XDA unlocked !!! - MDA, XDA, 1010 Software Upgrading

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Subject: XDA unlocked !!!
From: XDA developers
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 11:54:41
It is with pride and utter insanity that we announce the release
of XDA manipulator. The XDA manipulator allows one to unlock SID
and GID locks, reset the call duration counters and change the
IMEI of the XDA/MDA/SX56/...
You'll need a serial cable. See the page for disclaimer and
warning. Enjoy.
Subject: It works!!!!
From: Erik
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 14:28:18
It really works!!! I just tried it, and I can use my Vodafone
SIM as well as my O2 SIM.
Thank you...
Subject: wow weee
From: jacko
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 15:54:15
xlnt stuff :wink:
Subject: Congratulations!
From: Laisvunas
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 16:07:34
Second step - software emulator of SIM card with two
Subject: XDA Unlocking software
From: Gene_uk
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 17:50:01
I only have the USB crade and not the serial connector.
Will you be making a version of the SW that supports USB or IR?
I dont recall a serial cable coming with the XDA pack. Where
would you typically get one?
Thank you very much
Subject: Navite windows ce unlocker
From: Tux2K
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 19:24:56
Is it possible to make a pocket pc native application to read
oud the unluck code.
Subject: serial cable
From: tabbycat
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 21:04:20
The retail O2 shops sell a basic range of xda accessories at
reasonable prices. This includes serial cradle.
Phone your local outlet or try online at wws.o2.co.uk.
Subject: Fanatastic Well Done!
From: JD
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 21:57:43
Glad you sussed it!
Rom editing is the key!!
Wait till the news gets out youl need to upgrade your server
Subject: xda manipulator
From: cvsoft - hatch
Date: 11 Jan, 2003 02:08:27
this is great, now has anybody tried the call timer reset? i
like the name xda manipulator, great work xda developers!
i am looking at testing this using a usb to serial adapter, i
have a feeling that it would not work, will give it a try
though, will post my results later, thanks again.
Subject: trying it on evb
From: cvsoft
Date: 11 Jan, 2003 02:16:27
will try this on evb, and send it to xda developers after im
Subject: Simlock
From: Eric
Date: 11 Jan, 2003 12:00:09
When i go in bootloader mode what have i to do next, because how
do i enter ""dualser'" and can i type something?
Best Regards,
Even without this tool, some of these things are pretty easy
once you know the trick. For instance, if you just put the XDA
in bootloader mode and enter "dualser", followed by
"AT%UREG?3FE00C,4", you will see the SID unlock code. More news
about all the things we've learned will be available soon on our
GSM research page.
Subject: SID Code
From: Si
Date: 11 Jan, 2003 13:04:31
Can you give us step by step on this one, I'd like to be able to
get the code out of my phone but haven't got a clue how and only
have a US cradle?
Subject: Unlock: serial only (for now)
From: XDA developers
Date: 11 Jan, 2003 20:11:06
At present, we do not have a method of taling to the modem once
Windows CE (a.k.a. Pocket PC) is running. This has to do with
the fact that TAPI, a part of Windows, has opened the port, and
one can only talk to the modem "through" TAPI.
We're working on this problem, unlocking being only one of the
reasons. No predictions as to the when, so if you wish to use
Manipulator's functionality today, you must get a serial cable.
You can issue some of the commands that this tool is issuing "by
hand", but again, only when using a serial cable. This is what
we meant when we talked about "dualser": this is a command for
the bootloader which is entered through the serial port."
Subject: Works with RS Version 4.14
From: Gene_uk
Date: 12 Jan, 2003 14:10:47
Hi All!
I am happy to report that not only does the manipulator work
