero
no reset button anymore cause i pressed it allready!
if i startet the program the first time there was no "unlock button" just reset button..
now there is notthing to press??
what must i do?
if i start this software it founds the xda on com 1!so everything seems to work!??
please help me!
PS: i can change the numbers in the field "IMEI" but that is dangerous or not my imei is my phone id!?

oh what might be important:
i have not done an "autokonfiguration" for O2 network..cause this is downloading the smart menu stuff thet i dont wanted..
have i to do this autokonfiguration to use the manipulator correctly?
or has it nothing to do with the autoconfiguration of my mobile phone?
please help me i am as far as before!
PS:i think this Forum is getting too big..maybe the chifs of this great site could make categories for the forum?!
like "tecnical questions-hardware questions-software questions and so on..

one more question..
if u read my post above u see that i am trying to unlock my simlock on O2..but now..i thought about it..what is if this what stands there (simlock : <none>) is correct!!?? i dont have a simlock?!maybe..look i can use a D2 simcard..all works fine but!:if i loose networksugnal..i have to turn off an on again the mobile..cause otherwise it would stay without neworksignal the whole day!..my question:do i have a simlock??
or wouldnt it be able to use any other card if i had a simlock to O2?
pleas help!

From the above I would conclude your phone is indeed not SIMlocked, but you are experiencing problems related to Radio Stack version 4.14. The answer is to upgrade to 4.16 or 4.17, which both exist and are floating around, but haven't been offered as official upgrades yet.

But if i put my xda in bootloader moder there stands version 5.14!
if i reet it normaly there stands 3.14? which is my radio version?
wher can i get a new one for germany?
can i upgrade via dockingstation?

Version numbers
There is a whole bunch of version numbers associated with the XDA:
The Microsoft PocketPC OS version
The HTC software version (3.00.01 through 3.15.something)
The Radio Stack version
The protocol bytes
The Wallaby Bootloader version
Each version number represents the version of some different part of the software. Your bootloader is a separate thing with a separate version number, not related to the rest of the ROM. Your bootloader could well be present before the device gets a plastic casing and is told whether it's going to live a life as an O2 XDA. a T-Mobile MDA or a Siemens SX56.
A certain HTC version will be built based on a certain release of the PocketPC OS, with all the HTC specific drivers and additional (O2 or T-Mobile) related programs added.
The Radio Stack version depends on the software loaded into the GSM part of the device, and can vary independently from the OS. There's different versions depending on whether its a 900/1800 (Asian/European) or 900/1900 (American) phone.

ok but where can i get a update for a german xda?can i get it free without paying in an O2 shop?
Where can updates been found?and how do i upgrade my rom version?

spikomatix said:
ok but where can i get a update for a german xda?can i get it free without paying in an O2 shop?
Where can updates been found?and how do i upgrade my rom version?
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Look here: http://www.genion.de/genion/hilfe/more/
then Hilfe, thne FAQ check XDA


