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Subject: New ROM & radio also here ...
From: Muellmaen
Date: 18 Dec, 2002 10:12:09
At there is
now the Asian ROM 3.14 and radio 4.16 available. But you need an
Asian IMEI Can somebody help out ?
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Subject: new rom
From: MiNG
Date: 18 Dec, 2002 17:42:24
download at my tempoary ftp server
userid: xda
password : xda123
Subject: new rom
From: Muellmaen
Date: 19 Dec, 2002 10:32:31
Hi Ming,
seems that you are also at every corner 8)
Subject: My XDA is fried
From: Confused
Date: 20 Dec, 2002 17:59:00
My XDA stopped flashing in the middle of upgrading the Radio
version 4.16. Now my unit is senseless. I tried to reflash but
it didn't work out.
anybody here knows how to solve this problem? Is it possible to
backup the GSM ROM using the Wallaby bootloader? Any idea if
this can be solved with hyperterminal (parrot) method?
Subject: Fried XDA too...
From: :-(
Date: 20 Dec, 2002 21:07:37
The same happened with my XDA... The Radio Stack Upgrade version
4.16 stopped flashing at 10% and afterwards the GSM part of the
XDA didn't work anymore and the XDA itself started to behave
weird (long boot up time, no ActiveSync connection etc.)
OK, maybe I shouldn't have flashed the Asian RSU version over my
German XDA but it did work with the Irish RSU version.
Now, I will need to buy an MMC/SD card reader and try to restore
the Flash ROM with the ROM image tool from this site...
At least I have some free time around Christmas...
Subject: Hate to say this, but ...
From: XDA developers
Date: 20 Dec, 2002 22:13:02
We've never claimed anything about the phone updates yet.
The XDA-developers ROM Image Tool using SD cards, as published
on this site, will only help you flash the Bootloader and the
Windows CE image, both located in the 32 MB of flash attached to
the main (Strong ARM) processor.
The phone image is uploaded through the PDA to another 4MB of
flash attached to the "digital baseband chip", which is a
completely different (ARM7) processor and DSP combination.
We're working on the GSM ROM, but no guarantees as to when work
is done. If you send us mail at [email protected],
we'll try to see if we can help you, and we'll post the outcome
Subject: Fried XDA
From: Festan
Date: 20 Dec, 2002 23:10:57
(I'm the guy who flased the Asian RSU over his German XDA)
Thank you for the clarification about the separate flash memory
I'm actually suspecting that the failed Radio Stack Upgrade did
some harm to the regular flash memory that stores the OS.
Here is what happened so far in more detail:
- RSU stopped flashing at 10% as described previously
- Soft reset (the big hole)
- XDA needs quiet long to come up because it unsuccessfully
tries to start up GSM but it does come up with the Today screen
at last (and GSM turned off)
- XDA behaves weird (no ActiveSync connection, RSU upgrade
cannot be removed) but is still operable, i.e. reacts to user
- Hard reset (the small hole) with 60 secs wait time between
punching into the small hole
- Now the XDA behaves even weirder: Long boot up time, white
screen with a blue border at the top, hardly any reaction to
user input, after pressing the volume button a couple of times
the Today screen appears but somewhat mutilated
So my conclusion is that there must be something wrong with the
flash ROM holding the OS because after the hard reset which
erases all RAM the XDA still doesn't work right. I'm guessing
that if the GSM part cannot correctly be turned on (because of
an incomplete radio stack), it should not severeley impact the
rest of the OS.
Just to inform you: I'm also a developer (telecommunication and
networking) with electrical engineering and computer
architecture background so I don't mind reading all the
technical terms
Subject: Fried XDA
From: Confused
Date: 21 Dec, 2002 08:38:46
Well, I flashed my 3.12 & 4.06 Asian ROM with the Irish 3.14
plus the Radio version 4.14 without any problems. They are
working perfectly until I got an itch to flash the Radio version
4.16. It stopped exactly at 10% and afterwards it behaves as
described above. What happened is that the Top Bar is
completely unusable. I tried a hard reset and the screen is
completely blank. To get to the Today menu, I need to press the
volume buttons. Then by pressing the Action & Calendar keys I
did the screen alignment stuff. I used the same buttons
pressing combination to activate the StartMenu (it's a pain to
get it though). Once I access the StartMenu, I mapped the file
explorer shortcut to the StartUp so it will be activated
everytime I soft resetted my XDA. Then I copied the CAB files
of both 4.14 & 4.16 version and tried to reflash my XDA. But
none of them worked out
I would be pleased to try any suggestions to bring my XDA back
from the dead :wink:
Subject: Fried XDA
From: Confused
Date: 21 Dec, 2002 08:41:34
Well, I flashed my 3.12 & 4.06 Asian ROM with the Irish 3.14
plus the Radio version 4.14 without any problems. They are
working perfectly until I got an itch to flash the Radio version
4.16. It stopped exactly at 10% and afterwards it behaves as
described above. What happened is that the Top Bar is
completely unusable. I tried a hard reset and the screen is
completely blank. To get to the Today menu, I need to press the
volume buttons. Then by pressing the Action & Calendar keys I
did the screen alignment stuff. I used the same buttons
pressing combination to activate the StartMenu (it's a pain to
get it though). Once I access the StartMenu, I mapped the file
explorer shortcut to the StartUp so it will be activated
everytime I soft resetted my XDA. Then I copied the CAB files
of both 4.14 & 4.16 version and tried to reflash my XDA. But
none of them worked out
I would be pleased to try any suggestions to bring my XDA back
from the dead :wink:
Subject: flash crash
From: Muellmaen
Date: 21 Dec, 2002 11:31:41
sounds not to god at all ....
