T-Mobile upgrade - MDA, XDA, 1010 Software Upgrading

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Subject: T-Mobile upgrade
From: John
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 04:42:03
I have no idea how I found this forum. I am sure I am over my
head being here, and under everyone else's but I'm really hoping
that you don't dump this, and that someone may be able to answer
my question. I feel like I accidently fell into the Star Ship.
I upgraded on my T-Mobile Pocket PC (Philadelphia area USA),
successfully shortly after it's release. Did it all according to
instructions including hard re-set.
Everything seemed to go very well afterwards.
Several days later, I was(stupidly for me) messing around in
File Explorer, found and tapped a file labelled "rsupgrage"
dated 11/25/02 w 34k".
Bang! It started a new *brief) upgrade process but with out the
requirement to hard re-set.
BTW there is a 2nd similar file marked "rsupgrade" dated
ROM version: 3.14.40 ENG
ROM date: 11/26/02
Radio version: 6.18
Protocol version: 324e4
Model No: PW101B1
Platform: PocketPC
Aside from the fact that in the little box that comes up
when the phone is on there is either no carrier name or T-
Mobile name (simple lettering, no logo), I am not sure that
nothing happened to screw up the original upgrade process
which went with out a hitch.
Everything still works, I think, quite well.
I would appreciate someone checking their settings after
their upgrade and comfirming that all mine are ok. Especially
"Radio version".
Or do I have to do the whole thing all over again?
BTW, I am cured of venturing into File Explorer!
Subject: T-Mobile Upgrade
From: John
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 05:06:40
My post is just above.
E-mail is [email protected]
Subject: You have upgraded to RS 4.14
From: FintonK
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 11:47:50
you have accidently downloaded a radio version 4.14 which is
meant for O2 Europe, probably from www.o2.ie
This is designed for 900/1800 Mhz band, not your US 1900 band.
You will have to get a Radio Stack (RS) designed for your MDA.
[email protected]
Subject: T-Mobile Upgrade
From: Chris
Date: 15 Jan, 2003 08:39:17
Actually it sounds like you simply "re-upgraded" your Radio
The T-Mobile USA update that's on their site includes the two
rsupgrade files (an executable and the ROM image) as files in
the CE ROM image that the main upgrade did.
Because these files are part of the ROM image, they don't take
up any space, but they do hang around (visible in File Explorer)
after the upgrade.
Basically, the part of the upgrade that happens while your phone
is on the cradle upgrades your OS, then, when you first
re-booted, that executable gets run and upgrades the Radio Stack
(what people on this forum call the GSM ROM.)
So, you didn't do anything too terribly wrong, just re-ran an
upgrade that had already happened -- and since the upgrade was
allowed to finish, your phone should be working fine. That
version is the correct T-Mobile USA version at the moment...
it's the one that shipped with the upgrade.


T-mobile Upgrade

This message contains all postings in this thread
dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: T-mobile Upgrade
From: Mike S.
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:03:47
I got a SIM unlock code for my T-Mobile pocket pc phone edition,
and I am wondering, if I install the ROM/RSU update off the
website, will that RE-Lock the SIM afterwards?
Want to make sure!
Subject: overwriting locks
From: XDA developers
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:06:42
No, it will not. The locks are in a part of the ROM which is not
erased by the RSU/monitor upgrade tool.
Not that you would care anymore...
Subject: hurray!
From: Mike S
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:16:41
Time for an upgrade!
I guess if I backup first, then restore after then my ppc2002
settings and software should stay the same?
Subject: DOH!
From: Mike S
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:22:45
On the download site it says:
To install the Pocket PC Phone Edition Upgrade, you will need
the following:
A T-Mobile activated Smart/SIM Card inserted into your Pocket PC
Phone Edition
A fully charged battery
does this mean that since I have my SIM unlocked and am on a
different provider, that the upgrade wont install?
Subject: Ehm...
From: XDA developers
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:44:15
Mike, you may want to check out:
Subject: ???
From: Mike S
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:46:43
How would that help me?
My unit is already unlocked, I was just a little scared by the
"You must have a T-mobile SIM in the unit in order to upgrade
Subject: Sorry...
From: XDA developers
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 13:37:16
Oops, sorry,
We weren't reading correctly, we figured you were still worried
about the lock. Please let us know if the upgrade fails because
of the SIM not being in.
You might be able to swap the data files into another RSU
upgrade package.
Subject: Non T-Mobile SIM
From: jvd
Date: 11 Jan, 2003 23:29:16
I updated two T-Mobile's with the upgrade with Fido SIM's and so
far is seems OK.

