Latest Rom for Ireland? - MDA, XDA, 1010 Software Upgrading

First of all nice one on the xda manipulator, it works!!
Got the cables from real quick as well getting to ireland.
I have upgraded the radio stack to 4.14
I want to upgrade the rom from 3.12.07 eng to latest.
anyone got it? or a url to get rom upgrades for Ireland.
Do not want to go thro official irish 02 site, ask no questions and you will get told no lies.


Ireland O2 Upgrade

Will the Ireland o2 upgrade work with my UK XDA? I was about to try it and then noticed this!
"Please note that this software download is intended solely for O2 Ireland XDA customers, and will not function on devices purchased in other countries. O2 Ireland will provide support on software downloads for O2 Ireland customers only, and does not accept responsibility for issues encountered in other countries. "
I don't want to ruin the thing! Thanks
Irelans O2 Upgrade
I applied this to my UK XDA a week ago and all is OK.
Beware that the instructions on the update web site differ to those you get when running the upgrade. the site says leave connected but the update says to remove the power connector. I made sure my XDA was fully charged and removed it from the cradle when prompted. The upgrade ran perfectly and I am now on the following versions
ROM 3.14.13 ENG
ROM Date 10/09/02
Radio Version 3.14
Have fun
That is so helpful - many thanks! Do you now get GPRS "always on" connection?
I have not tested it extensivley but it does seem to yes
the UK O2 XDA ROM update is due out Monday or Tuesday on the O2 web site, (10th or 11th March)
i tried upgrading with the latest o2 software and ****ed up my xda....i want to upgrade buy im wary now....can u tell me if ur succesful....and exactly appreciate it...thanks
Instructions will be on the O2 site along with the upgrade software (well it is on the O2 Ireland site). It does seem that a small number of xda's have been "fried" when trying to run the upgrade. Well, I think thats the risk you take and it's covered under warranty so you'll get a new xda if it does "fry".
uksoftware said:
the UK O2 XDA ROM update is due out Monday or Tuesday on the O2 web site, (10th or 11th March)
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It doesn't seem to have appeared, any more news on this ?
This is UNOFFICIAL but look here:,,170,00.html
I`m not sure if this is the latest ROM but I don`t see why not..
UK versions listed are: Radio stack 4.08 & Radio unit 3.14.13, Eire are 4.14 & 3.14.13, and someone else said Netherlands have more upto versions that that.
Well it's not just about numbers... 3.16.13 and 3.16.43 are "older" than 3.15.15 in some ways. 3.14.13 can be "newer", but I'm not quite sure why is it numbered this way...
if you look at the screenshot of the Device information in the .doc file, you can notice the ROM date )))
ROM version: 3.14.13 ENG
ROM date: 10/09/2002
Radio version: 4.08
if it's the same version that's going to be final... good heavens, they are so slooooow )
Take it from me, this won't be the final version. I know because I'm evaluating a special test build
Can't say anymore, but it should include at least one new feature that has been discussed in the Development forum.
Wireless modem... ;-)
I know, I have it ;]
uksoftware wrote:
the UK O2 XDA ROM update is due out Monday or Tuesday on the O2 web site, (10th or 11th March)
What happened? Any news yet?

o2 1.72WWE to 02 1.66WWE

If i upgrade my 02 xda II 1.66WWE to o2 XDA II v1.72WWE, can i back it to 1.66wwe again? if i had reset do you think it will back to 1.66wwe? thanks i need an asap response i will upgrade it now. thanks
Sorry not a reply to your question.
I was wondering wher you downloaded teh o2 XDA II v1.72WWE rom.
I have the 1.66 ROM at the moment
I think i made a mistake. Look my xda II is o2 the rom version is 1.66WWE, but when i went to the where the official o2 xda II website i saw their new rom update i saw this:
For English ROM
ROM version: 1.60.00 WWE
Radio version: 1.08.00
ExtROM version: 1.60.44
MMS Client:
Thats their lates rom the 1.60.00 but why mine is 1.66WWE. My xda II is o2? why? Do you think my rom is i-mate and the o2 is only the device, maybe the device is o2 and the rom is i-mate? wich means i can upgrade my 1.66 to 1.72 without any problem or any o2 data loses, right?
you have a newest 1.66 rom for asian, but this rom is not for public consumption.
if you upgrade to 1.72 rom, you will loose original rom & VOID GUARANTEE.
think about that!!!!!!
hi 004,
i think you posted a lot of threads like this, well im not a moderaor, so ok lang. hehehe.
with regards to your question, here goes.
I think you just got your unit, its from smart or globe right, from their promo, then if it is, its version O2 1.66 WWE, its the latest release from O2 Asia, although this version is not so good and stable version, you might encounter a lot of hard resets along the way, so use BACKUP, any will do, ACTIVESYNC BACKUP will suffuce.
for now, you need to know that:
1. O2 ASIA 1.60 WWE is the most stable version but lacks some upgrades.
2. O2 ASIA 1.66 WWE is complete but not particularly stable.
3. O2 ASIA 1.72 WWE does not exist YET, 1.72 is available for Imate or T-mobile versions but not for O2 YET.
O2 1.72 WWE is desirable however there is no upgrade yet from O2 (, if you want, install the 1.72 of either Imate or T-mobile, but IF you will be encountering problems later, SMART or GLOBE will not be able to help you and IT is DIFFICULT to revert back to 1.60 or 1.66 O2 version.
So my advise is, IF you dont like the 1.66 O2 version for any reason at all, TRY the O2 1.60 older but better version, just backup your EXT ROM and bring over some files and installers from the 1.66 version that are missing in the 1.60 version.
IF YOU get tired of the 1.60 version, you can always revert back to the 1.66 version by upgrading.
OR you could wait for the 1.72 version from O2 when available.
Maayong Gabii!
Magandang Gabi!