What to the experts think about it ? For me it seems, that the
top bar does not show up, because the XDA does not a status from
the phone. What happens if you try to deactivate the phone by
pressing the off hook button (red phone) for several seconds? I
had a similar problem after (trying) to flash the 4.06, but
after a hard reset and switching off the phone I was able to
flash the phone directly from the device. But, as it is unclear
at which point your flash crashed, it might not help. If nothing
helps, just go to a o2 shop and look as innocent as you can
:wink: :wink:
Subject: Flash process not fail safe
From: Idefix
Date: 21 Dec, 2002 16:53:02
As many of you already found there are strong indications that
the flash process is not fail safe. There is very likely *no*
fixed ROM in the whole XDA. This means when the flash process
goes wrong you're stuck cause the CPU can't boot anymore and the
flash process can not be restarted.
FYI this is different from for example a Nokia phone where it
allways first boots from ROM that is not reflashed. This way it
can almost always be repaired with normal flash equipment even
if the flash ROM is completely ****ed.
One thing on the RSU update: it seems that this always is a
partial flash. For example GSM calibration data is always
retained, but also some of the code is not reflashed. This means
that it most likely is an incremental flash and that could mean
it is not useable over just any other existing flash version.
I suspect that the only way to repair a broken flash on an XDA
is to reflash through JTAG or other means of 'in circuit'
Subject: Top Bar is OK now
From: Confused
Date: 21 Dec, 2002 18:00:11
I managed to get the top bar to work. What I did was I deleted
all shortcuts associated to the phone like SMSReceiver,
Handsfree, poutlook etc. Now after resetting, the top bar is
working. At least now my XDA is usable as a PDA :wink:
Subject: Fried XDA and XDArit attempts
From: Festan
Date: 21 Dec, 2002 18:39:59
I played around with XDArit in order to try to repair my XDA. It
took a while and a few flashing attempts until I found out that
the binary file in the official O2 update distribution does
contain the bootloader. It also contains a kind of a header
(ASCII characters) that indicate the version and language.
XDArit does not strip off the header but takes the file as it is
to generate the SD card data. So at first I ended up flashing
something totally wrong into my XDA and it made it even worse
(only Wallaby came up, nothing else).
After stripping off the header and the bootloader data (256K)
and using this altered file for XDArit, I was able to get back
to the point where I was before (white screen, no top bar).
I will try Confused's tips now and hope that I can somehow get
the correct Radio Stack into the device.
Subject: XDA ROM Image Tool
From: XDA developers
Date: 22 Dec, 2002 15:56:27
The text on the XDA ROM Image Tool page has been rewritten, and
is now much easier to understand.
On the same page, there is now also a diagnostics card image
that allows patching 5.17 bootloaders to be able to dump and
flash from SD.
Festan: XDArit reads the upgrade .nbf files directly, so you did
not need to go through so much trouble. Just select .nbf as the
input file type.
Subject: Rescue XDA RSUpgrade
From: PL
Date: 23 Dec, 2002 10:40:29
I have tried a few times on upgrade and face the same problem as
all of your faced.
You have to take out the SIM and try again. There will be a
message "Take out AC before start" and later it will pass 10%
and it run OK.
Subject: XDA ROM Image Tool
From: Festan
Date: 23 Dec, 2002 21:30:47
XDA Developers:
Yes, I didn't realize that the type of input file for the flash
can be chosen.
However, my XDA still doesn't work properly. The PDA part does
work (after applying Confused's tips) although the response time
to user input is sometimes quite high. The GSM part is still
broken. Maybe the OS tries to access some GSM functionality but
cannot and thus causes the pauses.
Subject: Fried XDA
From: SuperKT
Date: 25 Dec, 2002 04:58:10
Please help to confirm how to solve this problem that I also
faced it.
Subject: Need Bootloader and WinCE ROM
From: SuperKT
Date: 25 Dec, 2002 08:36:13
I tried to solve by the flash ROM but I cannot find the
Bootloader and WinCE ROM Image. Please help to ask me for
downloading. Thanks.
Subject: Images
From: XDA developers
Date: 26 Dec, 2002 12:30:18
You'll all notice we become very quiet when it comes to firmware
images. XDA-developers does not, and will not, distribute
software that carries someone else's copyright. Besides: there's
a number of legal sources for these images on the net: O2
Ireland being the prime source for European O2 users at the
SuperKT: if you really need to flash both bootloader and WinCE,
do as follows:
- Get NT, Win2000 or XP
- Get a PC-card or USB to SD-card adapter
- Get the Irish update and let it install without putting XDA in
- Start XDArit (
XDArit )
- Write to SD from file, check bootloader and WinCE, and use the
.nbf file from the "English" directory of the upgrade package.
- Insert card in XDA and put in bootloader mode
- Flash from SD
Procedure changes somewhat if you have a 5.17 bootloader. See
the XDArit page mentioned above.
Subject: It doesn't work
From: SuperKT
Date: 27 Dec, 2002 09:47:10
XDA Developers,
I tried to do as suggested but it has an error after ROM Flashed
to XDA "Check sum is not correct". I rebooted my XDA but it's
not been work.
I did :-
- Get Win2000
- Get USB to MMC-Card
- Get NK.nbf in the "English" directory of the Asian upgrade
- Write Wallet Patch to MMC-Card because my loader version is
- Boot from MMC-Card with patch
- Take out MMC-Card
- Write NK.nbf to MMC-Card
- Put MMC-Card into XDA
- Select Restore from SD
- It was flashing until finished at 200000 and have the error
"Check Sum is not correct" , Cold boot, Reset
- I dis rest but it's still the same problem
- If boot by loader it has still been "GSM Error".
