GPRS stuck at 19200 - Networking

I've had no problems getting the GPRS to work on O2. The connection speed stubbornly refuses to move from 19200 and the connection doesn't feel as quick as it should be. Whenever I change it and go back to check, it has reverted to 19200 baud.

The Serial port should be greyed out when selecting the Cellular Line as it is not used, but hey, Microsoft aren't perfect.
It has no effect whatsoever on the data throughput of the device.

This is a known issue on the Pocket PC devices. AFAIK this is a gui issue. If you select anything above 19200 it will stick, but when you go back and view your settings it reverts back.
You'll still connect at the higher speeds.



i can connect to a access point, but when i try to open internet explorer n try to go on a site it always says page not found after few seconds
but when i got bak to setting - connections - network card - the phone is still connected
i also tried using WiFiFoFum, which locates the access point, click on connect but nothing happens.
can anyone tell me where am going all wrong?
Are you definitely getting connected to the access point - are you getting an IP address? (Check your wireless lan IP settings in the "settings/communication" program, and look in the "advanced" tab)
yes am definetly connected, cuz i keep chekin on "network card" when it keeps failin to load up n it says connected there and also get the IP address as well, signal strengh is just about 60%
Did you make sure your connection /network card is set to connect to 'the internet' ?
I found that makes a difference on mine...
it always has been set to "the internet"
I have the same problem guys.
It seems like it's looking for a modem connection and does not use the existing WIFI connection. This s*cks. :x
I have the same problem guys.
It seems like it's looking for a modem connection and does not use the existing WIFI connection. This s*cks. :x
Have the same problem
I have the exact same problem, any help very welcome.
easy fix, your going to kick yourself. go into the wifi setting where it shows battery setting efficiency and move the bar to the left for "most efficient". it fixed it on my qtek. let me know if it worked
i manage to keep the connection stable after tweaking the wifi settings to performance boost to max instead of power saving mode..
give it a try...
go to settings, select wireless lan, select the power mode tab, slide slider all the way to best performance instead of best battery.
every webpage loads up after i do that
Connection still not working
Hi, moved the slide to best perfomance.
Still can't ping the gateway.
- The manager shows me connected to the network
- The device has a IP
- I can see the device on the router
but still no connection to the other machines or the Internet.
I'm pretty shure I did a config mistake...
Thanks for help
I had the same problem too. I found the answer a few days later after few tries.
I couldn't find the help here, and I wished someone had the answer. Now that I have the answer I am sharing it with you. It's the real answer.
If you have wireless protection, you'll need to set up the connection correctly with your key and your personal WLAN IP address. Once you've setup your WLAN connection on your Wizard correctly, the Wizard will tell you if you are connected or not. That's the easiest part.
Ok, now when you go to IE on your PDA phone, it might just go to a local webpage stored in your PDA memory. When you try to go to an actual internet address like, you get an error message. In that error message, you'll get an option to be linked to a full explanation from Microsoft on how to setup IE properly. You can screw the explanation, and dump this information away for your WLAN setup.
What you really need is to setup your DNS, and alternative DNS. To do that, you'll need to know your DNS, and alternative DNS. If you don't know it, call your ISP, DSL or Cable company to get those information.
BTW, the Wifi connection is extremely slow. So don't be surprised to be disappointed after all your work. I mean you won't even bother to use it in the bathroom because you'll be done with it, seriously!!!
Good luck.

