looking for radio upgrade - MDA, XDA, 1010 Software Upgrading

Hello guyz
I am running radio sw 4.14 but it's giving me various problems.
I heard 4.16 and 4.17 are out, two questions
1) is it safe to upgrade to either of these versions
2) where can I download them


I need To Upgrade My Radio Version

I have Qtek1010 with the following
ROM version 4.00.05 ENG
Radio version 3.19.01
i need to upgread my radio version to 4.00
please help
any specific reason for this upgrade ???
If you don't face serious problems making or receiving calls then keep it.
Thanks but !!
thanks for the reply
but i relly have a very bad signla quality comparing with my frined have the version 4.00
so i think may be it's the reasone why i need to upgreade
Radio Up Grade
Am having the same problem any one know where to find the radio stack 4 or any other newer one that would work in the Middle East.

Radio stack update

I have a MDA 1 european version
Rom Ver : 3.18.01 ENG
Radio : 3.23.00
Because of a buisness application running on this device I could not upgrade to WM2003.
My question is could I upgrade the radio stack?
If yes wich version, and where to find it?
Do I need to upgrade the rom?
Somebody tell me that with the new rom version the MDA will charge thru the USB connection, correct?
Sorry but I'm a novice
Thanks for your help
If you arent having problems with your radio stack leave it alone is my advice.

Cant find answer

I did a search and couldent find what i was looking for, but im trying to update my radio ver. How would one go about doing this?
for xda2's you can only upgrade it when you upgrade the normal rom
and the rom have a newer version of the radiostack
i think
i just upgraded to the WM2005 but my radio ver. is 1.10.00
not sure if this is normal or not
me too. upgraded to WM 5.0 but my radio is 1.08.
i'm also not sure if this is normal or not.
i did update from radio 1.10 to 1. 17 to 1.18 and back aggain to 1.17
just put the radio_nb (check for country and operator errors)
in the himalayupgrade dir and it did only a radio update
after hard reset and thats it
it is possible that some bootloader dont let to do that but mine does its 1.01
hope this helped

Qtek 1010 Radio Stack Update help required

I have recently updated my Radio Stack to 3.19.01 and it is working better than the older version that the phone came with. What is the best Radio stack update that I can upgrade to (read somewhere that it is 3.23.01) and where can I download this from.
The ROM I have currently is 3.16.13 ENG (again upgraded recently) and I am planning to upgrade to 3.16.52 or WM 2003. Which one is better? Or is there some other version which is better suited.
Many Radio Versions are available on the ftp-server.....
WM2003 is good on Wallaby. Used it myself a long time.
You can get all ROMs directly from the ftp or cook your own at
Thanks Stefan.
I have downloaded RSU_V3.23.zip should I use this or download RSU_V3.23_PPC.zip?
Also are later versions like 4.21 better and is there a risk in updating the Radio Stack to this? Will 4.21 and 3.23 be compatible with WM2003?
Updating Radio Stack is everytime a risc.
So if all is working fine i would stay at your actuel Radio Version.
I think nearly all Radio Versions [email protected]
3.23 Radio Version is just another number used by T-Mobile.
4.21 is the Radio Version released from O2.
I made good experience with both of them.
The _PPC file is for directly flashing on your device without using active sync...
Hi, Stefan.
I have WM2003 installed (4.01.12). I'm not satisfied with the reception quality . I tried Radio Stack 6.24.20 and 6.25.02. Should I try with another RSU and which one is the best?
fredo said:
Hi, Stefan.
I have WM2003 installed (4.01.12). I'm not satisfied with the reception quality . I tried Radio Stack 6.24.20 and 6.25.02. Should I try with another RSU and which one is the best?
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Don´t know. never had any PW10B-device, so i can´t tell you, which one is the best.....

Please Help For Upgrading i-mate JASJAR

Hi Guys .
I Want To Upgrade My Jasjar To Windows Mobile 6.0
My Device Info Is :
ROM Version : 1.3.82 WWE
ROM Date : 02/22/06
Radio Version : 1.09.00
Protocol Version : 42.42.P8
ExtROM : 1.30.171 WWE
Please Help Me How To Upgrade My Device (Please Step By Step)
So Thanks.
Search the forums for a copy of the ROM.
The last time I looked there were at least 3 separate builds available here
Pay attention to the good advice being given by the moderators here with regards to installiing this ROM
I'm not clear as to whether these Crossbow ROMS have been made available legally
Look here for instructions on how to do a ROM upgrade:
http://wiki.xda-developers.com/inde...tion On How To Upgrade with Bootloader method
Thanks Mr.AcapulcoRolf
Friends That Upgraded To WM 6.0 , Do You Have Problem With It ?