Subject: Flash problems
From: XDA developers
Date: 29 Dec, 2002 14:33:24
We're aware of multiple people having problems wrecking their
phones during upgrades, usually using the normal RSU upgrade
packs meant for their phone. There's currently not much we can
do, but we are peeking more and more into what is happening
during the phone upgrade process. More info will certainly
follow in the next few weeks.
As for the WinCE part not flashing correctly: flashing through
the bootloader has been very reliable for us, and we're not
aware of others having similar problems. SuperKT: please send us
an even more detailed description of what you did exactly via
e-mail to [email protected].
Subject: XDA Update Problem
From: onkeldietmar
Date: 30 Dec, 2002 09:05:30
Festan please contact me. i have the same problem as you.
i' ll hope you can help me, because i don't want to sent my XDA
to the service center.
[email protected]
Subject: ROM Upgrade
From: FintonK
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 12:57:53
is there any chance someone could send me a link to download the
new Asian ROM 4.16, i tried MiNGS but the ftp server is no
longer active. I dont have an Asian IMEI to get it from
Subject: Or Please mail it to me!
From: FintonK
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 12:58:38
[email protected]
Subject: ASIA rom removed
From: westa
Date: 08 Jan, 2003 08:53:35
Not long after the ASIA rom update was published it was removed
from the myxda website. It looks like there are some ... need to
be fixed issues with that rom ... flash it at your own risk me
Subject: GSM ROM
From: eladsalad
Date: 08 Jan, 2003 18:43:40
i have managed to resurrect my PDA from the dead using the tips
on this post (thanks guys) and have been fiddling to see if i
can get the GSM part working again.
dropping the (rsu_eng.exe) GSM ROM CAB file onto a SD card and
then into my XDA and 'tapping'it starts the Flash Update 1.08
program, tho it doesn't complete (or really start the flash
actually). I have tried a few different things (like SIM/no SIM
and AC Power/no AC) but to no avail.
anyone have any ideas what may be stopping the rsu program from
thanks to xda-dev for they're excellent work and the guys in
this post for thier advice.
Subject: cannot enter patched BL
From: Bong99
Date: 09 Jan, 2003 04:21:03
My BootLoader is 5.17 and I follow the
I copy the file "wallaby-patch-tool.nb2" into my 64 MB SD card
to the root directory. Then enter the bootloader mode with
inserted the SD card.
But it cannot enter the Patched BL mode.....
Am I doing something wrong?


Bootloader 5.17 > 5.15

Hi everyone I'm new here. I would like to downgrade my bootloader from 5.17 to 5.15 but am having some problems with the Wallaby patch. First let me tell you what I'm running:
Australian O2 XDA
Rom upgraded to 4.00.01
RSU upgraded to 4.21
Protocol 32S54
Using the XDA Rom image tool I have written the Wallaby patch to a pretech 128 mb card using the 1k header and diagnostics method (I have tried the 3.5k header as well) the program reports that it was succesfull although I can't see the file under file explorer. When I start the bootloader I don't get any message about upgrading and the bootloader reports Card Key Invalid. When I exit the bootloader it Hard Resets the XDA. I have tried reverting to the XDA Developers Rom and interestingly although I get the same invalid key error on exiting the bootloader it only Soft Resets. I am waiting for a serial cable to be delivered and then will be able to upload the previous version via Hyperterminal (I Hope ?) but it would be interesting to know if anyone else has managed to do this and how they did it.
Great Site
Hi there Richard - I am also in Australia (which might be of significance too??) and am also experiencing the EXACT same problems as you!!! :shock:
I cannot get the Wallaby Bootloader (v5.17) to recognise the ROM Image (via xdarit) and provide the alternate menu options necessary to flash the bootloader?! :evil:
Is it perhaps a region specific issue that we Aussies are unlucky enough to have??
I would REALLY appreciate ANYONE who has some suggestions for Richard and I to provide an alternative means of downgrading 5.17 so that we can uninstall PPC2003 (which is way to buggy IMHO) and go back to PPC2002. Thanks in advance guys and keep up the EXCELLENT site!!!!
Hi Mike
If all you want to do is get rid of PPC2003 you could just run the developers V1.2 Rom setup (I have gone backwards and forwards a couple of times) Personaly I prefer PPC2003. I want to get back to bootloader 5.15 so that I have an alternative backup routine in case I crash the device as obviously in order to run a Program A update the device needs to be working. Having said that there is a USB flash program in the bootloader which might allow the Program A to work I just havn't been brave enough to try it yet. Any one else out there tried it ?
Hey - thanks for that info Richard - okay, so now I can in fact go back to "bog standard" PPC2002 right? Or will it still be running a non-standard ROM?
What I am worried about is that if I need to send this sucker back to Optus(?) for warranty repairs etc. then they may not be too happy to do anything under warranty if they detect that I have installed a "non-authorised" ROM upgrade (if you know what I mean)?!
So you reckon PPC2003 is okay huh? Are you with Optus or Telstra?
Last question - what is the most efficient (and straightforward) way to back up the XDA if A) I keep PPC2003 a little longer and/or B) if I go back to PPC2002? FYI - I have a 128MB SD card and reader (integrated into my Toshiba notebook as well as cradle (obviously) and the USB Sync cable.
Thanks for your help Rickard (and anyone else that cares to offer any advice) :?