use of xda in New Zealand

I have just moved to New Zealand. In Germany I enjoyed the xda very much... but here... I have the unlock problem + some others...
I bought the the xda approx. a year ago. Now my questions:
1. Can anyone tell me what to do after another with the version I (probably ) have, in order to unlock the xda?
2. What do I have to configure that I can use the xda here in New Zealand with its existing GPRS network?
Thank you all for your support and ideas!
The easiest way to unlock will be to install the Developers Rom 1.1. Vodafone here in NZ have a GPRS setup guide for the Qtek (step by step with screenshots), contact them for a copy (I could not find it on their website, but I am sure I have a copy somewhere, so let me know if you can't get a copy and I will see if I can find mine)
Thank you.
Sorry in advance for punishing those that have read this question uncountable times.....:
How/Where do I install the Developers Rom?
- where do I get it from?
- what does it cost?
- what do I have to do with it?
Thanks for your patience
it s a free ROM (Thanks to you guys @ XDA-developers) and you will find the howto page with all links up there in the navigation menu.
Everything is explained.
Pocket PC 2003
I am running Pocket PC 2003 in New Zealand. Didnt have to change much, just the voice mail, sms message center numbers and the GPRS settings. seems to work well. I presume you are talking about the simlock. There is a Util that will unlock your device view http://xda-developers.com/XDAunlock/
Thats good news... and
I have gone through the plenty of information of the site here... however
Is there any "don´t worry - be happy - solution" around = e.g. somebody has prepared it totally.... and just put the card in and say "run"....
= can I buy a complete card somewhere or something?
I do not have time to do all those things needed :-(
any ideas ?
Where abouts are you in NZ. I could possibly create you a SD card but I cant promise that it will work.
kewl... that would be great.
I am in the Auckland region. Waiheke Island to be more specific.
I can come on the mainland any time. A very good friend of mine is trying to get that xda unlocked. He is in Germany right now but unfortunately he has nearly no time. I gave him the xda THREE month ago to try to unlock but I never found time. In August he is coming to New Zealand and doing a tour here. So he can bring the xda with him and then we could check it out with the SD card.
that would be cool
thanks for your help
The XDA's bought in NZ are unlocked so if you have to you can get them in NZ for about $1500NZ
I HAVE one... It did not bring it with me to NZ cause I hoped my friend in Germany could unlock it first...
I do not want to buy one. In August my friend comes and he brings the xda with him. Then I would be glad to know somebody here in NZ that could unlock my xda.
Can you do that?
nz gprs setting
go to this site:
Then look for qtek 1010-wap&gprs guide and download the settings
to jason.moodie
where did you get the your qtek pc2003 update from?
I have a qtek but runs on pc2002. My radio version is 3.23.01
and rom version:3.1652eng. I bought my qtek in NZ.
I am trying to get the new windows mobile update but it
is still not available yet.
My phone has Radio ver 4.21. And bootloader 5.22. The rom ver is now 3.04.00 ENG. It was purchased in NZ unlocked.
The files I used to put the new OS on the phone are below on one of my old sites temporarily.
R E M E M B E R do not overwrite the boot loader and make a backup of your existing ROM first using the wallaby boot loader and an SD card. I backed up both the CE and BOOT ROM just in case.
This is not an official release and it may contain bugs (Not that I’ve found any, seems to work better than before 8) ) . There were a few regional settings you need to change. You will also have to re-enter the voice mail number +64 021 700 700 for NZ. It may not be compatable with some old software also.
I take no responsibility if this doesn’t work, but it did work for me.
Active Sync 3.7 3,803KB
PPC2003PE 15,647 KB