Windows Mobile 2003 HTTP download 4 ALL (exe)

Hi Guys,
Just to say THANKS to everyone out there, not only the developers but the normal mortals too - who put in effort to help people here.
I have uploaded the Windows mobile 2003 to my site. Its on a super mega link (great words ) I get 1meg a sec+ when i download from it at work !
Cheers Guys
OK it's seems to upgrade the Radio any issues? What if I upgrade the radio to ATT's? Ideas thoughts anyone?
Thanks Ali-Butt
since phone upgrade i have noticed that gprs is a tad faster. 8)
Does it support Sim Tool Kit
Hi Ali,
Does this upgrade have the sim tool kit?
Thanks in advance :?:
isn't this the same version everyone has been using?
I just have to run the executable file right? I don't need an SD Card writer or anything for this download? just my normal connection and activesync? what if the upgrade screws up? can i reload the old ROM image? and where do i get it!
Thanks a lot!
hi from Riyadh
Hello again
well, what i have notice there are more then one version of WM2003
one of them which i downloaded from http://members.lycos.co.uk/xdarom/ where i couldn't downgrade using the nornal method and i was force to use SD Card to go back to my previous ROM but the other version which i downloaded from this FTP Server xda/xda works pretty good and i was able to downgrade to XDA-Developers Special ROM version 1.2 with no problems and without using SD Card.
thanks again for sharing
Is it possibile to upgrade to wm2003 thru USB cradle ? My current version for Asian XDA is:
ROM version: 3.14.17 ENG
ROM date: 10/11/02
Radio: 4.17
Protocol: 32S54
Has anyone tried to upgrade an asian XDA (EN version) ? Any problems ?
I upgraded my XDA last night via my USB cradle. I had NO problems at all. Took a little longer than normal :?: But other than that it was fine.
did you use Ali file uploaded on his site ? Is your XDA UK or Asian version ? Which nr ?
no service
Can someone help a newbie out here - I installed the WM2003 no problems and then installed to 4.21.00 radio stack
but now my phone get's no service any ideas? Im in Texas on T-mobile
Please, see this link may be useful for you
brix3 said:
Is it possibile to upgrade to wm2003 thru USB cradle ? My current version for Asian XDA is:
ROM version: 3.14.17 ENG
ROM date: 10/11/02
Radio: 4.17
Protocol: 32S54
Has anyone tried to upgrade an asian XDA (EN version) ? Any problems ?
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I had the same set upwith yours previously. I upgraded to SER 1.2 and WM 2003 after that. I also upgrade my radio stack to 4.21 from O2 UK. But now, I am back with SER 1.2 and Radio stack 4.21. I wish Icould go back to my old Radio Stack 4.17.
With 4.21 Ilost the "G" and signal strength for GPRS.
I hope my experience helps.
Beeheij, why didn't you keep the 4.17 radio version with WM2003 ? Was it not running properly ?
I think it's always dangerous upgrading the radio module with newer version dedicated to other regions (UK)
I want to back to 4.17, but I cannot. Somehow during the process of rolling back I was kicked out.
As for the WM2003, the problem was in the SMS mode. When I picked a phone number, the "+"sign in my contact was not transferred tothe address in the SMS. So each time I wanted to send SMS, I had to correct the phone number.
My Battery Pack was not working. It hung my XDA.
Hope this helps
Has anyone in the US used or done this upgrade? Since it also upgrades the Radio Stack I'm just wondering. If GPRS is getting dropped as stated in other posts it is more that the network drops you or you lose data connection between cells, or the network has a load balance that give placement to voice users over data when bandwidth is needed. Not so much that your radio stack does it.
On the other hand just incase anyone wants to prove me wrong :wink: who in the US has upgraded their radio stack to O2 4.21 and experienced a better performance than AT&T's radio stack (speed stability as staed on their website) :?: This means you probably already had to manually switch the default band 8) first, right? :x
Let me know I love to be wrong :shock: ......I'm only that much smarter than I was yesterday :roll: :lol:
I'm a little confused. I upgraded to XDA v1.2 and my Device Informations are:
ROM Version: 3.17.03
ROM Date: 05/15/03
Radio Version: 6.18.00
Protocal Version: 324e4
How is it that my radio version is so much higher?
i must admit this version of ppc2003 is the dogs danglys compared to the old ozone version
Phoxie_Phreak said:
I'm a little confused. I upgraded to XDA v1.2 and my Device Informations are:
ROM Version: 3.17.03
ROM Date: 05/15/03
Radio Version: 6.18.00
Protocal Version: 324e4
How is it that my radio version is so much higher?
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as far as i know XDA v1.2 will not touch your Radio, it will just replace your old CE ROM with the new one which has lots of cool stuff.