The Developers Rom is based on the latest O2 UK Rom update 3.17.03 (I think) and basicaly they have crammed all sorts of software into the Rom (Survives hard reset and makes better use of the systems memory) In order to go back to standard you would need a "Asian" image (there on a previous version to UK?) which includes "local" configuerators for GPRS etc. I beleive an update is due out soon so once it is you can install this and Optus will be none the wiser.
Yea I realy like PPC2003 much nicer all round but a bit of shame that some software won't run on it. I'm planning to have a go at a "speical" Rom myself based on the 4.00.01 image.
I'm with Telstra but can't see why Optus would be any different apart from the auto configureration.
Assuming no fix for the bootloader arrives (This is by far the easiest) you can back up you're Rom via Hyperterminal you will need a serial cable to do this. By and large unless you're planning to mess around with you're system there isn't much point in doing anything other than backing up you're Ram (As apposed to Rom) with the SD card backup program included on the XDA


Hello all,
well it is not 100% free, you need to earn it.
The price is to allow me to downgrade the RSU to 4.16
I am unable to do this and have tried so many things so far without any success.
I have RSU 3.23 now
ROM wise, I have no problem, I can change it using the SD method and the ismgtool.
Well, I am sure you will ask, what is the guarntee? Tkae my word for it for the time being and try me.
You can send me a private message or e-mail me ([email protected])
If I receive the solution from more than person, I will look at the time I have received the pm/e-mail and the prize will go to the eriler responder.
and the winner is: to be updated
and the winner is:
no winner yet!!
Work harder folks
You have "RSU 3.23" and want to **downgrade** to "4.16"? What am I missing :?: :?:
yeah, numbers are meaninless!
Anyway, just solve to me the issue of downgrading 3.23
Hmmm ! i guess you can't
as far i know and if my memory still works i read something which says you Can not roll back to older version and that was on the 3.23.01 release note.
HTC Advice not to try to downgrade your GSM cause you might distroy your device and lose the GSM capabilities.
also few other issues include
Fixed: SIM unlock code hacked
1. Disable memory dump function.
2. Unlock code encryption.
Fixed: Do not auto-reactivate PDP context when network reject PDP context activation
Fixed: Specific message should store in SIM without affecting the VMI
Solution: Change the DCS of specific OTA message from 0x00 to 0xf2 (Store message to SIM)
Fixed: After dail a wrong number, dail second call with correct number within 30 seconds,
this call will be established for 2 seconds, then be automatically cancelled.
Solution: ACI state is not syncronize to MMI state. Syncronize the state of ACI and MMI.
Fixed: USSD Problem
Fixed: Inter-SGSN Issue
are you replying to a different topic? :?
What is the relation between what you have written and the downgrading issue?
Place adaptrom.exe in the up or down grade application folder.
run adaptrom, then the up or downgrade application.
This will change the rom as well as the radio stack.
einas_canada said:
Hello all,
well it is not 100% free, you need to earn it.
The price is to allow me to downgrade the RSU to 4.16
I am unable to do this and have tried so many things so far without any success.
I have RSU 3.23 now
ROM wise, I have no problem, I can change it using the SD method and the ismgtool.
Well, I am sure you will ask, what is the guarntee? Tkae my word for it for the time being and try me.
You can send me a private message or e-mail me ([email protected])
If I receive the solution from more than person, I will look at the time I have received the pm/e-mail and the prize will go to the eriler responder.
and the winner is: to be updated
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you can send me the device, i can run over it with my car, get AT&T to replace it with a new one ( I have insurance from them) and BAM! start from scratch
OK, how about this:
1. Obtain the RSUpdate.exe and accompanying files for the radio stack version you want to upgrade/downgrade to.
2. Copy them to the \Windows folder on your device
3. On the device (use File Manager), run RSUpdate.exe. This will manually update the radio stack.
4. Send the free XDA to me, since a winner is me!
2JoshB: It is not so easy as you wish.
You may not downgrade 4.21 radio to 3.19 and below in this way (though it is Ok for greater versions). The restriction is by design and appears during actual uploading to radio module due to some kind of _internal_ checking.
I can suggest the following:
-convert RSUpgrade.cp64 you want to upload to binary format. Let it be 3.19 for example
-try to find 03 13 and 13 03 entries (= 3.19 in hex)
-If entries are exists -try to replace them with 04 15 or 15 04 accordingly (= 4.21 in hex).
-convert RSUpgrade.cp64 back to text
-try to flash these files in the usualj way (upload to windows etc...)
But this way is very dangerous. I mean that such a stupid replacement may corrupt radio stack code, so your radio will be broken completely.
More than that: radio stack version checking may be implemented not by number but features available in RSU. So version changes may not be enough to downgrade radio.
the more reliable way is to disassemble radio stack and bypas version checking in more sensible way. But unfortunately my qualification is not enough for doing this.
falconeyez said:
you can send me the device, i can run over it with my car, get AT&T to replace it with a new one ( I have insurance from them) and BAM! start from scratch
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Can we send you a whole box to drive over ?
Till now, there is no winner
Will there ever be............
Prove the solution is working and there will be.
Soultions that work once like driving the car over it are not acceptable :lol:
Come On guys!

crashed update - 5.17 bootloader & restore doesn't work

I was doing a rom upgrade which failed after updating the bootloader to the progress bar - so far no prob. Was happy to re-cradle the device and start again, which was happy to begin until it came back with;
The ROM image you are trying to upgrade is not compatible [to] your Pocket PC.