"Dial Up" to home modem to use internet

I have configured a sever at home to listen for dial up connections on a dedicated land line.
Can I use this to dial up with my Kaiser? I have used the following procedure to set up a connection...
- Start
- Settings
- Connections tab
- Connections
- Add new modem connection
(I am given the option to select a modem, either Bluetooth, Cellular Line, Cellular line (GPRS, 3G) or Hayes Compatible on COM1:, have tried with "Cellular Line" and "Hayes Compatible on COM1:")
- Enter my phone number
- Enter user name and password
I have used the following procedure to test it...
- Tap and hold the new connection and select connect.
On doing this I receive a dialog as follows...
"Cannot Connect
Dialed: 0117 blahblablah
Cannot connect for an unknown reason. To check your connection settings and change them if needed, tap Settings. If the problem continues, reset your mobile device according to your manufacturer's documentation and try again"
When using the "Cellular Line" it goes through the "Connecting..." dialog a couple of times and fails with the above message. When using the "Hayes Compatible on COM1:" it brings the error up almost immediately.
I am using Orange in the UK
Kaiser / Tytn II
Radio =
Rom = Laurentius 9 or 10 or something
Is this possibly to do with the "CSD Line Type" configuration in which you can specify "Data rate" and "Connection element"? If do, does anyone know what these should be set to?
Is this just because Orange don't allow this type of traffic?
Is this because the modem part of the phone is FUBAR?
Your opinions and experience would be greatly appreciated.
not sure if its the same but
i had a pre gprs phone which
supported internet over normal cell
and it turned out that it could not
connect to a normal modem subscription
it required a special modem connection
at the network which was pretty pricy
so maybe it simply cant connect to a normal modem
Can anyone confirm this?
I find it hard to understand why a device that can be used as a USB or bluetooth modem for a laptop can't communicate with a normal modem.
Can you name the protocols or the standard that it does use?
ahem - bump - (sorry)
Most cell phone providers do not allow data connection over modem unless it is their own (dial up / in) Gateway - last time I used Orange in the UK, they were no exception. Only voice calls will be routed properly and data connections pretty fast disconnected, resulting in an error report similar to the one you got.
To verify if your provider supports data connection to other non-Orange phone numbers, you should call customer care.

Default network keeps changing

I recently installed GPRS Traffic monitor which shows me how much traffic is passing over my HSDPA connection and I noticed something strange.
Sometimes when I have a solid wifi connection my HSDPA traffic figures shoot up while I'm browsing. I discover that the reason for this is that in settings->connections->connections advanced->networks the default connection for applications has been set to be "Contract WAP" even though I had previously specifically set it to "My Work Network".
OK, so I change this setting back to be "My work network" and Opera starts using the wifi in preference to HSDPA and only switches to HSDPA when the wifi is no longer available. Perfect.
Except that a few hours later I notice that the HSDPA traffic is shooting up again even though I have a strong wifi connection. I go back and check the settings and the default connection has reverted to "Contract WAP". I didn't do this - it happened automatically.
This has been happening for a while now and I think the cause may be the crappy cell reception where i live. Occasionally the phone loses the signal from Vodafone but a few seconds later gets it again and re-registers with the network automatically (I know this happens because if I turn off auto-network-selection I keep getting asked to select my network). My suspicion is that this re-registering is resetting my default network connection.
This may also be why occasionally I seem to lose my 3G connection settings and have to run the connection setup wizard again.
This is really annoying me because I have to keep checking the settings before any major browsing session to ensure I don't blow my monthly 3G bandwith.
Does anyone have any experience of this problem or advice on how to fix it.

