I need a update or some software!! - MDA, XDA, 1010 Software Upgrading

Help ,
i search a new Radio Update for a german xda(from O2) where can i find new Software version or a mms upodate?(i found some links for the mms update but they dont work!)
please help!

Hey Spike.
Take a look at http://support.loop.de/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBCGI.exe/,/?St=29,E=0000000000020049348,K=9870,Sxi=1,Case=obj(8004)
here you find the new Software from O2


Rom Update

Hi there
I have an O2 that is branded Q-Tek apparently from UK. Can any1 tell me the exact url where i can download the latest Rom update as my GPRS keeps on disconnecting and apprently new rom update gas an option to correct this. Also when sending e-mails they do not appear in my sent folder...any ideas?
Have you tried O2 Ireland? Or just wait a week, I guess British O2 will release the update soon...
i think you can find the suitable ROM from QTEk on www.qtek.dk

upgrading to wm2003

can someone plz tell me how to upgrade my xda1 to wm2003?
i´d like to know if there´s a german version available...
thanks in advance
about a german version i have no clue
about how to update it
For german ROM, I think you can get 4.00.33 from Stefan kitchen
Good luck ...
i am also interested in upgrading my 64Mb XDA I to 2003 Version.
Nalye: How does the Upgrade worked? Do you have any problem in using or installing? Do you have any problems using the upgraded device with german O2? How about the Home-Zone Display and whole stability?
Thanks in advance!
a cellphone company depend on the radiostack they dont know if you connect from a nokia phone or a xda with what ever rom
as long as you set it up right
Thanks for answering. German o2 uses a special application with the XDA, called "Home Zone Status", whats implemented in the original ROM provided by O2. With this application you get a special sign at the top of the screen if your device is in an defined area called HomeZone. The data used by this application must be provided by the gsm-part of the device, but i think, that the T-Mobile-Rom does not support the transfer of this informations because german T-Mobile does not provide this feature.
Does anyone experienced any solution for this problem?
i dn´t know ´bout a special program for displaying the hz-status, but i´m about to call o2 for an application to fix it.
the rom i cooked works well, but as you know every data got lost (about 350 sms or so) :x
try to cook it at www.yorch.net - coz stefan´s kitchen seems to be a lil´bit slow :wink:

new ROM from I-MATE?

Today, on the forum www.clubimate.com, i saw the following posting:
"Can the Support people tell us when the ROM 1.66 version will be added to the site as a download? New I-Mates are shipping with this software. Thanks "
Based on this does anybody have more info about new ROM version from i-mate?
Or in case somebody got his I-Mate with this version - is it possible to share? Unfortunately support from I-Mate really.... you know what.... :-(
Appreciate it...

XDA2 bought in Holland and now in Australia

I need an expert! I downloaded the RUU172126 WWE imate.exe file from iMate and tried to do an upgrade on my new 2nd hand XDA2 which runs on ROM 1.60.00 WWE. It will not load as of course the country code is not correct. Dummo didn't think about this when he purchased the unit. Do I do nothing or is there someway around this?
there is mate!
download ER2003edit.exe or xda2nbf.exe and change the operator..... since the language is both WWE for your upgrade and device...
only the operator would differ, that be O2 and I-mate...
so you have to change the upgrade's characteristics....
read ony DCS's posts on fix upgrades and downgrades
Thanks very much Z man. I have one more request. can you direct me to where I can download the exe files?
here you go mate!
T mobile to iMate conversion
I am experiencing the 'country code error' and will use the ER2003 edit tool. What i dont get is how to change the country/operator as I dont have a code. imate does not exist in the drop down menu. Do I simply type i-mate in and proceed? Help me Zman or somebody I am out of my depth!

Is there hope for a new WM5 Version on the Typhoon ?

Hi folks,
i have still the hope that we will get a (almost) final oder a new beta version which supports MMS. If the MMS Thing is availible then i'll move to WM5, i have already testet the WM5 on my phone (prebuild from here) but what i'm missing is the MMS Support..
Perhaps somebody can help me in any way.