Here are the differences;
Your Device Information;
Model: PW10A1:001
ROM Version: 4.00
Language English
Your Upgraded Image Information;
Model: PW10A1:007
ROM Version: 3.16
Language English
Please download the compatible utility and try again.
OK, I have tried both ROM kitchens and am unable to create an image of type .nbf with the NBF Header string which will fool the installer. A couple of times I received a failure in the kitchen with folders non-existent, but more recently completed the build but still no joy. Have tried all possible rom bases.
I was able to create a Bootloader patch SD, but only after unsuccessful timewasting with XDARit 1.2, finally found 1.0 and voila. Of course now I get the diagnostic menu but cannot seem to create a correct image SD to boot because it always reverts to the patch menu again when I tell it to restore. I don't think I am doing anything wrong in image creation, and have tried both the XDARit and XDATools method. No joy.
Any clues? At the moment it is not heavy enough for a boat anchor, and the white screen is not bright enough for a torch!
Appreciate any suggestions asap.
Which ROM do you want? I have got the all a part from 4.00.16.
Let me know and I email you it.
re: crashed update
Ritmo-Unido thanks for that. Not sure any of my ISPs will allow 16Mb of attachment though. 4.00.16 sounds like the go. Let's give it a try. Otherwise share it under Kazaa or something and I will find it if you like.
email : [email protected]
Extra information for those others interested; reading through other posts this is a problem other Australian owners appear to have had also. Must be something peculiar to the Asian 5.17 Wallaby?

Newbies, ROM 4.00.05 -> 4.01.00, Wallaby 5.17 (Oceania/As

Hi All,
After a LOT of reading and mucking about, I've been able to update my ROM, get full use of GPRS and revert back to the manufacturer's ROM. There are a number of instructions, some of which are pretty dangerous. The following forum topic is the invaluable guide you need to read if you wish to revert back from a T-Mobile installation :
The place to get your ROM's is, from the ROM Kitchen. Use the XDA Tools from the above forum link to burn ROM's you download from Yorch's onto your beloved XDA (use the .nb1 format, NOT the .exe method and burn using XDA Tools through your USB cradle).
I happen to have the 5.17 Wallaby bootloader which means that it will not let you simply whack in an SD card with a new O/S and burn off a backup ROM, it won't happen. Don't try to upgrade your Wallaby bootloader. The safest method is to use the Wallaby bootloader patch which can be downloaded from a link at the top of the forum topic link I posted above. That allows you to do a simple O/S restore from your SD card, providing you have an SD reader which presents your SD card as a new drive on your computer. The instructions are simple, just use xdrit as per the instructions in the forum topic link above.
So, from my experience I backed up my original ROM using XDA Tools and stored it on my hard disk in .nb1 format. I then downloaded the .nb1 for 4.00.16 and installed it using XDA Tools without a hitch. Everything worked fine, but I wasn't comfortable until I knew I could revert back to my original ROM. So my next step was to write the Wallaby Patch tool onto my SD card using xdrit using the instructions as laid out in the forum topic link above (take note, use the 1K header option in xdrit). The SD card reader I used was an X-Drive that you normally use for digital camera style stuff. Once written, I put the SD card in the XDA and did the bootloader boot (hold the power button whilst pressing the reset button), and was then given the option to press the Action key to go into the diagnostic mode which is where the patch program resides.
I then took the SD card out, leaving the diagnostic screen still open, put the card back into the X-Drive, formatted it using default options in Windows XP, then wrote the ROM backup I had (you can use any ROM here) onto the SD using xdrit, selecting the 3.5K header option (because we are still using Wallaby 5.17 regardless of patching). The last major step was to place the SD card back into the XDA and select Restore SD and accepted the risk notices. The restore appeared to go fine, but at the end it said Incorrect CRC. That in itself is a worry, but I had at least restored to a point where I could burn whatever ROM I like using the simple XDA Tools method, which is exactly what I did after reviewing the connection info (once more), going to 4.00.05.
Before I originally went to 4.00.16 I recorded all my connection details, including proxy info. When I went to 4.00.16 and re-entered all the gprs info, I found that the internet worked, but MSN Messenger would not connect, stating that the proxy info was incorrect - even though the values were exactly as originally setup. That was one major reason for wanting to go to another ROM. However when I ultimately got 4.00.05 on, I kept getting exactly the same error message with MSN Messenger. The answer came from a hint in another forum topic where someone (with AT&T I think it was) said not to put anything in the proxy info. That did the trick. Un-ticking the proxy option allowed the internet and MSN Messenger to work perfectly.
For Telstra GPRS (I think this is universal) the access point name is : telstra.wap.mnc001.mcc505.gprs
GPRS Authentication method is PAP authentication.
Hopefully this info might help someone out there, because I spent close on 8 hours sweating over trying to get my original ROM back up and running.
Oh yeah, thanks to the XDA Developers, Yorch and the whole XDA community. ROM updating really is easy when you've got the right info, and I can tell you it's really worth upgrading to PPC 2003 (WM2003?), it seems so much more stable, my GPRS has never stayed on as long and it's fun! You can get creative in the ROM kitchens (such as, adding the software you like.
Just a piece of advice, search the threads for problems with any ROM you want to try out first so that you know the traps before it's having a party on your XDA at your sanity's expense.
I have some more observations now that I'm getting more comfortable with doing ROM updates. There are some advantages in going from the 4.00.05 ROM to 4.00.21, such as button lockout while off.
When I initially did the 4.00.21 upgrade I happened to go into the "band" option in phone settings and left the options unselected. Unfortunately setting this to nothing defaults to USA which is totally incompatible with Australia. The result was the phone would not synchronize and I could no longer go into phone settings. The fix for this scenario can be found in this thread : It's standard stuff to the die-hards, the scariest thing in the world for us newbies.
