Rom Upgrade/ Rom File - MDA, XDA, 1010 Software Upgrading

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Subject: Rom Upgrade/ Rom File
From: Sebastian Scheurle
Date: 07 Jan, 2003 17:37:03
I have a XDA with ROM Version 2.66GERnly sold at the very
beginning of the XDA). I tried to udate it to 3.14... with the
ordinary O2 Updater, but that didn´t work (Error 011, but the
cables are OK, Active Sync works). Probably I have to update it
to Version 3.02 before. But that´s the problem- how can I get
this ROM File? Does anyone no an adress to download?


T-mobile Upgrade

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Subject: T-mobile Upgrade
From: Mike S.
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:03:47
I got a SIM unlock code for my T-Mobile pocket pc phone edition,
and I am wondering, if I install the ROM/RSU update off the
website, will that RE-Lock the SIM afterwards?
Want to make sure!
Subject: overwriting locks
From: XDA developers
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:06:42
No, it will not. The locks are in a part of the ROM which is not
erased by the RSU/monitor upgrade tool.
Not that you would care anymore...
Subject: hurray!
From: Mike S
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:16:41
Time for an upgrade!
I guess if I backup first, then restore after then my ppc2002
settings and software should stay the same?
Subject: DOH!
From: Mike S
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:22:45
On the download site it says:
To install the Pocket PC Phone Edition Upgrade, you will need
the following:
A T-Mobile activated Smart/SIM Card inserted into your Pocket PC
Phone Edition
A fully charged battery
does this mean that since I have my SIM unlocked and am on a
different provider, that the upgrade wont install?
Subject: Ehm...
From: XDA developers
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:44:15
Mike, you may want to check out:
Subject: ???
From: Mike S
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 12:46:43
How would that help me?
My unit is already unlocked, I was just a little scared by the
"You must have a T-mobile SIM in the unit in order to upgrade
Subject: Sorry...
From: XDA developers
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 13:37:16
Oops, sorry,
We weren't reading correctly, we figured you were still worried
about the lock. Please let us know if the upgrade fails because
of the SIM not being in.
You might be able to swap the data files into another RSU
upgrade package.
Subject: Non T-Mobile SIM
From: jvd
Date: 11 Jan, 2003 23:29:16
I updated two T-Mobile's with the upgrade with Fido SIM's and so
far is seems OK.

Second time: i need 3.14.nb

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Subject: Second time: i need 3.14.nb
From: Sebastian
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 20:52:13
i have just wrote a topic about my problem, but because nobody
answered, I write it a second time, now.
I need a any languaged Version of the Rom File Ver. 3.02,
because I have Version 2.66 and it seems that I need 3.02 to
update to 3.14.
<span class="y">At XDA developers: You certainly have such a
File written by the ROM Image tool, don´t you? Can´t you send it
to me? </span> My Mail Adress: [email protected]
I´m pleased about every reply with the file or an download
Subject: dude its a dude
From: jacko
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 21:14:55
check out the site above :wink:
Subject: I need 3.02
From: Sebastian
Date: 12 Jan, 2003 18:24:17
Sorry, of course I mean, I need 3.02.nb.....
Can it be, that nobody has this Rom file??????????

