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Subject: orange gprs xda
From: jacko
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 15:53:03
any one got gprs working through orange on their xda or know how
to get gprs working.
Subject: what version/country?
From: bigmac
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 15:58:03
Please let us know in what country you got an orange xda, and
what wince and gsm version numbers you have (and what language
your wince is in). Some older gsm roms didn't support gprs
always on.
Subject: gprs
From: jacko
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 16:49:27
just spoke to orange and they r saying no way. my xda was on o2
but had it unlocked to orange I am using ppc 2002 rom version
3.14.13 eng
Subject: gprs
From: jacko
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 16:54:07
and it was 02 uk version - I personally dont think it is
possible because orange wont activate gprs on handsets that dont
belong to them. but does anyone know of a service provider you
can subscribe to who will charge you per minute usage
Subject: GPRS
From: Purky1971
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 17:54:09
Just adding my comment
I brought my O2 XDA in Singpore (running 3.14.17 ENG) over New
Year whilst on Honeymoon. They told me it would work on any
network in the UK.
I hadn't done to much research on this anf took the retailers
advise as read!
Anyway back here in the UK I pluged in my Vodafoen SIM, gave
Vodafone a call told them Santa Claus brought me a PDA (didn't
say XDA!!!) and asked if they could be so kind to open GPRS
on my SIM, they did this and I'm was up and working. I'm on
there GPRS1 tarif which is £7.49 for 1Mbo then £0.00.5p (half a
penny) per KBo there after (£5.00Mbo)
I am having problems with GPRS 'always on' but as my SIM card is
2 years old I'm waiting on a new SIM from Vodafone which again
they were happy to supply.
I think XDA is a dirty to Vodafone, Orange etc as they don't
sell they, I have heard that O2 have lost the exclusive rights
with HTC so maybe other providers will offer them
Subject: Orange France
From: olivier
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 18:38:49
I am french, an i use gprs without any problem.
Is very easy to configure Wap/GPRS or PDA/GPRS.
wap gprs
user :
pass : orange
proxy : port 9201
socks5 : login orange pass orange
apn : orange
gprs keep on suspend mode
gprs authentification pap
dns 1 :
dns 2 :
The speed in gprs/wap was up to 71Kbit/s (GprsMonitor)
ROM Version 3.12.07 ENG
ROM 08/13/02
Radio Version 4.06
Protocol Version 32S54
If you need a french user, translator, or beta tester.
[email protected] :wink:
Subject: gprs
From: jacko
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 21:12:57
I personally think someone or company should set up a pay as you
go gprs service. ie you pay a different company than your phone
company for the gprs service. the plus points could be a cheaper
and more dedicated service and it helps all those people with
pda's and phones which are not exclusive to our vendor.
does anyone know about such a service

GPRS Vodafone @ The Netherlands
Trying to use gprs on my XDA ass well.
These are the settings I got from my providor:
Phonenumber: *99#
user: vodafone
pass: vodafone
gprs keep on suspend mode
gprs authentification pap
dns 1 : provided by server
dns 2 : provided by server
ip: provided by server
ad commannd code: +CGDCONT=1,"IP",""
WAP gateway:
port: 9201
time: 120 - 150 sec.
tried everything, but do not get connected!!!
Provider "Vodafone" told me they also didn't get it to work on a XDA
I've got a unlocked XDA wusing a vodafone SIM (this is working well)
and these ar the specs of my XDA:
ARM SA1110
wallaby bootloader 5.11
Can anybody help me??