Once you set the band for Australia (same as Europe - 900/1800 I think it is) you then get a signal, can synchronize and start customizing your settings. You can get rid of most of the T-Mobile garbage, so far everything is working fine.
Thanks for that buddy, i'm about to do the same downgrade tonight (once Yorch's kitchen is back working properly). You saved me many many hours of pain!
Thanks to all who add to these wonderful forums.
Just to keep this info updated for the Aussies (and same applies for Asians, and Europe too I think), basically the same applies for 4.01.00 as I explained for 4.00.21 further back. 4.01.00 seems much the same as 4.00.21 at the moment.
Hi guys,
I have a similar set-up as yours, ie I am in Australia nd I upgraded my rom to a 4.00.16. I would like to downgrade it to the original O2 one as I have to return the phone to my company (I am being made redundant).
I tried the method you described but I failed. Basically, I can write the patch on the SD card and when I put it back into the device nothing changes...
Could you please be more specific as to what you did ? Typically, did you switch off the device then put the card then stop/soft-reset or else ?
As well, I only have the NBF version of the O2 rom that I got from the update on their site. Do you think it works or should I try to find a "pure" NB1 rom (I think there's one on Yorch's website).
Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
Hi Bob,
Sorry to hear you have to give up your XDA, hope you have replacement work for your redundancy.
Once you have written the Wallaby Patch onto the SD card using XDRIT you reset the device using the stylus and hold down the power button at the same time (with the SD card with the patch in place). That will load into bootload mode, and you press the action button at that point to actually go into the patch.
Once the patch has loaded you leave the device on, and remove the SD card, write your ROM image onto it using XDRIT, and place the SD card back into the phone. On the patch screen select "Restore from SD" using the little directional arrows button below the phone screen. It will then ask you to confirm, then you will see the progress - it takes about 5-7 minutes.
The details on how to write the patch and write ROM's are further up in this thread. I think you can use the NBF file but I am not certain. If you don't want to risk using an NBF you can use the same method above, but revert to the 3.17 ROM from Yorch, then you should be able to use the ROM upgrade from O2 to get a clean install of the manufacturer's ROM.
Let us know if you have any problems.
Thanks Mate.
I have tried once again to patch my Wallaby 5.17 (funny name, isn't it...). It failed. Once I go into the bootloader and press the OK button, I get to the diagnostics screen and nothing else is happening.
Could you shed some light on this ?
Re-reading your posts...
Would it be possible for you to send me the wallaby patch tool you used ? I tried the one from here (, as is and renamed to nb0, but it seems to be the key.
Basically, even though I get the following message : "Successfully copied image of 514 blocks", after having chosen the 1k header, as it's explained in the very detailed post you mention, I still get to the diagnostics screen instead of the patch one...
Thx again in advance for any help.
I tried the one from here (, as is and renamed to nb0, but it seems to be the key
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Hmm, I had no problem at all with the bootloader... one thing though is that you don't rename the .nb2 to .nb0, you use the file as-is. In XDARIT you should be able to select the .nb2 file to write to SD.
It is a diagnostics screen that you get to, that is the purpose of the patch. In that diagnostics screen should be options such as backup ROM to SD and restore ROM from SD. If it still doesn't work for you then maybe I should send you the versions of the patch and XDARIT that worked for me.
I am using the O2 3.20.06 ENG ROM and 4.21.00 Radio. Do you think I can upgrade to 4.00.21 ROM directly?
Should I just run the exe file from the Is it that simple?
What about the radio? Do I have to install a new one or is the 4.00.21 ROM included the radio?
Also, why people need to upgrade bootloader to higher version? I am using bootloader 5.15.
Thanks very much in advanced.
Well, I wouldn't use an exe for upgrading, and I wouldn't try upgrading the radio unless it's an official one posted by your supplier.
Use a .nb1 ROM from yorch and use XDA-TOOLS to do the ROM upgrade. Remember that if you go to a T-Mobile ROM you will need to use the SD card method to change to a different ROM.
Don't try upgrading your bootloader, 5.15 is fine. It's the higher versions that can be problematic and require the patch.
Thanks very much for your reply.
I am about to upgrade my device.
Just a few more questions,
1. Is this 4.00.21 ROM worked okay with the 4.21 Radio in Asia?
2. Also, other encounter a problem with SD card with this new 4.00.21 ROM, have you find any? (every 48 hrs the device wipe out the data in the SD card!)
3. It seems to me when using SD card method to change ROM with bootloader 5.15, the procedure is the same as upgrading or downgrading, isn't it?
4. The file from "upgrade" is only nbf file. It's not nb1. Is it the same?
Hi Chris
1. Yes, 4.00.21 does work fine with the 4.21 radio. I've touched on moving from 900/1900 to 900/1800 band if you should strike that problem.
2. Funny thing that, but I just checked and my SD card is erased after some 3 weeks of no problems.
3. Yes.
4. I do know that if you make a ROM in Yorch's kitchen you can choose .nb1. If you download an 'upgrade' I'm not quite sure what you get.
Not successful with the upgrade
Thanks so much for your reply.
From "upgrade", I can only get the 4.00.21 nbf file which is not nb1.
I can't use xdarit to burn that rom to SD card, an error occurred. But when I use the new OSImagetool, I can burn the ROM to the SD card and I can even change the name to nb1 file.
For both cases (nbf or nb1 file), I put the SD card in my device and press to the bootloading mode, nothing happen!