error getting unlock code

I tried the XDA unlock software.
After transfering and runing it on my XDA, I received only this message: "error getting unlock code"
Any advice would be highly appreciated...
what version of roms are in your xda?
you can find this under: settings - system - device information
Thanks for your quick reply.
My ROM version is 3.12.07 ENG date 08/13/02
xdaunlock will not work with wince-3.12, you need at least wince-3.17
manupulator depends only on the radio rom. it works with 4.0? - 4.20
That was very quick, I am impressed!
My radio version is 4.06, protocol version 325S54
I found the manipulator, but this seems to require a serial cable.
My XDA only has a USB connection. Any advice of what to do?
many thanks
I hope you can help me, I know there. I tried to use Manipulator to unlock an xda but after finding the xda on COM1 the status message just remains at 'getting data from phone' and beside SID and GID it says 'ERROR'.
Nothing shows beside the IMEI. My device info is:
ROM: 3.17.03 ENG
Date: 15/5/03
Radio version: 4.21.00
Protocol version: 32S54
Please help, Thanks
sorry I do not know what to do.
My XDA is still locked and I am kind of lost myself.
If you hear something, please let me know.
all the best
If you use The Manipulator: Did you all tell ActiveSync on the desktop not to use the serial port?
If you use XDAunlock.exe: you know it only works on O2 3.17.03, Qtek 3.16.52 and Special Edition ROMs ?
Thanks for the reply.
I tried the xdaunlock. which does not seem to be working with my 3.12 version.
Regarding the manipulator: I thought that only works for serial cables?
In your message "manipulator" was posted in orange color, but on my PC it doesn't work as a hyperlink?
Is there a newer version available somewhere without the serial cable?
many thanks for your time and effort.
I would really appreciated it, if we could get this up and running again.
Oh, Like an idiot I went and read all posts AFTER I had posted my 'problem' . Not a problem at all 'cos xdaunlock did it with no time wasted (it's O2 3.17.03.)
Problem solved, Thanks xda-developers you guys really are the GREATEST!!! (now if they could just tell me where to get a replacement touchscreen for the other one that broke...mumbles the ungrateful,greedy wretch :wink: )
PS Golf why don't you list all the steps you've taken so one of the more experienced guys can spot where things went wrong? and detailed error messages.
congratulations in getting your XDA up and running with help of the developers.
Following your advise, here is what I have done so far in my attemp to unlock my UK XDA.
My ROM version is 3.12.07 ENG date 08/13/02
My radio version is 4.06, protocol version 325S54
I have downloaded the xdaunlock software and received the "error getting unlock code" message after running the unlock program on my XDA.
I have not downloaded the manipulator because of the warning on the webpage that you need to have a serial cable before downloading.
"Do not download or install The Manipulator unless you have a serial cable already, and need to reset the call counters or change the IMEI on phones with Radio software prior to 4.20"
I do not have a serial cable.
very much looking forward to any advise to help me out of this.
all the best
It says that XDAunlock only works on ROM 3.16.52 or later, bascially all ROMs that have the Wireless Modem functionality. Backup your data and install Jeff's exe holding the XDA-developers Special Edition ROM v1.2, and you'll be happy.
Thanks for your advise.
If you don't mind before trying this, let me please verify some issues.
I would like to use my Orange Sim card, but Orange is not on the UK provider list on the webpage. Is that a problem?
Since 1.2 version canot be downloaded simply, I need to do this Mkron installation, which requires unix? How complicated is that for somebody who has not much IT skills at all? This part of the website sounds rather complicated to me?
There is no download link here. As mentioned at the beginning of this page, our Special Edition ROM is based on the 3.17.03 O2 ROM, and thus contains all sorts of software that is copyrighted and for which we probably have no permission to distribute. So what we're distributing instead is a kit called 'mkrom', preloaded with all the files needed to make your own Special Edition ROM image, provided you add an O2 ROM image for the kit to modify. To run the kit you need access to a unix machine with some software installed. Take a look at the 'mkrom' page for details.
If you're no computer wiz, and still want the Special Edition ROM, you'll have to wait for someone else to run 'mkrom', and share the output with you. 'mkrom' outputs a binary image file (with '.nb1' extension) for use with our XDA ROM Image Tool and an SD-card written from the PC, as well as as an nbf-file with the correct checksum, for inclusion into a 'Programme A' package that people can install using their cradle. If you're lucky, whoever creates the installer you use to flash the Special Edition ROM into your device will make the flash utility self-extracting and use our new 'adaptROM' tool to make sure you never have to mess with model numbers, languages and checksums
many thanks

unlocking problem...