Bahrain (Batelco) Settings for QTek 1010, SE 1.2, GPRS

Anyone else in Bahrain using either SE 1.1 or 1.2 and trying to contact to Batelco? If so could you email me and share your experience (I can't even get a dialup Internet connection ).
[email protected]

Using AT&T SX56 [T-Mobile ROM] with Cingular Media Works

Hi folks,
I am a very very happy SX56/XDA user with Media Works. I just added this feature in my account 10 minutes ago and so far everything is working perfectly (Internet, MSN Messenger).
Hardware/Software: (Perform ROM update via SD Card)
Thank you to all posters from here!!!!
- AT&T SX56
- T-Mobile ROM version 4.01.16ENG (Should be Mobile 2003)
- ROM Date 02/04/04
- Radio Version 6.24.00 (Radio Stack upgrade from
- Protocol Version 324e4
I think Radio Version 6.24.00 is the most stable version as I do not get a very reliable singal with the default At&T factory loaded. I also tried O2 ROM (Mobile 2002) which also display 2-3 bars of signal whereas T-Mobile ROM (Mobile 2003) only gives me none to 1 bar in the very same spot.
O2 ROM also displays 'roaming with T-mobile' but T-Mobile ROM is also correctly display Cingular as the current service provide.
GPRS connection (Thank you all posters from here!!)
- APN:wap.cingular
- USERNAME: [email protected]
I'll be in boston next week and will report network usage and while I was in Bedford, MA last week I also saw AT&T wireless as the current provider on my SPV.
Thank you you all for contributing valuable informaiton. I won't be able to get this working without you all!!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you


hey guys i just recenlt got rid of my motorola a1000 and i fancied a XDA2 lol i i bough 1. I have been through all the forums looking to se wap up but i have no joy in doing so. i have set the GPRS up like it all said and it does show that im connected but when i go to load an url up (www. - wap.) it just say "the page you are looking for is not available" im using the port 8080 tho but still wont work, can any one help me pleeeeeeez lol. thanks guys
here this is my setup for xda2i
connection name
mobile web
cellular line gprs
access point
user name
use server assigned ip
use specific
I'm new and not to up on my XDA.
I'm having the same trouble with my XDA, I have tried all setting and nothing works.
I sent it to the repair center and they put in a new mother broad, cos it broke where it sits in the cradle, they charge me nearly £200 and since getting it back ( which took nearly a month ) it won't connect.
I have been talking with O2 and they said it will have to go back and there will be more to pay.
If i try to connect it says the page you are looking for can't be found.
I have tried the setting below, still no deal.
I need to say that it is on pay as you go.
Thank you for looking, this is my last hope before given in and sending it back to o2.
This is my device info:
ROM version: 1.72.OOWWE
ROM date: 03/15/04
Radio version: 1.17.00
Protocol version: 1337.28
ExtROm version: 1.72.181
Hi there
read the following topic hope this help
Thanks for the link

HTC P3450 Network Problem UK - Vodaphone

I have recently purchased a second hand HTC p3450 handset that was locked to the orange network. I paid orange to unlock the phone.
I have three Pay as you go sim cards
Orange - Works with HTC
Asda (vodaphone) does not work with HTC
Virgin (T mobile) - work with HTC.
I have tried two other ASDA pay as you go sims, and these do not work in the phone. I have a friend that has a contract with Vodaphone and his sim does not work in the phone either.
I get the following message on trying to dial with Vodaphone
Network Error
Cannot read setting from the network, try viewing settings later or disconnect data connection and try again.
I have contacted ASDA and they have no idea's as to the issue. I went into the carphone warehouse and they advised that I contacted this forum as they had no explaination.
The phone settings are as follows.
Operator version :
ROM Version: WWE
ROM Date: 06/20/07
Radio Version: 02.95.90
Protocol version :
Model No: ELFO100
Platform: PocketPC
I wish to use the ASDA vodaphone PAYASGO, as this is my main contact number. The sim card works fine in my Nokia 6100. I'm at a lost as want to try any suggestions would be great.
Many thanks in advance
I face the similar problem with my HTC touch P3452.
Tried with changing Radio versions (all radios available on this forum) and still have no luck.

O2 iPhone contract on Wizard

I am using my Wizard on an O2 iPhone contract. Calls and sms are working fine but I can't get connected to GPRS Internet. The settings I am using are:
user name: vertigo
password: password
Anyone know if I can connect with the Wizard and, if I can, the settings I need to use?
Sorry if this has already been answered, I did search before posting.
After much fiddling and inputting and grumbling on my part,O2 finally admitted that GPRS is not supported on this mobile either as contract or payasyougo. They wouldn't say why.