Back up ROM to PC - MDA, XDA, 1010 Software Upgrading

Is there any way to backup the ROM to a desktop PC. I've done the SD process but I really don't want to waste SD cards for ROM images.
Any suggestions?

Just use the ROM Image Tool
The ROM Image Tool can save the image as a file, if you have Windows NT/2000/XP and a PC <-> SD-card adapter.


ROM - Bring life to a Dead SX56

Here's the situation:
Siemens SX56. (AT&T) (wanting to use w/T-Mobile)
2 days ago, I updated the SX56 ROM with the 1.1 update from the Siemens website, via USB.
Successful. No problems.
Yesterday, I tried to load the great XDA 1.1 ROM.
Began the update via USB, ActiveSync,
then I 'lost connection' about a minute or 2 into the update.
I'm unable to re-establish connection.
Now, the SX56 is hung on "Upgrading..this may take 5 min...."
I have concluded that I must use an SD card now.
I have an SD card.
I have Wallaby Bootloader v5.15
I don't think it will do me any good to copy the CE+BOOT TO SD,
since it doesn't work.
My PC experience tells me to:
1. Format the SD card, and make it bootable.
2. Put the file XDArit.exe on the SD card.
2. Put the files from the XDA 1.1 ROM on the SD card.
3. Boot the SX-56 to the SD Card.
4. Launch XDArit.exe OR start.bat.
BUT, as I've discovered, this isn't a PC.
And also, it seems like the instructions on the Wallaby Bootloader
are geared for making a backup, and like an idiot, I did not make a backup before starting.
And when I have tried to run the XDArit from my PC, it finds the SD card,
and wants a NB1 file, (and I have to change file type to a NBF file, because I don't have a NB1 file)
but when I try to save it to the SD card, I get an error 'Failed to open device'. (but my XP machine sees, reads and writes to the SD card from explorer just fine.)
If anyone could help me shift my 'PC' thinking into the XDA way of thinking, I would be most thankful. What am I missing here?
Thank you very much!
u should read carefully other thread linked this prob,
u dont need to rename nbf to nb1, just using xdarit to write sd card, use nbf file in wince box and/or bootloader (think dont need to overwrite the bootloader), go to boatloader n choose restore SD
before doing that, batt must full

can I write rom to sd-card using xda slot

in jeff's kitchen it's mentioned next to the 4.00.10 an 16 roms that u can write a new rom to your sd-card for bootloading "usind the sd-card slot in the device"
is that true? from what i found in the forum u need a sd-card adapter. or is there a way for XDArit or any other software to get the rom onto the sd-card without having to use an adapter (which i dont have right now)
:roll: thx!!!
Just use the cradle the phone comes with and connect with ActiveSync. Then you just go into Windows Explorer on your PC and you can copy and paste to the device just like on your PC.
really? but XDArit only recognizes the hard disk, not the XDA on USB as a drive.So I dont see a chance to create a rom image and write it to the SD card. 'And writing it first to my harddisk would screw the disk, right??
use can do that
ok, sorry for not realizing that in the first place. I never noticed there there is a new tool. :?


Very versatile tool for reading and writing OS images to and from the Wallaby. Can read ROM directly from device through ActiveSync, as well as from SD-card and from various disk file formats. Can write to the device (using programme A), to SD-card and to disk using various file formats.
This tool replaces our earlier tool 'XDArit'.
More information

[Q] Reverting back to Windows Mobile

Hi Folks
Im trying to revert my windows mobile back to windows as im having too much trouble with the version of android which a friend did for me a while back.
Anway for some weird reason my PC wont recognise my phone during the sync stage, so does anyone know how to revert it back? My friend actually installed the android IOS direct to my phone and not SD card?
To flash via USB, you need to start your phone into bootloader (turn off, turn back on pushing 2 buttons at one time, volume down plus power), and only then connect to the PC. This should work if you had done this before for other purposes (means all drivers are in your system).
As another option, you can flash the Windows Mobile ROM of your choice using the SD card method.
do you have active syn installed or the win7 version make sure sync via usb is unchecked.
if still having troubles you already have hspl because you have android so download the windows mobile rom you would like to use, bearing in mind if you chose a stock rom it will remove hspl and the radio you have and will flash back to stock
if you want a custom rom its simple grab your self a micro sd card less than 8 gig my 4gig has always worked fine, download the rom you want extract using 7zip, look for the file that will be about 150mb in size and the file name ends in .nbh grab that file rename it to LEOIMG.nbh place it on you sd card put the card in your phone turn youre phone on holding volume down button until a grey screen comes on the phone and follow the instructions to flash it

Buggy filecopy (Note 3 to PC)

I'm trying to backup my phone before i wipe and flash latest Omega rom. But some problems..
I can copy one biiiig (3-4 gb) file from phone to PC in no time, but if i mark several folders, or a folder with like 50 small files in it (a total of ~50 mb) it just hangs on "calculating size" forever.
My setup:
PC - Windows 8.1, latest USB-drivers from Kies
Cable - Tried different ones, but right now the original USB 3.0 cable
Ports - Tried all ports on front and back of PC
Using Explorer to copy. What program do YOU use?
Note: It's the same when i try to restore to the phone..
Update: tried with another PC (Windows 7), same problem there. =/
Try Teracopy.
Thanks! But TeraCopy doesn't work with MTP.
I think the best way to solve this MTP-issue (as it seems to be) is to copy Internal card to a folder on the External card, and then copy the files from that extcard via a cardreader directly to the PC, and vice versa.
Alt 2: AirDroid
It's the MTP protocol. It's a nightmare. Sluggish, unstable, slow...
I always copy big files to and from the MicroSD with a cardreader (which is a hassle as I'm using an Otterbox) and then move it internally with ESfileExplorer. (On an older version of both the firmware and ES, so it still accepts MicroSD writing.)