with radio stack version 3.06 and 3.10 but also version 3.14,
the lastest RS from O2 Europe.
Subject: fantastic work
From: filmeboots
Date: 12 Jan, 2003 18:36:07
Massive congratulations to xda developers for sussing out how to
get the unlock code (I used the dualser method as was risk free,
and hey presto, my unlock number right in front of me)
I got an XDA for chirstmas and have spend hours and hours ever
since trying to find a solution to the sim lock....I knew it
wouldnt be long before the guys here sorted it out.
A big big ....big thanks - top work.
Subject: Works with R 4.16
From: Laisvunas
Date: 13 Jan, 2003 16:53:39
Works with Radio 4.16,rom 3.14.13E
Subject: XDA 64 Mb
From: Mitnick
Date: 14 Jan, 2003 10:16:42
The manipulator works well on a XDA with 64 Mb?
I would want buy one device and unlock it to use with my
vodafone SIM.
Thx a lot
Subject: USB Solution
From: MADmanFREE
Date: 14 Jan, 2003 18:08:40
I await the USB solution.......
Perhaps if we started a list of unlock codes?
Would these not work the same for everybody??
Or does each device have a specific code.... ???
Subject: Re: USB Solution
From: Marc van Houtum
Date: 14 Jan, 2003 18:23:11
> I await the USB solution.......
Will there be an USB solution?
Subject: Question unlock
From: Mitnick
Date: 16 Jan, 2003 09:07:21
To unlock the XDA it is indispensable to have the O2 Sim?
Can be used the manipulator without inserted the O2 SIM in the
I am in order to buy a XDA locked but it will arrive without O2
Thx a lot
Subject: Manipulator doesn't need SIM
From: XDA developers
Date: 16 Jan, 2003 10:44:07
You can use the manipulator without the SIM inserted. All you
need is a serial cable.
Subject: Thaks
From: Mitnick
Date: 16 Jan, 2003 11:45:55
XDA Developers are the best one!
Subject: XDA Simlock
From: Baumi
Date: 16 Jan, 2003 17:21:11
Exzellentez Programm Funzt 100%
Vielen Dank Jungs... Macht weiter so!!!
Subject: what about ROM upgrades.
From: ansaar
Date: 16 Jan, 2003 20:47:37
Somewhere you mentioned that OFFICIAL rom upgrade software
sometimes does all kinds of checks on the device before
- will unlocking the ROM possibly stop you receiving an official
- will the unlocked ROM be re-locked via a new ROM upgrade?
Subject: It all works...
From: XDA developers
Date: 16 Jan, 2003 22:57:53
Mitnick: yes, manipulator will work fine with 64 MB XDA
ansaar: Unlocking the phone will have no negative consequences,
and no upgrade will turn the locks back on. It's just like
buying the unlock code from a provider and entering it.
Subject: Thank's
From: Mitnick
Date: 17 Jan, 2003 00:18:18
XDA Dev. Thanks for all info and thanks for all works!!!
Today I have acquired my XDA not as soon as it arrives to me I
will try the tool manipulator.
If I have problems I will try your help :wink:
You are the best!
Subject: Does it work for MDA, too?
From: George
Date: 18 Jan, 2003 01:43:21
Does it work for the MDA, too? I wouldn't actually need it for
unlocking (since the MDA is not locked), but the call meter
reset would be of interest for me.
Can I use the standard "serial hotsync cable" that o2 and
T-Mobile offers, or is there something special about the cable
that is needed for the Manipulator?
Subject: XDA simlock unlocker manipulet
From: spiko
Date: 18 Jan, 2003 03:05:07
hi gys just one question,if i unlock my O2 simlock so that i can
use my D2 card..is the guarnatee going to end??can they see that
i unlocked it?if for example my xda has to sent to O2 for
greets spiko
PS: can somone please introduce me into building up a serial
cable?(i did one for my sony j70..but need pin connection from
rs232 to xda?)
Subject: Terminal program
From: ShawnyD
Date: 18 Jan, 2003 19:20:48
Dear Sirs,
I'm unable to unlock my XDA (WALLABY Bootloader v5.15)
using your Manipulator. Thus I would like to try your technique.
But what is a Terminal program and where do I get one from?
Please advise.
From: ShawnyD
Date: 18 Jan, 2003 21:30:17
After downloading and installing HyperACCESS (and communicating
with COM port of XDA) I tried using the Manipulator again. This
time with success!
Thanks to all concerned.