The device can't detect there is a ROM upgrade there. How can I do that?
You need to download the .nb1 from the Rom Kitchen link on Yorch, not from the upgrades link, if all you are getting is a .nbf. With .nb1 you can use the osimage tool or xdrit with the sd method.
The bootloader will not restore from sd unless you have a correctly written image. In Yorch's kitchen you will see that .nbf is tagged for advanced users, that's a strong hint that different methods need to be used to install those.
I see....
Thanks v much.
Sorry for the delay in reply but I had gone back to Europe for Christmas.
I would be happy to use your wallaby patch file as mine doesn't seem to work. You can mail it to me on [email protected].
Thanks in advance for your help,
Ok Bob, I'll send it in a few days when I get back to a PC. But I can guarantee it's the same patch that I linked back to in this thread.


I know this subject is old but I could not what I need & how can I fix it
I have bought a pocket pc with phone edition from USA, and when I tried to insert my SIM card it asked me to but my PIN code, then ask me to but the unlock code (SIM code).
Now I am in Saudi Arabia.
ROM Versino: 4.01.16 ENG
ROM Date: 02/04/04
Radio Version: 6.25.02
Protocol Version: 324e4
NOTE: I do not have a serial cable.
Check this:
Hope it help you
You have a WM 2003, this link work only for PPC2002
SIM Lock
Thank you for your help, I have tried this site, but It did not work because my device using WM2003 and also has no Wireless Modem feature.
Thank you.
Unlocking Quest
Here's my quest to unlock my T-Mobile PPCPE. I think some of this information might be useful to anyone confused about getting this
First I called TMobile to request the unlock code. Since my account was up to date I figured no big deal right? WRong. My IMEI (or TMFT) number was not in their database so they could not give me an unlock code so they said. They told me to call the manufacturer of the device which they said was Microsoft. Knowing full well this was crap I called anyway.
The support guy got a good laugh; MS does not make devices
like this, they only provide the OS. He recommended I call Siemens.
So I did. Real nice guy named Jack had a good laugh as well. Not only could Siemens not tell me who really made my device (a third party made them for T-Mobile) but even if they had unlock codes they could not provide them because of contracts with TMobile. So I go back to TMobile.
The support people felt really bad about the run around and escalated really high up the chain (or so they said). AFter 48 hours I decided to take my own course. Having had good luck unlocking a Treo 600 through 'alternative means' I figured time to tackle the Pocket PC Phone Edition.
This was MUCH different and much harder to figure out.
After a good 12 hours and a whole slew of reading I finally figured out some stuff. Most of this may seem a no-brainer to some of the more educated XDA people out there but for us newbies maybe it will help.
The PDA side of the ppcpe and the radio/phone/gsm side are two totally different animals (not a surprise to some). When you refer to the 'operating system' you're talking about the ROM
like the XDA Developers special edition or any of the ROMs from the ROM kitchen at The Radio or RSU (for Radio Stack UPgrade) is totally separate from this. The other variable is the bootloader version (Wallaby in my case).
Now my goal was just to use the XDAUnlock program. When I ran the program right from the defaults I got 'error getting unlock code.' All the posts I read said put on the special edition rom and you'll be fine but that did not do the trick. Still got the same error message.
Here's what I started out with:
ROM: 4.01.16 ENG
Radio: 6.25.02
Wallaby booatloader: 5.22
What finally worked:
Radio: 6.24.00
ROM: 3.17.03 ENG (xda special edition)
then upgraded bacdk to 4.01.16 ENG
Wallaby boot loader 5.15
How I did it
I meandered my way through this to eventual success and since the dratted device now works fine I'm leery about putting it all back to the old way and doing it all over again. Therefore use this process as a guide only, not a definitive instruction set. Also I walked through this as a troubleshooting exercise so some steps may not have been necessary. I eventually succeeded but maybe went the long way around to do it.
- Bootloader utilities: Get to this by holding down the power button and pressing soft reset. You may have to hit the contacts button to get into the menu if you don't see it right away (like if you see a simple GSM OK message at the bottom of the bootloader display.
- Cold boot: the reset swtich on the right side bottom of the device with a picture of a red battery with an \ through it. This disconnects the batter from the mainboard and trashes all the data on the device except the Operating System in ROM.
What I grabbed
- XDATools
- XDARit
- ActiveSync (I used 3.7.1) and connection by USB cable
- Wallaby bootlolader version 5.15 files
- XDA Developers Special Edition ROM
- RSU 6.24.00 files
- XDAUnlock.exe
- SD Card (mine is 128 MB but I think as long as it's bigger than 64MB or your current memory in the device you're OK)
- pnewbootflash_40116.exe
All of these files are available here on, just
search for them.
First back up everything. Not just using the sda backup tool, from the boot loader. You can do the SDA backup if you want, consider it backing up your data. You can also do the ActiveSync backup if you want to save your data. In my case all my data is stored in Domino so I don't
give a hoot about the data on the device. Your mileage may vary!
Second I'm doing ALL of this with no SIM chip in the device. THis may or may not be necessary.
Stick your SD card into the PDA. If it complains about wanting to format it go ahead and let it format the card unless you have stuff on it you want. I'd recommend dropping anything you want from the card onto safe media and just working with it as a blank the rest of the way through because it's easier to just wipe the card in between some steps.
Go to the bootloader utilities. Hit Contacts button and you'll get the boot loader option stuff. If the bootloader utilities you get to right away takes you to a menu with things like Boot+CE-->SD then you don't have to worry about hitting the contacts button. You only need Contacts button
if when you get to the bootloader screen you see nothing more than
some nice colors, the bootloader version and "GSM OK" message.