O2 has 1.11.170 available for downlod

Hi All,
Just to let you all know that O2 have the upgraded ROM (ver 1.11.170)with BB and radio 1.04 available now on their website.
See my Hmmmmm post above. I didn't spot this thread before I posted.
I just went to O2 site but can not to see the new ROM for OIIi. Only v1.11.69
Snap. O2 IIi Downloads page.
If you know different, linkage please.
O2 have withdrawn the 170 rom as it had issues!!! (like the others don't!!) That is why it is not there any more. :lol:

on O2 site i found just 1.11.169
It was withdrawn because it was crap. Blackberry didn't work.
i just downloaded v 1.11.169 , hope this is the latest
I downloaded it one month and a half ago and i don't see the difference between v.1.11.169 and v 1.11.170 except Backberry v.2.0. If yours is good,I think you enjoy it.That's the best way.
i see the radio rom is still 1.00
andy-c1 said:
i see the radio rom is still 1.00
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The radio in rom for Alpine v1.11.170 is v1.04. Check it again,pls.
where can i d/load o2 only has1.11.169 on there website not 1.11.170
You can't. It was flawed and withdrawn...
firmware 1.11.170
Does anybody know when this update will come out
i cant ask o2 they keep telling me to call 02 asia as im in australia
Could someone maybe ask o2 UK
just a quick question, does anyone ever risked or ever brick their PDA in trying to upgrade the PDA using the ROM ver 171 ?
is it safe to do upgrade ROM even via the website ?
I'm worried if it would broke down my PDA. :-(
here's what I've found in the website:
The latest XDA IIi System Software is available for you to download. New and changed in this version of software, v1.11.171 are:
* Updated BlackBerry Connect
* Improved Bluetooth Connectivity
Please click here to continue
This software is for Xda IIi in UK and Ireland.
and I'm living in AUstralia.
is it worth it ?
AlbertWT said:
just a quick question, does anyone ever risked or ever brick their PDA in trying to upgrade the PDA using the ROM ver 171 ?
This software is for Xda IIi in UK and Ireland.
and I'm living in AUstralia.
is it worth it ?
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Another question - on next page O2 asks for IMEI and phone number. Somehow I can find IMEI on my device but how can I obtain valid UK O2 tel. No??? It was bought on ebay... So is there any links where i can download this latest ROM ver. without tel number? Thanks.
I downloaded the rom with my imei and a romanian cell phone number from the official site. Didn't updated it yet...
There is now a v 1.11.171 available at the O2 website.
my emei doesn't work, can anyone give me a working link to the 171?
thank you.

Restoring O2 ROM

Sorry if this is a newb question and I've missed something obvious.
I'd like to upgrade an O2 branded hd2 to the generic latest ROM using the goldcard method described here. I understand this invalidates the warranty.
Is there any way of restoring the phone to its original state to circumvent this?
I would like to know this as well as im thinking of sending back my HD2 to o2 but cant as ive upgraded to 1.48.
Or is it worth sending back as it is now and then play dumb if they contact me to tell me its not got the original stock rom?
im with T-Mobile and upgrade it on ROM: 1.48.405.2 (71294) WWE - Radio: last weeks and never had any prob yet and sim card works fine
Dump your ROM before upgrading. For how to do that search on the forum.
I'm also with O2, & they told me that as long as the ROM is an official one from the HTC website this won't invalidate your warranty
Not sure what the policy is with T-Mobile though
I did find a O2 rom on here somewhere, cant remember where, I havent used it yet, but im uploading it to rapidshare now and will provide a link. So if anything does go wrong you can just flash back to the O2 rom to be on the safe side.
I have returned a phone to O2 before that was HSPLed and they never said anything, but they sent out a new phone and picked up the old one at the same time.
O2 Rom...

T-Mobile UK ROM Upgrade

I've been waiting ages for the T-Mobile UK ROM upgrade for the HD2 but nothing has appeared on the HTC downloads page as yet, even though Vodaphone, Orange and the generic one seems to be available. I get the feeling that T-Mobile won't be releasing the update
Anyway, I've been looking thru the stickies on XDA-Dev and found a ROM update for branded T-Mobile called RUU_Leo_TMO_UK_3.14.110.1 which I am now downloading
Is this an unofficial update? Or maybe a pre-release from T-Mobile?
More importantly, is this safe to install? My specs are:
Manila: 2.5.20121429.0
ROM: (86525) WWE
ROM date: 04/02/10
I've been hanging around confused on the XDA-Dev forums on and off for the last 6 months or so. I'm pretty apprehensive about installing anything ROM-based for fear of bricking my lovely HD2. I don't wanna get a new one as I'm not even halfway thru my 24-month contract!
Anyway, hope you can help. I hate sounding like such noob. I fix PCs for a living, but this is doing my head in!!
The RUU_Leo_TMO_UK_3.14.110.1 is a leaked UK T-Mobile stock ROM.
Don't worry, this rom will not brake your device, I have uploaded these rom sins 2011-01-06 and in the meanwhile it was bean downloaded 293 times without anyone mentioned that thy have a problem.
Hey where to find the download link for T-Mobile Uk rom upgrade
Can you please guide me in this??
Many Thanks in Advance
TMobile UK 3.14 rom now on HTC web site
htc hd2 t mobile with ROM 1.72 GER
i am using hd2 t mobile with rom 1.72 GER......give me any single link to upgrade my rom. plzzzzzz even i want to change my language to english plzzz plzzz.....