it is possible to lock the XDA and subsequently to unlock again the XDA?
Example: unlock XDA (working) - breakdown xda (obviously it is only an example :? :x ) - :?: lock XDA :?: - repair xda - unlock again XDA :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes it is: Put the device in bootloader mode, and connect it using a serial cable. On your PC, connect to the serial port using a terminal program set at 115200-n-8-1. At the command prompt enter "dualser" and wait for the modem command interpreter to come up. Then enter:
Where the 8 x's are replaced by the 8-digit code you want to lock your phone with.

Thx !
you are great! :wink:

I've ordered a serial cable form moonlight-tech.com (link on xda-developers).
Can they be thrusted? I've been waiting for like 2 weeks.

You can order the serial cables from www.datanywhere.com
They are in stock and ship the same day.

I'll replace the link with the dataanywhere link then.
More generally: excuse us. We're somewhat behind on mail and updating links page and stuff.

Does the Manipulator works in unlocking the Siemens SX56 from AT&T USA?? I'm thinking of buying a locked one and bringuing it to uuse in Brazil?? Do you think it is possible??

Just got my serial cable from datanywhere yesterday, ran the manipulator & unlocked my ATT SX56. The first time it didn't do anything after entering bootloader (may be because phone was turned off before reboot), but the next time went through just fine. Tested the GSM side with Cingular SIM & it worked fine.
A huge THANK YOU to XDA developer

Thank you SCLUI56 and XDA Developers.....

Here you can buy a seial cable

I'm desperetly to get a serial cable to enable my XDA in Luxembourg. I wondered if someone has tried the infrared port with the manipulator? I don't know how infrared works under Win2000 but under NT with the utility Quickbeam you get an com port assigned. So I wonder if I could try the infrared port?
PS: absolut cracking site :wink:

I have no idea whats everyone talking about...Please help
I wish to get to know my XDA better and you guys seem to know alot. Although I may not know much about programming and computers, I can feel that XDA-developers have acheived alot. Thats how much you guys should know what you have acomplished. Excellent WORK!!!!
As for my questions, please be patient with me and hope you will able to answer them. Thanks.
I dont get what you mean by simlock? The way i understand simlock, it is when you entered your sim pincode three times wrongly and it gets locked. Is this the same meaning? In my country Singapore, all we have to do is call our provider and they will give us an unlock code which is free of charge. Do other providers in other countries charge you for doing that?
Regarding the Simlock. With the XDA manipulator, I can unlock any simcard?? ie, any simcard that has been locked after 3 failures of incorrect password entry.
Whats the meaning of IMEI? Isnt it like an identification for the phone? If you change it, what are the implications of it? Wouldnt O2 think your phone is fake since the IMEI is not one that was produced by them?
What is ROM? I thought RAM was what I should be concerned about when upgrading. Please try to help me on this one please.
BTW, Why the hell O2 didnt employ you to develop the XDA!! Dumbasses.

can anyone tell me if they have been sucessful in unlocking
has anyone unlocked the tmobile pocket pc phone successfuly ,already????
if so how did you do it. all other replies on this subject are rather confussing and have not clarified my doubts. :roll: :roll: :roll: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :idea: :idea: :idea: :?: :?:

Thanks guys!! it's Unlocked now
XDA o2
radio 4.14
ROM 3.14 Eng

Re: I have no idea whats everyone talking about...Please hel
Lycon said:
I dont get what you mean by simlock? The way i understand simlock, it is when you entered your sim pincode three times wrongly and it gets locked. Is this the same meaning? In my country Singapore, all we have to do is call our provider and they will give us an unlock code which is free of charge. Do other providers in other countries charge you for doing that?
Regarding the Simlock. With the XDA manipulator, I can unlock any simcard?? ie, any simcard that has been locked after 3 failures of incorrect password entry.
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SIMlock is the lock that locks your phone (and not the SIM) to a specific (set of) providers. This is so that they can subsidize the phone and be 'sure' you stay until the end of your contract. You can always buy (at outrageous prices), what is called an 'unlock code' to get an 'unlocked' phone.
This is not the same as what happend when you type your PIN wrong 3 times. This indeed locks the SIM, and you need what is called a 'PUK code' to get back in. You got your PUK when you got the SIM, and the provider can give it to you again if you lose it.
Lycon said:
Whats the meaning of IMEI? Isnt it like an identification for the phone? If you change it, what are the implications of it? Wouldnt O2 think your phone is fake since the IMEI is not one that was produced by them?
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IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipement Identitfier and is a hardware serial number tied to the phone, and transmitted with every call. Whether you attract attention with a chnaged IMEI depends on whether you choose an IMEI in the same range or not. Nobody really checks IMEIs, not even against a blacklist of stolen phones, as was originally intended by the GSM MoU. They use IMEI to track who is using what phones, in case people under investigation switch SIMs.
Lycon said:
What is ROM? I thought RAM was what I should be concerned about when upgrading. Please try to help me on this one please.
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Your operating system software resides in ROM, your own files and running programs are in RAM.
Lycon said:
BTW, Why the hell O2 didnt employ you to develop the XDA!! Dumbasses.
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We're too expensive... (nah, we're just a bunch of slightly above-average techies, really. None of what we have done so far is rocket-science.)