hi all, i have a little problem unlocking my XDA
first of all my PocketPC is a TSM400 and it is mysteriously identic to XDA. I think is the same model with a different name cause distributor company (telefonica Spain). I have a 3.18.10 ESP ROM version (08/15/03) and when i try to unlock it i got a "error getting unlock code"
any idea?
should i update the rom?
will i have any incompatibility problem?
If indeed it is the same pda I would suggest installing xda developers special edition rom 1.2 AFTER you have backed up your existing rom using sd method. This should unlock your pda automatically on first boot after burning the new rom.
cruisin-thru said:
If indeed it is the same pda I would suggest installing xda developers special edition rom 1.2 AFTER you have backed up your existing rom using sd method. This should unlock your pda automatically on first boot after burning the new rom.
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can you please help me also unlocking movistar tsm 400?
cruisin-thru said:
If indeed it is the same pda I would suggest installing xda developers special edition rom 1.2 AFTER you have backed up your existing rom using sd method. This should unlock your pda automatically on first boot after burning the new rom.
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I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news here, but that statement keeps getting thrown around yet its a false statement.
Its not the ROM that is stopping the Unlock, its the Radio stack. as i found out yesterday.
After i had upgraded to the special edition, it still returned a "Error getting Code" message, it was only when i upgraded my Radio stack to 6.24 was i able to unlock the phone.
But then, because i now had the wrong radio stack, i failed to get a signal until i had downgraded back to 4.21, Only then was i able to place a call and get SMS through.
Indeed the Phone does look exactly like a XDA,
So first thing for people with a tsm 400 to do is find out what hardware versions they are on.
Could i ask that both peachy_212 and elessar pick there PDA up and do this
Click Start on the today screen
Navigate to settings at the bottom of the drop down list
tap the SYSTEMS tab along the bottom row of tabs
And then device information
You should have
ROM version
ROM date
Radio version
Protocol version
Then click the next tab over (Hardware)
If it is a XDA it should say something along these lines
Speed: 206mhz
RAM: 64mb
FLashsize: 32MB
Flashchip type: 28f128
Databus: 32 bits
LCD :240x320 TFT
Colors: 4096
ALso what would help is the next tab over from HARDWARE, (Identity)
Give the model number and platform from this section, DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR IMEI NUMBER ONLINE,
Could you reply with what version numbers and hardware info to confirm that it is indeed a XDA
Then maybe we can help

RSU 4.21 problem: stuck at boot splash

i have just downloaded the radio stack from O2 v4.21. I have tried to upgrade through active sync 3.71 it upgraded ok, but when i went to restart the XDA it gets stuck on the boot screen. the one that says test not for resale... and at the bottom right hand corner its says A.30.07 and then locks up.
normally before i tried to upgrade it said A.30.07 the underneath it said 4.20...
anybody know what i need to do to correct it?? i have looked through loads of forum posts and now i'am really confused???
Thanks alot
Zetex :?:
a bit of further info my Bootloader on my xda1 is 5.22
I'am also willing to pay for help i recieve to get my xda up and running again, because without it i really i'am stuck. I don't just use it as i gadget i use for everyday work/pleasure...
Thanks alot
can anybody help me????
No experts or semi-experts seem to be offering any help. I consider myself a fairly experienced novice so I am not sure how useful (or safe) my advice is. Take care! But here are my observations..........
You say the upgrade went OK? Does this mean you got as far as the message Flash Complete! Press OK to restart your device?
If so, this is encouraging as most of the problems I've located on this forum stopped part way through the upgrade (many at 1%).
Did you follow the instructions accompanying the upgrade to the letter? (ie. kill all running programs, switch off phone etc.)
The 4.21 upgrade is for the PW10A1 model not the PW10B1 (check the back of your xda's case to find out). Not sure how you deal with this one if yours is a PW10B1.
Can you enter bootloader mode? (soft reset with the stylus while holding the power button). If so, this is also good news. Someone with more experience than me could probably tell you what to do next. (Possibly flash a new ROM using the SD card method. Although you upgraded the Radio Stack it may have corrupted or upset your Radio Unit/'ROM'. If you decide to do this, I suggest something based on the v3.17 such as the XDA developers special edition ROM ..... you can always upgrade to WM2003 again later.).
Good Luck!
Thanks alot for the reply m8, I did try what you have suggested by reloading the 3.17 o2 rom via sd card and now it won't even switch on anymore.
not to worry its gone off to the xda repaire center in Norwich today for repair under warranty.
Thanks for the reply anyway m8