XDA SIMLOCK overriding trick

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Subject: XDA SIMLOCK overriding trick
From: Laisvunas Lithuania
Date: 05 Jan, 2003 00:43:55
A multitasking bug (maybe emergency call bug ?)
You must have old rom (tested on 3.02German),telefon number,that
not answer for a 2-3 minutes and good timing to defeat
simlock.Insert sim,if you want allow new sim cofiguration,cancel
entering simlock code(SIM-sperre).GSM part is off.Try to call
number.Cancel entering simlock code.GSM part is off.Soft reset
XDA,GSM part is off.Switch GSM part ON(Antenne simbol) and
NOW-perfect timing-observe GSM part status icon ,when Yx changes
to Y QUICK call last dialed number wait ringing 2-3 minutes
until you see error message ,,Schwerer Anwendungsfehler,,(Heavy
App error)
Adresse:01f8b454.Hit OK ,hang of and ...VOILA you on new
network.Newer roms dont work...maybe is possible to write small
TSR to kill device_identification.exe when it come out?
Subject: U've made my year perfect!!!
From: Lost in Norway
Date: 05 Jan, 2003 10:39:51
I am so happy
My simlock is finally broken! I tried the "multitaskingbug" on
my 3.02English - rom, and it worked! I love Microsoft ...
Sorry about all the smilys, I am just SO happy!!!
Subject: GSM rom
From: Laisvunas
Date: 05 Jan, 2003 13:24:34
You can update GSM rom (tested on 4.01-4.16),only CE rom must be
old (3.02).
Subject: SIMlock trick
From: XDA developers
Date: 05 Jan, 2003 14:43:55
We're curious: when you've gotten the phone to accept this new
card, do you need to do this again every time you reset? Or
every time you turn the phone off?
It's a strange bug, that's for sure...
Subject: XDA SIMLOCK overriding trick
From: Allard
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 09:59:06
hi !
i tried it, but it doesnt worked so far.
i am not shure, maybe our german fixedlines doesnt
understand "not answering under 2-3 minutes" (grrr,
i need an alternative number .....)
i tried it like the description, but after it rings 17 times
the display gets dark, after a few seconds it lits up, dark
again. i keep it awake with a click inside of a white field
and the last thing what happend, was the antenna-symbol
changed after this to a symbol like a "telephone receiver"
just this window, nothing happend then
no error message .... ;(
may some can give me an advise ...
8) 8)
Subject: SIMlock trick
From: Lost in Norway
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 13:29:51
For Allard:
Check your "rom". Could it be a higher verson than 3.02?
Maybe Laisvunas has any ideas?
For XDA dev. team:
I have used the bug on my friends xda to... 8) He is as happy
as I am!
But yes, it is a temparary fix. Every time i do a soft reset,
lose contact with my provider or turn the phone off, I am asked
to enter a simlock code...
Subject: SIMlock trick
From: Allard
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 14:12:59
hi norway ...
no, i checked it ... ROM version is 3.02.00 GER
(05/27/02). maybe its the "answering thing" with
this german lines ..... think i have to find out a #
outside of germany.
Allard 8)
From: xdaaa
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 20:44:09
Subject: Help me to Unlock XDA
From: Mitnick
Date: 08 Jan, 2003 19:51:46
Hi to all and excused me for my bad english
I'd like to buy one XDA devices
My only problem is that my work takes me to Italy and France.
The "XDA SIMLOCK" cause many problems for the use in this
Someone can help me to unlock the products?
I'm very sad
You are my hope !!!
My mail is [email protected] (remove XDA from address) please
help me! :wink:
Subject: XDA Simlock
From: fillmeboots
Date: 09 Jan, 2003 13:46:01
Does anyone know of any apps which can crash a selected process,
this may be an easier way of replicating the bug.
I've tried using Easy Close to terminate the
device_identification process, but, I presume because it closes
cleanly, it just switches the phone off again. I might keep
trying whilst making a call, maybe that will work.
I'm using 3.02 ENG bios, tried the method suggested in this
forum once, but didn't manage to make the app crash.
I tried to get the unlock legitimately yesterday, and O2 said
they couldnt do it until my PAYG card was 12 months old, instead
they (or the girl on the phone) suggested I go to a dodgy petrol
station in Manchester!!! - wonder if that is they're official
line on the subkject!
Subject: XDA SIMLOCK overriding trick
From: zorro
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 14:49:45
Hi Guys,
tried several times, seems that I misunderstood how to do it.
First of all, do I have to use an O2 simcard or the D2, which is
the one I want to work with ?
I tried with both, but the steps didn't work. I'm sure I did a
Pls help
Subject: SIMlock
From: XDA developers
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 14:55:17
Subject: xda-manipulator
From: zorro
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 15:16:25
any experiences with the manipulator ?
Subject: About XDA simlock crack
From: tw
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 17:20:38
As soon as I try this I get the simlock code screen. All the
my version is 3.00.01EN
[email protected]
Subject: SIMlock trick
From: Lost in Norway
Date: 13 Jan, 2003 17:53:08
I would love to use the "manipulator", but I dont have a serial
For Zorro:
I am in Norway, and O2 dont have a service here. I use the sim
from another provider. Dont know if it matters.
I have allso "discovered" that I need to call a number where it
just rings. If the line I call is buissy or somone picks up the
phone it does not work...
Subject: Manipulator works...
From: XDA developers
Date: 13 Jan, 2003 20:41:25
tw: get someone to solder a serial cable for you: it's not that
hard, and all the information you need is on this site. And you
really want to upgrade from 3.00.01: it's full of bugs. We
suggest upgrading to the Irish 3.14 version mentioned elsewhere
in this forum...
Subject: Keep Trying
From: MADmanFREE
Date: 14 Jan, 2003 18:42:26
I nearly got this to work......
I'll keep trying
ver 3.01ENG
Wow...not only did tapatalk post in the wrong thread...but the wrong forum all together...
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T-Mobile upgrade

