Need a way out :-/ - MDA, XDA, 1010 Software Upgrading

I have ROM ver. 3.14.02 and Radio 4.14 (Ireland update), the 3.14.13 Irish ROM update doesn't work however as I have PWA10A2 and it needs PWA10A1. SMS are working quite weird now (they arrive and I can send them only before I connect to GPRS, I have to reset then, no matter if I turn GSM off/on again).
Is there a ROM I can use?


GPRS Problems with american t-mobile Phone Edition

I bought an american 900/1900 Phone Edition Pocket PC and I would like to use it in Switzerland. With Version 3.14.40 and Radio Stack 6.18 it wont connect to GPRS (even the GPRS "G"-Sign wont appear). I was connected once, but after the next reset it is not working anymore. With older version of this Phone (3.08.10/6.02) it's working perfectly! Does somebody knows this problem? Or should I downgrade to the working version 3.08.10? :?

UAE: Best Radio version?

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who posts to this forum - I've been reading it for a month or so now and am constantly impressed with the quality of the knowledge here, especially the developers...
I have a QTEK 1010 bought here in Dubai, UAE, with the following device info:
ROM version: 4.00.01 ENG
ROM date: 05/16/03
Radio version: 3.23.01
Protocol version: 32S54
I have found that browsing using IE feels slower, and have the feeling that this version of the ROM does not work well with the radio version. Does anyone reading this forum live in the UAE? I'd like to upgrade the Radio, but need to know which version works best with Etisalat (our Telco).
Any comments much appreciated!
Thanks, Doms...
P.S. I'm going to upgrade the ROM to 4.00.05 when I get the opportunity
hi, i am from dubai and i am using 4.00.1 from t-mobile and 4.21 from o2, so far everything fine just when i reset the t-mobile logo appears.
do you have bluetooth option in that version and your version was already installed or you upgraded yourself?
Use the o2 Radio Version 4.21 it will work fine...
Thanks for the responses guys. Does this new radio version provide any benefits over the one I have?
kamiar said:
hi, i am from dubai and i am using 4.00.1 from t-mobile and 4.21 from o2, so far everything fine just when i reset the t-mobile logo appears.
do you have bluetooth option in that version and your version was already installed or you upgraded yourself?
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1) The QTEK does not support Bluetooth, and there is no way to make it work on a QTEK either.
2) There is no Bluetooth option in any of my menus or settings (I would expect this as my device does not support Bluetooth). Windows PPC2003 is supposed to be able to support Bluetooth, however:
3) I upgraded to the 4.00.05 version of Windows PPC2003 myself using Jeff's ROM Kitchen (thanks Jeff!)
Hi, Once i had 4.00.01 and in connection setting i had Bluetooth option but ofcourse it was not working, the other thing is do you know any camera work with SD port of Qtek? i mean something availble in the market.
4.21 is more stable i think.
I had some problems when making calls on my QTEK yesterday. While in a voice conversation audible clicking noises can be heard and after about 1 minute of conversation the quality of the call deteriorates until the other party cannot hear me. I'll try upgrading the radio...
I don't know about the camera support using the SD slot in the QTEK. My first instinct would be to say no, it's not possible, but I can't confirm that...
I bought a Qtek 1010 in Dubai Duty Free the other week. I've since upgraded the ROM using ROMkitchen and am delighted with it. One thing I did notice though is that the speakerphone functionality (claimed in the Qtek handbook) doesn't seem to work. I didn't try it before I upgraded so can someone tell me if it works with the native UAE ROM code, and if so does anyone have any idea how I could get it working again?
I own a QTEK in the UAE and here is my share to those asking about OS and Radio updates here:
I upgraded from
ROM version: SER 1.2
Radio version: 3.23.01
ROM version: 4.00.10 ENG (T.Mobile Test)
Radio version: 4.21.00 (O2 UK)
Everyting seems to work fine apart from 2 minor issues so far:
Make sure you set your band to 900Europe as the default is 1900North America in phone/tools/options
The signal fades out sometimes but doznt affect the reception
No G signal but GPRS is OK.
GPRS stays connected; have to turn phone off and on to disconnect.
Read a lot before you upgrade. This forum has a wealth of information.

MMS is not working

I have a sawa (Saudi Arabia) sim card on my jam. i put the settings given over here ( ). My phone connects to gprs but I cannot send mms,I recieve mms notification but i cannot download it. Is there any problem with my phone
this is probably already mentioned here somewhere.. but the earlier versions of the jam rom had an issue with MMS and required a patch for rom 1.03 and 1.06 versions. the later versions of the rom dont require the patch anymore, and they are probably easier to find then the MMS patch. mind you im assuming you have an imate jam.
My rom version is 1.12.00 WWE, Radio Version 1.12.10, ExtROM version 1.12.128 WWE.I think I also put the settings update from the club imate website

Newbie help

First off, great site so far, lets hope you can help fix my problem.
I got the O2 XDA Exec on Friday, since then I changed a few things in the registry to make it a bit better... then updated the rom to O2s latest one on theie site:
ROM version 1.30.107 WWE
ROM date: 04/11/06
Radio version: 1.09.00
Protocol version: 42.42.P8
ExtROM version: 1.30.162 WWE
My major problem now is, since updating the ROM to 1.30.107 WWE my WIFI wont connect or when it does it disconnects pretty quick, where as it used to stay connected forever. Also, when WIFI disconnects, it says Wi-Fi: Available but will try to connect to GPRS (costing me money which I don't want). Anyone know how to either get wifi to stay connected and connect all the time its available or stop GPRS from connecting when I dont want it to? Would this be due to a hack I tried to stop it shutting off wifi etc on standby? (I may have done it wrong)
Also, where can I get better updates for the ROM or is this the latest one? I'm not afriaid to hard reset or whatever as many times as needed, especially at the moment as it has hardly anything on it and what it has on I can easily get back on.
Furthermore, on the first ROM it had on it, unsure of version, there was a battery bar in Today, since updating this has gone, how do I get that back?
I have a load more questions but i will save those for when I get these ones sorted.
Any help appreciated.

wizard turns on by itself / how to disable direct push mail

my wizard drives me nuts. sometimes it turns on (screen+backlight) by itself.
of course my battery is empty every evening since this.
in other threads i already noticed that it might have anything to do with
- direct push mail (
- PIN (
here are my questions:
1. any other possible reason ?
2. how do i disable direct push mail ? - in the comm manager i can't even turn it on - looks off.
3. when they say PIN - are they talking about the SIM-card PIN ?
if so, isn't there a fix for it ?
i have original vodafone (germany) AKU2 ROM GER 3/22/06
Radio 02.19.11
IPL/SPL 2.21
(it's a G3 as far i know)
thank you!
What ROM are you using?
i have original vodafone (germany) AKU2 ROM GER 3/22/06
Radio 02.19.11
IPL/SPL 2.21
(it's a G3 as far i know)
I would try re-flashing it and see if that helps.
why reflash ? it's a original rom.
You could also try doing a hard reset, but re-flashing the original ROM is not going to make the problem worse and may even fix it.