Take the Boot+CE-->SD option to back everything up. This will take a few minutes.
Once it's done pull the SD out ofthe ppcpe and stick it into your SD card reader.
Bring up xdarit and chose your removeable device.
If you have more than one MMC slot select the different ones until you get one that says 'wallaby' in the hex codes at the bottom of the XDARit screen. You'll be writing out two files, the first is the NB0 file (which is the bootloader) and the second is the NB1 file (which is the OS or ROM). Name these something like original.nb0 and 1.
Wipe the SD card (format FAT).
Stick the SD card back into the pda and soft reset, then cradle it.
Go to a DOS prompt and CD to where you put 'pnewbootflash_40116.exe.'
Type 'pnewbootflash_40116 nbl515.nb0' to write the wallaby 5.15 boot loader to the device. If when you downloaded the 5.15 bootloader you called it something else (like 'wallaby_boot_loader_V5.15.nb0'
you should of course use that name instead!
The output looks like this:
D:\XDAtools\binaries>pnewbootloader_40116 bl515.nb0
Copying D:\XDAtools\binaries\itsutils.dll to WCE:\windows\itsutils.dll
in FindFlashInfoOffset
protection found at 8c0d60f8
result: 00000000 00000000
Now..why did I downgrade the bootloader? At this stage I'm troubleshooting why I get the 'error getting unlock code' message running XDAUnlock. I've got three variables I know of, bootloader, ROM and Radio Stack. I chose to start with the bootloader because
some posts out there say boot loaders 5.17 and higher have some checksum that keeps certain ROMS from working properly. Perhaps if I'd started with the radio stack I'd have been done right away and saved a few hours but all the posts about possible device destruction made me start with the bootloader! Again, your results may vary!
Next I changed the ROM to the XDA Developers special edtion.
Make sure the SD card is in the PDA and cradle it.
Run OSIMagetool and load the ROM file in the first box, chose SD Card in the second box.
If you downloaded the special edition ROM you might
have some luck using the Installer that comes with it but apparently that
does not work with ActiveSync 3.7.1. I got messages that said it could not access the device or no connection etc. Instead I used OSImageTool to load the NK.NBF file included in the distribution. Note that to get to this file you DO have to unzip the EXE file you download!
Once complete pull the pda out of the cradle.
Hold power+soft reset to get the boot loader menu. This should show up as 5.15 now. It will automatically detect that the SD card contains a ROM that can be flashed to the device. If for some reason it does not automatically detect this maybe you have to hit Contacts. I did not have
to do that, it just told me to hit Action to download the ROM.
Hit Action button (aka the jog button) to write it to the device. This will take a few minutes, go grab a beer or two or three. I took the safe route and connected power to the device while writing the flash.
Once it's finished cold boot the device. I waited 2-3 minutes before re-engaging the battery.
Here's a gotcha. On the right side of the SIM there is a little switch. If the rubber door for the sim is not totally closed you can't get the device to boot. This switch is real small so it's very possible to miss it. You can see it fine if you take the back off the device (which I determined from a post here that told you how to get the battery out).
When it boots you should have the 5.15 wallaby booting the xda special edition. Follow the instructions to calibrate the screen and you're ready to move on.
Now if the radio is 6.25.02 xdaunlock won't work, it just generates the 'error getting unlock code' message. You have to downgrade the radio to have this work.
There's lots of posts around here that say don't screw with the radio because if it errors you've got a fried device. I imagine this is true so balance how bad you want to unlock the device against the possibility of totally frying the device. I've done two radio upgrades in my life on the PPCPE, both were OK but again, caution is advised.
Grab the 6.24 radio zip and unzip into a folder on your computer. Use activesync to copy the files to \windows on the device.
Execute the rsupdate.exe program to reprogram the radio to 6.24. WHen completed soft reset the device and go into start-settings-system-device info to make sure you're at 6.24 radio vesion.
Copy the xdaunlock.exe to the device and execute. It should say 'you're device appears to be SIM Locked, would you like to remedy this?" click Yes to unlock the device.
Now the device is unlocked. You can change the ROM to WM2003 now if you want (which I did). I imagine you can re-upgrade your bootloader
and radio stack if you want but I'm leaving well enough alone for now!
I did unlock my phone thank you all.
Spicial thanks to "rhodwyn".
Best regards.
Thanks !!! Its working!!!
help in getting all the files needed....
I would like to try this.... but where can I get the file pnewbootflash_40116.exe? Or is this a file that I'll create?
I would appreciate some help in getting most of the files.
Thanks in advance.
It worked for me too, thanks for the great solution, rhodwyn!
Thank you rhodwyn and everybody... my 2 cents
I love this site and I think that everybody does a great job. I found rhodwyn’s post to be very comprehensive and it is the one that ultimately helped me out this time. I don’t know if anybody is even interested anymore, but since I’ve been helped, I figured that I’ll try and help someone else. I assume that you’ve already read rhodwyn’s post.
I had the same starting configuration. I did everything that he suggested except for changing the bootloader and it worked perfectly. So, as he suspected it was enough to downgrade the radio stack and to load the special edition ROM. I subsequently upgraded my ROM and all is good (although I haven’t upgraded the radio stack and I’m not sure if I will).
I’ve read other posts about problems downgrading and upgrading the RSU and the 1% problem… I had a problem the first time I tried and I became very nervous, but I looked at rhodwyn’s post more closely and placed rsupdate.exe into PPC’s \windows folder and tried it again and was successful.
10 minutes and done