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Subject: T-Mobile upgrade
From: John
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 04:42:03
I have no idea how I found this forum. I am sure I am over my
head being here, and under everyone else's but I'm really hoping
that you don't dump this, and that someone may be able to answer
my question. I feel like I accidently fell into the Star Ship.
I upgraded on my T-Mobile Pocket PC (Philadelphia area USA),
successfully shortly after it's release. Did it all according to
instructions including hard re-set.
Everything seemed to go very well afterwards.
Several days later, I was(stupidly for me) messing around in
File Explorer, found and tapped a file labelled "rsupgrage"
dated 11/25/02 w 34k".
Bang! It started a new *brief) upgrade process but with out the
requirement to hard re-set.
BTW there is a 2nd similar file marked "rsupgrade" dated
ROM version: 3.14.40 ENG
ROM date: 11/26/02
Radio version: 6.18
Protocol version: 324e4
Model No: PW101B1
Platform: PocketPC
Aside from the fact that in the little box that comes up
when the phone is on there is either no carrier name or T-
Mobile name (simple lettering, no logo), I am not sure that
nothing happened to screw up the original upgrade process
which went with out a hitch.
Everything still works, I think, quite well.
I would appreciate someone checking their settings after
their upgrade and comfirming that all mine are ok. Especially
"Radio version".
Or do I have to do the whole thing all over again?
BTW, I am cured of venturing into File Explorer!
Subject: T-Mobile Upgrade
From: John
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 05:06:40
My post is just above.
E-mail is [email protected]
Subject: You have upgraded to RS 4.14
From: FintonK
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 11:47:50
you have accidently downloaded a radio version 4.14 which is
meant for O2 Europe, probably from
This is designed for 900/1800 Mhz band, not your US 1900 band.
You will have to get a Radio Stack (RS) designed for your MDA.
[email protected]
Subject: T-Mobile Upgrade
From: Chris
Date: 15 Jan, 2003 08:39:17
Actually it sounds like you simply "re-upgraded" your Radio
The T-Mobile USA update that's on their site includes the two
rsupgrade files (an executable and the ROM image) as files in
the CE ROM image that the main upgrade did.
Because these files are part of the ROM image, they don't take
up any space, but they do hang around (visible in File Explorer)
after the upgrade.
Basically, the part of the upgrade that happens while your phone
is on the cradle upgrades your OS, then, when you first
re-booted, that executable gets run and upgrades the Radio Stack
(what people on this forum call the GSM ROM.)
So, you didn't do anything too terribly wrong, just re-ran an
upgrade that had already happened -- and since the upgrade was
allowed to finish, your phone should be working fine. That
version is the correct T-Mobile USA version at the moment...
it's the one that shipped with the upgrade.

changing the language?

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Subject: changing the language?
From: Fab
Date: 17 Dec, 2002 23:34:13
i bought a xda in Germany but the language is only in Deutch.
The differents sellers told me that was not possible to change
to language to french or at least English. I'm really surprise
as they sell it in English version in other country.
And if not where can I found the French or English
Thanks a lot for your help
Subject: Changing the language
From: XDA-developers
Date: 18 Dec, 2002 00:18:13
Someone posted the URL for the english language update. You
could try just running the update .exe files from:
If that doesn't work, look for the <something>.nbf file in the
"c:\Program Files\Programme A\English" directory, and use the
procedure outlined on the ROM image Tool page to update your ROM
using an SD card. If you have a 5.17 bootloader, you'll have to
wait at least one more day, fix - and better explanation - are
XDA developers
Subject: changing the language?
From: Fab
Date: 18 Dec, 2002 23:07:00
thanks a lot to reply. I'm not total beginner but more medium
user for normal PC. 8)
Subject: Successfully conveted
From: McLEI
Date: 19 Dec, 2002 11:46:32
I have sucessfully converted my German MDA to English XDA.
I used Irish O2 update and modified it using hex editor as
written here:
Subject: language
From: Fab
Date: 19 Dec, 2002 23:44:54
Thanks a lot I will try.
Any trouble with your german tel operator?
Do you know if exist also a french update?
Subject: Using Uk-Origin XDA without O2
From: Jack
Date: 09 Jan, 2003 18:34:55
I bought a UK XDA which i use easily in switzerland, but
some funktions do not work, such as GPRS, email and internet ,
because i always fall back on O2 settings, any Idea what to do ?
Subject: ENG to GER upgrade for XDA
From: aleks
Date: 15 Jan, 2003 19:16:01
The ENG to GER upgrade of the XDA wont not work.
I has replaced the .nbf file header in hex-editor from the
german code (PW10A1-GER-3.14-001-d625-) to ENG code
The ENG code is from the original english upgrade file, but i
always get the following error:
"The ROM image file to be upgraded is corrupt. Please downloag
and try again."
Idea what to do ?