Unlock HTC Prophet

Lokiwiz was tested and working on Prophet type devices.
The link for download is in my sig.
Ricardo Afonso
million thanks
why Lokiwizb can not unlock my Qtek S200,
ERROR: ITWriteDisk - 出现了内部错误
any chance you can dump the ROM (if it's english) and put it on the ftp site?
i can not unlock my Qtek S200,how to dump the rom?
wlinsong said:
i can not unlock my Qtek S200,how to dump the rom?
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me too i am used 0.2b but it can not working .
who can tell me why??
Me too ....
I can't unlock my phone to use my two SIMCards
HELP me ...
not working on a qtek s200
Right, let me get this straight...
"Lockiwiz can only unlock your Prophet device if your Rom version is 1.XX.XXX. For the new AKU2 ROMS (i.e Orange M600 ROM) there is no solution yet."
If this is the case, then can we use A-Wizard or the hacked romupdateutility to FLASH back to a pre-AKU2 ROM and then use Lokiwiz to unlock the device, and then flash back to a 'latest AKU2 ROM' (Dopod one is latest and greatest atm) and continue to have a SIM UNLOCKED device???
Please can someone try this? I get my M600 in a week and need to be able to unlock it. Am in the USA atm and need to use a T-Mobile SIM in it.
Appreciate any help.
in theory that would work.... the problem is that i havent seen any rom 1.xx for qtek s200 except for an arabic one or the one from imate jamin. unfortunately, not even with the modified romupdateutility we can flash roms from previous versions from the one installed on prophets...
not only that needs to be corrected, but then someone would have to get a non-aku2 rom, costumize it and then flash it so that the sim lock can be removed.
i need to unlock my prophet too, but i predict a long waiting period ahead...
Doesn't work on my Qtek S200 either :?
I have just CID unlocked my Qtek s200.
What I did.
Downgrade to JAMin_WWE_1000925_10009114_11420_ship.exe
You will need to use a hacked version of the rom update utility or something like JAFWM.
Next I ran awizard latest beta.
And chose unlock rapi.
and then unlock CID.
My qtek s200 was then unlocked. I checked this by running r2sd all command from bootloader.
Hope that helps someone. I will detail these steps and add them to the wiki page for the prophet.
I've tried the following 3 ROMS with the "NoVendorID" loader:
Unfortunately none of them would load as the version was older than the current one on the phone.
Anyone know if it is the loader on the PC that is rejecting the "nk.nbf" file due to its version being lower than the one already on the phone, or is it the loader that is in the phone?
It should be easier to create a hacked loader for the PC so I hope it's that way. It might be a bit risky to hack the loader on the phone as you're in trouble if that goes wrong and you loose the loader on the phone.
Perhaps the old "nk.nbf" file could have its embeded version number tweeked to look new enough? Sounds like the simplest approach, although there are no doubt checksums to make it more difficult.
Or is there a utility to erase all of the phones FLASH except for the loader. Surely it would not complain about any version you loaded then?
(Trying to use Lokiwiz to remove the SIM lock on a UK M600 Prophet.
Curent ROM -
Is there any solution today, or it's already impossible ?
darknior said:
Is there any solution today, or it's already impossible ?
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It is possible with JAFWM 2.0
Release of JAFWM 2.0 will be 17 of June, there is unlocking implemented but it will be not for free, every handset will cost one credit. Unlock procedure takes around 10 seconds and does not require any technical knowledge.
Since no need downgrade the phone, you also no need worry to damage the phone.
raskal said:
darknior said:
Is there any solution today, or it's already impossible ?
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It is possible with JAFWM 2.0
Release of JAFWM 2.0 will be 17 of June, there is unlocking implemented but it will be not for free, every handset will cost one credit. Unlock procedure takes around 10 seconds and does not require any technical knowledge.
Since no need downgrade the phone, you also no need worry to damage the phone.
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How much is 'one credit' in real money?
For each JAFWM serial number is only one FREE credit possible. Test it, and post here your opinon. I give only 100 free credits to 100 different
We are testing now the beta 4 with Typhoon, Hurricane, Tornado, Wizard/Prophet, Charmer, Prodigy unlock support. Any rom version is supported, please do not try downgrade your phone before, just leave it in ORIGINAL STATE.
Please ask ONLY for a free credit if you really got the phone on hand and can test it right now.
How it works:
1.) make sure you update your pkey online
2.) download latest beta from http://files.odeon.cn/JAFWM
3.) post here your JAFWM serial number and i will add 1 credit to your dongle
4.) put your phone in BOOT MODE
5.) connect cable and press the UNLOCK button
6.) post here your unlocking log and also your opinion, honest opinion, no matter if negative or positive.
my user id:000002762
wlinsong said:
my user id:000002762
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i added you one free credit, try and post the log
hello raskal
my jafwn user id is:00002785