set up static ip

hello help,
my wife has an htc hd2 phone and i am trying to connect it to our home network. we have an mn700 microsoft router. i have security on it WEP
and on channel 3. The phone is asking for a network key and i put in the wep key and and put it on channel 3 it
states that iam connected but we still can not surf the web.
all other wireless computers and laptops in the house i have assigned a
static ip, i oculd give her phone a static ip but i can not find where or how to do this on htc hd2 phone.
i am thinking that this is the solution, if not please point in the right direction.
also ineed step by step directions on the phone since it is not mine i do not know to much about it.
I'm right there with ya, exact same problem. It's amazing to me that a device as sophisticated as this is so difficult to set up. Here are my posts from the t-mobile forum..PLEASE HELP...
I just got my htc hd2. So far I love it. my last phone was a G1 and it was able to automatically switch to my home wireless network when I got in range. Is this possible on the hd2? Also Is it possible to set a static IP address for these devices? I have not been able to get it to work on my LAN. If anyone can give me a walkthrough to set the phone up so It automatically switches to my LAN with a static IP when I'm in range this phone will be pefect...wife just got the cliq xt and she's teasing me... TIA
can anyone tell me how to set a static IP address and how to get it to connect over my LAN. I called customer care and the person i spoke to only had a set of written guide lines and couldn't tell me how to do it, said he had never been asked before. So, Here's what I've done so far to get this device to work with my wireless at home. 1st, Click START > SETTINGS> Wireless Controls and turn Wi-Fi on. It sees my Wireless network and the icon spins to let me know it's attempting to connect? I've put my network password in before so eventually I get a green check mark. So next I tap Advanced in the lower right corner and get to the Wireless Lan page. Then I tap the Change Network button which again lists my wireless networks in range and mine is listed as connected. so then I click the Network Adapters Tab, which brings me to my first question. What should be the setting for "My network card connects to:" I assume "The Internet" but I could be wrong. Below is a long list of adapters I can modify, which brings me to my next question which adapter do I modify? I assume the Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter, when I tap it I get a screen where I can set a static IP and DNS. I figured I had it at that point, except It doesn't seem to work!. The wi-fi antenna icon is at the top and I have two arrows next to it pointing left and right. green check on my wi-fi network, but when I try to use Opera browser it says ERROR! Connection closed by remote server and I cannot ping the ip i set in the device from my network. I go back turn Wi-Fi off and everything works again. AM I DOING ANY OF THIS RIGHT? thanks again.
Okay, got it to the point to where I can ping the device on my network. The adapter I had to set the static ip to was the Broadcom 802.11 DHD Network Adapter. Using Wi-Fi toggle to turn it on and off and it responds well and connects reliably. However, when I try to browse it fires up the 3G connection. I have just now been able to use remote desktop on my local network using the servers IP, without it turning on the 3g connection. Looks great in 16bit color, but no landscape mode? Most other apps, facebook the browser and others make the 3g connection come back on. How can I make all data connections go over my lan? almost there....
I got it to work, not sure if this is best practice or not, and it's definitely not elegant, but it works.
1. Touch Start > Settings > Wireless Controls and Turn wi-fi on
2. Select your wireless network and enter your password or key
3. Once you are connected (green check), touch Advanced > Change Network (under the ssid) you will see your wireless connection again and it should say connected
4. touch the wireless adapters tab at the bottom. Here at the top select my network card connects to The Internet and select your wireless adapter from the list below.
5. set your static IP address and Name Server info. Touch OK and then return to the home screen
At this point you should have the wi-fi icon with two solid arrows next to your 3g icon.
6. Touch Start > Settings > menu > all settings > connections > connections > advanced tab > Select Networks.
7, change both drop downs to my isp (may be different if you named it something different)
to get back to 3g repeat steps 6 and 7 to switch both dropdowns back to tmobile data or whatever yours was originally and turn off the wi-fi (or download wi-fi toggle) and turn wi-fi off. 3g should come back on automatically if you run an app that connects to the web. if not turn data connection back on in the comm manager.
This works but this sucks. Is there an easier way to Automatically switch between 3g and wi-fi? Am I making a simple problem over complicated? or is there and app for this? Android beats winmo 6.5 on this one.
still no wifi
trying for days, i can not get your setup to work. still connected
but no internet browsing. i took the same ip that i am using for the phone and put it on the laptop---so i know it is the phone and not anything going on
with the router.
To the OP, i am by no means an expert on this topic. This is how i got mine to work. only advice i could give is to make sure you are editing the correct adapter and if you named your connection settings something different double check. How far do u get with the instructions? do you get a green check after you put in your network key?
I can switch back and forth between wi-fi and 3g no problem but it would be nice to have it done automatically when i'm in range...can anyone help
we reset the phone and then followed your directions. Viola! it worked!
we are working on how to setup identies for different networks,
thanks again mr1credible.
Update. My phone locked up hard and kept telling me my password was incorrect so I had to do a hard reset...After the reset, I decided to take another look at the Network settings..I've got it set up now so that All I have to do is turn wi-fi on and it will use my wi-fi as the preferred connection. All I did was follow steps 1-6 as previous except when I got to step 7, I only changed the second drop down to My ISP. Both Icons 3G and Wi-Fi appear at the top but I can remote desktop my PC and connect to my shares on my local network. I also have it set to automatically shut off my wi-fi if it cannot connect in 30 sec, So when I leave for work in the morning I don't have to remember to shut it off, and I don't have to switch back and forth between settings anymore. All i have to do is turn wi-fi on when I get home. Not bad. Still would like to have it automatically detect my network and connect when in range but I can live with this....
Try SolarWinds Orion IP Address manager.
It Manage your entire IP infrastructure from an intuitive web console .
Also it Prevent your subnets and DHCP scopes from filling up with preventative alert notifications .
check it at
SolarWinds website.

