Vodafone GPRS settings - Networking

What do i need to do to connect to the vodafone gprs network. I've tried EZconnect, but with those settings it does not seem to work. Can anybody help me. Thanx

Are you asking for UK vodafone :?:
Have called vodafone and have then enable GPRS on your SIM :?:
(my sim is 2 years old and works)
then try downloading there connectME utilitiy off there website :!:
:arrow: I did the above and have Vodafone UK GPRS on my XDA, however, its SLOW, the call's often drop. and even if I disconnect properly or it crashes the call I have to reset my device (stylus in the little hole) before I can make another GPRS or GSM call. until I reset incomming calls get the busy signall to?


GPRS settings for T-Mobile NL??

I downloaded the T-Mobile (NL) application for PPC2002 ("T-Mobile GPRS Connect") which should take care of the GPRS connections, but it does not work. It keeps complaining about not able to open the modem connection (I'm using the Cellular Line modem): "Can not find the name of the serial port".
Anybody any ideas?
It is a nice utility which displays the speed, send/received bytes and connection time, but useless sofar...
hey marco,
i bought a t-mobile pocket pc in the US and unlocked it. With my vodafone sim i now can do everythinh with the device. So I know how to make a GPRS connection to Vodafone, but don't know the settings for t-mobile.
A few days ago I also tried to install t-mobile app. but it sucks. I suggest you try to find out the correct settings with t-mobile nl to make a descent GPRS setting and not use the t-mobile application
groeten, Corjan

XDA2 O2 GSM Internet Settings Problems

I've just got an XDA, but am having problems connecting to the internet with it. I'm using GSM (O2 ConnectSettings screen has UK, PostPaid and GSM ticked) because I'm on the 200 minute tariff (at least for the next three months), don't want to pay the daft O2 GPRS costs and will never use the 200 minutes otherwise.
I ask it to connect to to the internet and it says "Dialing +447712932932", then after a few seconds it says "No modem at above number." Does anyone know what internet settings I should be using to get a connection? What about phone profile settings - does the +44 bit mean it's trying to get an international line? Is the number correct?
I mainly read/send email from a non-O2 POP mailbox, but also want to surf the web and have a play with WAP & O2 active.
Any comments about my GSM vs. GPRS thoughts. By the way, when I tried with GPRS (O2 ConnectSettings screen now has UK, PostPaid and GPRS ticked) I got the same error about there being no modem at the other end.
Dead easy solution in the end. Apparently the person who swore blind that GSM and GPRS data had been turned on at the O2 end was wrong. So after some more calls to their helpline, it's finally working. God knows why they don't do this by default, since why else would you get an XDA if not for the data connection?

Vodafone & GPRS

I have recently unlocked my phone so that I may use it on Vodafone as the O2 coverage in my area is not the best.
My question is is it possible to log onto to the Vodafone GPRS system with my XDA.
If so how do I configure my XDA so that it works.
Awaiting With Interset Your Replies
im having the same problem
Youll need a slieve or gps reciever for the nav system to work. it will work fine with vodaphone, just not on its own as a hand set.
Vodafone GPRS Settings
Hi Vodafone GPRS setting on XDA are as follows: Start/Setting then connection tab, click Connections and on My ISP, add a new modem connection. Enter name i.e. Vodafone then select modem type Cellular Line(GPRS).Internet Access point is 'Internet' if your on contract, and 'pp.vodafone..co.uk' if your on pay as you go. Next user name is web and password is web. That's it your done, go surf. :roll:
Re: Vodafone GPRS Settings
Tried your connection setup as suggested and got the message 'No modem at above number'. Any clue what next, Thanx
Vodafone GPRS Settings
As far as I can see these settings work fine on the XDA1, I do not have access to a XDA2 so i cannot confirm if these settings will work on XDA2.
Doh! after categorically stating I had followed gadgetnet's advice and couldn't still get web access on my xda2 I have to eat humble pie. Gadgetnet's advice is spot on but ofcourse technonerds like me have to first of all check that their service provider has GPRS enabled their sim cards. I got Vodafone to enable GPRS on my sim (simply a phone call request made to their call centre) and half an hour later I was surfin in fine style. Remember if you want to access Adult sites like the National Lottery you have to go on line by other means to the vodafone website and set it up. Takes about 15mins with credit card as ID of age.
Vodafone GPRS Settings
Followed gadgetnet's instructions to the letter, worked a treat first time. Really impressed with the service far better thatn O2's. So thankyou gadgetnet.

Orange SPV M600 - GSM Dial Up Modem settings?

Hi Guys,
OK, here's the situation. I have an Orange SPV M600. I have an Orange SIM card inserted that has *NO* GPRS functionality (it's my corporate SIM card and they've locked down GPRS for everyone).
What I'm trying to do is dial up to the internet using dial up WAP. What would be the settings for these? All I want to do is be able to maybe send and receive POP emails on the device and maybe slowly browse the internet occasionally.
Any ideas? What would the setup setting be? ANy contributions gratefully accepted
You mean you want to dialup using plain old CSD? That would be easy if that's the case - just setup a new connection and punch in the number of the modem pool of your ISP, and that's it. You got 9.6 baud, unless you have HSCSD - but given that your company locked down GPRS....
normaly WAP also use the same "modem" as gprs
and the diff betwene real grps internet and wap is
handled at the server side depending on the AP
Changed my mind...dual SIM is now the solution!
Thanks Guys
I came up with a different solution though. A Dual SIM adapter. One for my workplace SIM and I'll buy another PAYG SIM with the cheapest data charges and switch between them when I want to make data calls etc. Seems like an ideal solution However, that opens another can of worms....
Which Dual SIM adapter do I get? It has to fit the SPV M600 (HTC Prophet) and I like the idea of being able to switch SIMs whilst the unit is online but I understand these ones really drain the battery. The other one, I understand, does not require power but to switch SIMs, you have to power the phone (or is it unit?) off and on again. Hardly an elegant solution!

Dopod 810/Trinity GPRS problems

I have two Dopod 810 running on Optus network. One running windows5, the other windows6 Dopod release. BOTH phones have the same problem of repeatedly disconnecting the phone call if the phone settings are
Network …… Auto
So to correct the problem Optus told me to change the the settings too
Network ……GSM
GSM/UMTS ..GSM(900+1800)+UMTS(2100)
This would stop the drop out, but I now don’t have 3g network, hence no MMS, video conferencing, web access is at dialup speed.
I had the Optus service department take both phones and they found they could not replicate the problems, installed the windows 6 pro upgrade on them and sent them back. Guess what, I still have the same connection problems. Put the phone settings back to the second settings above and have a phone back, but none of the 3g.
Any ideas why and what I can do? The only thing I can think of is to get Optus to replace the sim cards and see if that helps?
Ohh and this has been a problem since the phones were new.
I have the same problem too in indonesia Telkomsel network.
a incoming and outgoing call always drop or disconnected. and really difficult to setup a call. and very often my voice couldnt be heard.
anyone can help me?this is network failure or handset failure?
thx in advance