Re: Thx !
mitnick said:
you are great! :wink:
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Another question...
Can I set an personalize GIDLock on my XDA?
SIM -> vodafone

Re: Thx !
Anonymous said:
Can I set an personalize GIDLock on my XDA?
SIM -> vodafone
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Probably. The AT command (to be issued at 115200 bps in bootloader mode after entering 'dualser' is probably something like AT%LCKGID 1,xxxxxxxx. But maybe you first have to tell it what to lock to. (But then again, maybe not).
Feel free to play around, you will probably be able to use the Manipulator to get back in...

Oh, Baby!
I just received my serial cable from Moonlight Tech twenty minutes ago, made a cup of tea, put my T-Mobile XDA into bootloader mode, connected the serial cable, started the XDA manipulator, and voila! The unlock button stood out for me to press!!!! Unlocked my phone, reset my call life counter, amazing, and all in less than five minutes!
I got on a bit of a trip and unlocked my colleague's O2 64MB XDA as well, so we're both happy. Both had bootloader Wallaby v5.20, but I also performed it on an AT&T Siemens SX56 that had been sitting in my drawer for a while.
Popped in SIM cards from AT&T, Cingular, Orange, and Vodaphone (all pre-paid) and they all work!
Thanks to the hard-working guys who came up with this tool!!!!

Demon Knight said:
[...]Both had bootloader Wallaby v5.20, [...]
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Hey! Wallaby Bootloader 5.20. We don't have that one yet...



This message contains all postings in this thread
dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: SIMlock
From: V.
Date: 16 Dec, 2002 15:07:30
Any idea how to unlock T-mobile MDA?
Subject: SIMlock
From: XDA-developers
Date: 16 Dec, 2002 15:55:23
The SIMlock probably resides in the flash of the phone, which is
attached to a separate ARM7 core which is part of the digital
baseband chip.
One never knows what the future will bring.
Subject: SIm unlock
From: MADmanFREE
Date: 19 Dec, 2002 23:12:54
Hope that somebody makes it possible to unlock the XDA soon.
I have 2 phones:
a Nokia 6310i (voda) unlocked - works.
an o2 XDA locked.
I would prefer to use the sims the oppossite way round.
As the XDA is quickly becoming a more indespencible office
Subject: SIMlock
From: ...
Date: 20 Dec, 2002 17:45:55
Have you tried contacting your service provider or operator?
They will often unlock a device if you pay them a bit of cash.
Subject: want it for free!
From: MADmanFREE
Date: 21 Dec, 2002 11:01:43
I have been told that o2 here in the uk wil charge me £20 to
unlock any phone that they give you. (30 euros)
Surely there has to be a free way of doing it?
Subject: Simlock
From: Tommy
Date: 24 Dec, 2002 01:14:56
in Germany O2 need 150 EURO for this service :x
Subject: Simlock
From: Pirate Wolf
Date: 03 Jan, 2003 23:42:15
You dude's!!!
first of all you got a really interesting site!!!! Keep up the
good work.
Second of all:
Is there a way to programme some kind of patch wich will unlock
the xda. I'm from holland and I my Xda is locked by O2. They
charge 180 EUROS!!! for it to unlock it. This is really awfull.
So i'm begging you, would you talk a look at it and help us
desperate Xda n00bs!!! :wink:

T-mobile Upgrade

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Subject: T-mobile Upgrade
From: Mike S.
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:03:47
I got a SIM unlock code for my T-Mobile pocket pc phone edition,
and I am wondering, if I install the ROM/RSU update off the
website, will that RE-Lock the SIM afterwards?
Want to make sure!
Subject: overwriting locks
From: XDA developers
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:06:42
No, it will not. The locks are in a part of the ROM which is not
erased by the RSU/monitor upgrade tool.
Not that you would care anymore...
Subject: hurray!
From: Mike S
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:16:41
Time for an upgrade!
I guess if I backup first, then restore after then my ppc2002
settings and software should stay the same?
Subject: DOH!
From: Mike S
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:22:45
On the download site it says:
To install the Pocket PC Phone Edition Upgrade, you will need
the following:
A T-Mobile activated Smart/SIM Card inserted into your Pocket PC
Phone Edition
A fully charged battery
does this mean that since I have my SIM unlocked and am on a
different provider, that the upgrade wont install?
Subject: Ehm...
From: XDA developers
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:44:15
Mike, you may want to check out:
Subject: ???
From: Mike S
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:46:43
How would that help me?
My unit is already unlocked, I was just a little scared by the
"You must have a T-mobile SIM in the unit in order to upgrade
Subject: Sorry...
From: XDA developers
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 13:37:16
Oops, sorry,
We weren't reading correctly, we figured you were still worried
about the lock. Please let us know if the upgrade fails because
of the SIM not being in.
You might be able to swap the data files into another RSU
upgrade package.
Subject: Non T-Mobile SIM
From: jvd
Date: 11 Jan, 2003 23:29:16
I updated two T-Mobile's with the upgrade with Fido SIM's and so
far is seems OK.

XDA SIMLOCK overriding trick

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Subject: XDA SIMLOCK overriding trick
From: Laisvunas Lithuania
Date: 05 Jan, 2003 00:43:55
A multitasking bug (maybe emergency call bug ?)
You must have old rom (tested on 3.02German),telefon number,that
not answer for a 2-3 minutes and good timing to defeat
simlock.Insert sim,if you want allow new sim cofiguration,cancel
entering simlock code(SIM-sperre).GSM part is off.Try to call
number.Cancel entering simlock code.GSM part is off.Soft reset
XDA,GSM part is off.Switch GSM part ON(Antenne simbol) and
NOW-perfect timing-observe GSM part status icon ,when Yx changes
to Y QUICK call last dialed number wait ringing 2-3 minutes
until you see error message ,,Schwerer Anwendungsfehler,,(Heavy
App error)
Adresse:01f8b454.Hit OK ,hang of and ...VOILA you on new
network.Newer roms dont work...maybe is possible to write small
TSR to kill device_identification.exe when it come out?
Subject: U've made my year perfect!!!
From: Lost in Norway
Date: 05 Jan, 2003 10:39:51
I am so happy
My simlock is finally broken! I tried the "multitaskingbug" on
my 3.02English - rom, and it worked! I love Microsoft ...
Sorry about all the smilys, I am just SO happy!!!
Subject: GSM rom
From: Laisvunas
Date: 05 Jan, 2003 13:24:34
You can update GSM rom (tested on 4.01-4.16),only CE rom must be
old (3.02).
Subject: SIMlock trick
From: XDA developers
Date: 05 Jan, 2003 14:43:55
We're curious: when you've gotten the phone to accept this new
card, do you need to do this again every time you reset? Or
every time you turn the phone off?
It's a strange bug, that's for sure...
Subject: XDA SIMLOCK overriding trick
From: Allard
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 09:59:06
hi !
i tried it, but it doesnt worked so far.
i am not shure, maybe our german fixedlines doesnt
understand "not answering under 2-3 minutes" (grrr,
i need an alternative number .....)
i tried it like the description, but after it rings 17 times
the display gets dark, after a few seconds it lits up, dark
again. i keep it awake with a click inside of a white field
and the last thing what happend, was the antenna-symbol
changed after this to a symbol like a "telephone receiver"
just this window, nothing happend then
no error message .... ;(
may some can give me an advise ...
8) 8)
Subject: SIMlock trick
From: Lost in Norway
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 13:29:51
For Allard:
Check your "rom". Could it be a higher verson than 3.02?
Maybe Laisvunas has any ideas?
For XDA dev. team:
I have used the bug on my friends xda to... 8) He is as happy
as I am!
But yes, it is a temparary fix. Every time i do a soft reset,
lose contact with my provider or turn the phone off, I am asked
to enter a simlock code...
Subject: SIMlock trick
From: Allard
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 14:12:59
hi norway ...
no, i checked it ... ROM version is 3.02.00 GER
(05/27/02). maybe its the "answering thing" with
this german lines ..... think i have to find out a #
outside of germany.
Allard 8)
From: xdaaa
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 20:44:09
Subject: Help me to Unlock XDA
From: Mitnick
Date: 08 Jan, 2003 19:51:46
Hi to all and excused me for my bad english
I'd like to buy one XDA devices
My only problem is that my work takes me to Italy and France.
The "XDA SIMLOCK" cause many problems for the use in this
Someone can help me to unlock the products?
I'm very sad
You are my hope !!!
My mail is [email protected] (remove XDA from address) please
help me! :wink:
Subject: XDA Simlock
From: fillmeboots
Date: 09 Jan, 2003 13:46:01
Does anyone know of any apps which can crash a selected process,
this may be an easier way of replicating the bug.
I've tried using Easy Close to terminate the
device_identification process, but, I presume because it closes
cleanly, it just switches the phone off again. I might keep
trying whilst making a call, maybe that will work.
I'm using 3.02 ENG bios, tried the method suggested in this
forum once, but didn't manage to make the app crash.
I tried to get the unlock legitimately yesterday, and O2 said
they couldnt do it until my PAYG card was 12 months old, instead
they (or the girl on the phone) suggested I go to a dodgy petrol
station in Manchester!!! - wonder if that is they're official
line on the subkject!
Subject: XDA SIMLOCK overriding trick
From: zorro
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 14:49:45
Hi Guys,
tried several times, seems that I misunderstood how to do it.
First of all, do I have to use an O2 simcard or the D2, which is
the one I want to work with ?
I tried with both, but the steps didn't work. I'm sure I did a
Pls help
Subject: SIMlock
From: XDA developers
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 14:55:17
Subject: xda-manipulator
From: zorro
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 15:16:25
any experiences with the manipulator ?
Subject: About XDA simlock crack
From: tw
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 17:20:38
As soon as I try this I get the simlock code screen. All the
my version is 3.00.01EN
[email protected]
Subject: SIMlock trick
From: Lost in Norway
Date: 13 Jan, 2003 17:53:08
I would love to use the "manipulator", but I dont have a serial
For Zorro:
I am in Norway, and O2 dont have a service here. I use the sim
from another provider. Dont know if it matters.
I have allso "discovered" that I need to call a number where it
just rings. If the line I call is buissy or somone picks up the
phone it does not work...
Subject: Manipulator works...
From: XDA developers
Date: 13 Jan, 2003 20:41:25
tw: get someone to solder a serial cable for you: it's not that
hard, and all the information you need is on this site. And you
really want to upgrade from 3.00.01: it's full of bugs. We
suggest upgrading to the Irish 3.14 version mentioned elsewhere
in this forum...
Subject: Keep Trying
From: MADmanFREE
Date: 14 Jan, 2003 18:42:26
I nearly got this to work......
I'll keep trying
ver 3.01ENG
Wow...not only did tapatalk post in the wrong thread...but the wrong forum all together...
Sent from my XT894 using Tapatalk 2