HP iPAQ H5455 WLAN Connection

I recently got a HP iPAQ H5455 with Windows Mobile 2003 at a garage sale. After some headaches and a bit of time wasted to get the battery charged, I was able to get the device to boot up and reset to remove the PIN that was installed by the previous owner.
Anyway, I'm having some problems being able to connect to WiFi. It wasn't obvious at first enabling WiFi, but after some research, I found an "IPAQ Wireless" on the device which is used to enable and disable Bluetooth and WLAN. After enabling WLAN (WiFi) for the first time, a notification appears to connect to a wireless network, so I choose my network and entered my WEP key. All normal procedure for connecting to a WiFi network. However, I noticed that I was not connected.
I then went to Start > Settings > Connections > Connections > Advanced > Network Card > Wireless and there I found a list of WiFi networks in range. I tried to connect to my network again by clearing all the data in the Authentication tab and re-entering it, including the WEP key. I tapped OK, but still no connection.
I thought that it may have been having trouble with the WEP key, so I set up an unencrypted network on another wireless router and tried to connect, but the same thing happens. Absolutely nothing.
Throughout the entire time I have WiFi on, the WLAN indicator LED on the device is flashing amber, which means no wireless link, according to the manual; a green flashing LED would indicate a wireless link.
Does anyone know what may be the problem here? I realize that I'm taking a shot in the dark here due to the age of not only the device, but the OS as well, but it's worth a shot, I think.
I'm using WM5 but sounds the same. Look in Ipaq Wireless> Advanced>IP Info> Config
and make sure you're using "sever assigned IP address"
Sometimes I'll have to renew the IP address multiple times to get it to stick, even though been usiging this connection over a year. I do it in the Ipaq Wireless> Advanced> Status page.
Sometimes a soft reset is needed to get things working correctly. For some reason on my device going between BT, Wifi and the SD will get the next one out of whack and the soft reset is the only cure.
The iPAQ Wireless app in WM2003 only has options for enabling and disabling Bluetooth and WLAN, and nothing else. I believe there may be settings for IP configuration in Start > Settings > Connections > Connections > Advanced > Network Card > Network Adapters. I see one of the adapters listed as "iPAQ USB Wireless Adapter." Is that the correct adapter? None of the others listed seem to make any sense when dealing with WiFi.
Edit: I checked in the iPAQ USB Wireless Adapter settings, and "Use server-assigned IP address" was already selected. I don't see anything about renewing the IP Address.
OK I'll try again first 2 replies got flushed by the system. My wireless card's name is similar to yours'. If you can see devices to connect to this part(radio) is already working.
I can renew the IP address on the page that has the signal strength meter (the status page for me). The IP and MAC addresses can also be seen at the bottom of the Ipaq Wireless>WLAN page. The wireless layout in WM5 hasn't been intuitive for me and still have to search quite a bit to find things.
Now you need to get your setting so you can get an IP address.
They don't seem to allow me to post a link
HP has forum on their website. Proffesser Julia that does the above page is a top poster there.
The problem I'm having is that the device can't even seem to properly connect to any WiFi access point. The Networking GUI says it is connected to my access point, but the hardware indicator LED is flashing amber, which seems to indicate no connection. The inability to connect to anything, even locally, seems to confirm this.
Furthermore, the iPAQ wireless app on my device (running Windows Mobile 2003) has no options for anything other than turning on or off the WLAN and Bluetooth.
The instructions in the page linked to above don't seem to match my device. That looks like it may be for Windows Mobile 2003 SE, and not the original version of WM2003.
Seems there may be enough difference I can't help you but if that's all you have don't see how you'll be able to connect to encrypted WiFi. Not familiar at all with 2003. Suspect small diffences exist just from one model to the next depending on where HP/Compaq left it. It has to have some level of functionality to be usefull.
I notice she says if the connect icon turns green you may need to run IE to finish connecting. No mention of the flashing light. My device has a blue light that flashes whenever a radio is on and gives no indication of connection.
These pages are more specific to your problem than my previous post.Hope it helps.
Just my $.02 but I think if M$ had made this kind of thing simple and Activesync bullet proof the PPC would have sold like the iPhone.
Thanks for your time in trying to solve the problem, JJJustMee.
It's just so strange that the OS can find WiFi networks and appear to be connect to them, but the hardware itself says it's not connected, and I cannot make any connection to my network or webpages.
Anyone else have any ideas?