As a new xda user I have been reading up on flashing my machine to the Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC Phone edition. I am trying to find out if every rom will work on my phone.
I have an 02XDA
Bootloader 5.17
Rom Version 3.14.17 ENG
Rom Date 10/11/02
Radio version 4.17
Protocol Version 32s54
I was looking forward to updating it to the new version but o2 Asia (I assume my xda is the asian model) says that an upgrade is unlikely.
Can I update it with one of your roms or possibly the WM2003?
Yup, you can upgrade it, and anyone should.
If you asked me two days ago you would get a negative answer. But last night for the second time I upgraded my XDA again to WM2003, and very very happy with it. Specially the telephone and SMS facilities.
When I upgraded first time last week, I was not happy at all, my application programs somehow hang the XDA, most probably Battery Pack older version. Now I am using Spb Pocket Plus instead.
If you want to upgrade to WM2003, just make sure that all your application program can run in it. You cannot trust the signal bar, so I use an excelent program called IP Dashboard test it.
My old set-up was exactly like yours, and now:
ROM version: 4.00.01 ENG
ROM date: 05/16/03
Radio version: 4.21.00
Protocol version: 32S54
Help X2
Ok then.
To make mine look official, where can i get a proper copy of WM2003? I know its not officially endorsed or anything but I want it to at least look the part.
I'm one of these people who love having the newest look to their mobile and as its new I havn't put any extra programs on it yet. (Apary from the sms fix)
and how would I go about getting it and resoring it if the update failed. ?
You may not be able to get an 'official' copy of WM2003, but there are plenty of developer-releases floating around :wink:
Search the forums and read as much as you can and you will have your XDA upgraded in no time.
If I'm not happy with WM2003 can anyone tell me if it is possible to downgrade with the official Programme a/b that can be downloaded from the 02 website.
I downloaded it just in case I had any problems a while ago. Touch wood *knock Knock* It hasn't been a problem for me.
you can down-grade. the best way of doing it is to down-grade to XDA-developers v1.2 then to O2 3.xx

O2 XDAII 1.72.181 - unlock SIM problem

Greetings, its been a while since I posted on here. Having been a long time user of the XDA & XDAII i've got a newly discovered problem with the SIM unlock
Had the XDAII on a years contract with O2, it expired in january i didn't renew with them as i found the whole O2 as a service provider thing rather crap.
I've just been using my XDAII as a GPS for the past couple of months, however i've now got a new SIM from https://www.easymobile.com/
the XDAII is the latest official version that came from O2
ROM Version: 1.72.00WWE
ROM Date: 03/15/04
Radio Version: 1.17.00
Protocol Version: 1337.28
ExtROM version: 1.72.181
I've downloaded and tried the xda2unlock.exe program
However it keeps telling me that the unit is unlocked
Serial v1.01
i get the message 'phone seems unlocked already!'
Any ideas whats going wrong here?
had to go back to using my SPV ( man is that a ****ty phone)
It's very weird this problem. The unlock program used to work fine before i upgraded.
What would you guys recommend?
Can any one help, should i install a new ROM image?
just want to get the phone working on my new SIM
cheers dudez
Did you try both versions of unlock, one is executed on phone, the other from desktop.

any one checked this WM6 Upgrade htc

Very interesting. I have tried several times to register with HTC so I could log in to certain features such as this...but have never received an activation e-mail.
saudi-brazil said:
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is a dead link
used to be a live link...
I checked it yesterday (Sunday 08-07-07) and was working... from what i recall the official release day of wm6 for artemis was on the 13th of july (for asia...)
That's what I got as a reply from HTC for Europe:
Hello, Nikola,
Thank you for your inquiry. We don't know the exact schedule for the releasing date... should be in Aug/Sep.
Best regards,
HTC Web Team
The link is back up and running, its still set at 13th July for the D800 but as stated its Asia only. Not a clue when the Europe rollout is scheduled for.
I'm downloading the asian one. I have access to tree devices 838Pro(CHT9000), D810(CHT9100) and P800w. I'm downloading only the P800w for now if anybody want any of the other ones just reply or pm me. What is the best place that I upload this rom to?
saudi-brazil said:
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Check out WM6 thread, it works great..
I have checked, downloaded it & installed it. It works really fine, now my P330 is:
CE OS 5.2.1238 (Build 17745.0.2.3)
ROM version 3.7.707.1 WWE
ROM date: 6/21/2007
Radio version: 02.69.90
Protocol Version:
ExtROM Version 3.6.707.101