Can I unlock xda O2 Germany with 4.01 radio version?

I have left the country and would like to use my xda with another providers sim card, unfortunately it seems to have a sim lock. I was previously with o2 germany and my xda has the radio version 4.01. It would be great if anyone could help me in letting me know how to unlock this magnificent piece of equipment which I sadly can´t use to the full at the moment. Thanks[/b]
Buy a serial cable at www.ebay.com for $6.99 (type : "xda serial" in search window), then download the XDA Manipulator from this site and follow instructions.

O2 XDAII 1.72.181 - unlock SIM problem

Greetings, its been a while since I posted on here. Having been a long time user of the XDA & XDAII i've got a newly discovered problem with the SIM unlock
Had the XDAII on a years contract with O2, it expired in january i didn't renew with them as i found the whole O2 as a service provider thing rather crap.
I've just been using my XDAII as a GPS for the past couple of months, however i've now got a new SIM from https://www.easymobile.com/
the XDAII is the latest official version that came from O2
ROM Version: 1.72.00WWE
ROM Date: 03/15/04
Radio Version: 1.17.00
Protocol Version: 1337.28
ExtROM version: 1.72.181
I've downloaded and tried the xda2unlock.exe program
However it keeps telling me that the unit is unlocked
Serial v1.01
i get the message 'phone seems unlocked already!'
Any ideas whats going wrong here?
had to go back to using my SPV ( man is that a ****ty phone)
It's very weird this problem. The unlock program used to work fine before i upgraded.
What would you guys recommend?
Can any one help, should i install a new ROM image?
just want to get the phone working on my new SIM
cheers dudez
Did you try both versions of unlock, one is executed on phone, the other from desktop.