SQL Developer

Editor changing all 'x' to 'u' when you miss a closing '

Vertica Connection

Connected Db's on top

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SqlCL (4.2) -- Edit command, revised contents of afiedt.buf not returned to sql window when exiting (save) Notepad

Why has the formatter changed

Refcursor output from SP wrapping at 80 char

SQL Developer cannot save worksheets

minor bug Sql*developer 4.2

Copy from object tree not working in SQLDeveloper 4.2

New Version of SQL Developer with Bug fixed

Converting MSSQL to Oracle progress

SQL Developer 4.2.0 - Typing letters in table data grid

SQL Developer v4.2 "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null connection not allowed" with User Reports

Line breaks after "And"

Problem to see DBMS Works

Arabic in SQL Developer 4.2 worksheet.

SQL Developer v4.2 Connection Reset Error appearing randomly!

Code formatter in Version destroying string

SQL Developer 4.2 - Login Messages

SQL Developer 4.2 ctrl + enter  bug

Strange behavior when importing unit tests

SQLDev 4.2: Missing Snippets Menu Entry - solution

Semicolon in strings not handled properly in 4.2

SQL Data developer error during exporting in repository

Missing feature?

How to connect sqldeveloper with db of apex.oracle.com?

SQL*PLUS query results DIFFERENT from SQL DEVELOPER results

Unable to save file by java.lang.illegalstateexception: no write() during compound edit

Error while launching SQL Developer after installing Oracle 11g R2 version

Issue with connecting to oracle DB from SQL developer

4.0  - what is this icon telling me?

SQL developer (JDK included) - object not visible in tree - raising an error if selected

SD 4.2 formatter - too many line breaks

SD 4.2 - unable to copy table and column names from Connections pane to the clipboard

Quotes - Right click?

Schema Objects not visible with  SQL developer (JDK included)

[4.2] Formatter Bug regarding consecutive single comment lines

SQL Developer Version -  Commented line containing semicolon invalid query

4.2 [Request] Cursor in CodeEditor shall affect Outline

[4.2] Clicking tree expand/collapse icon raises OutlinePanel error

[4.2] Cloud Support feature raises 'oracle.sqldeveloper.cloud' error

SQL Developer 4.2

Cannot see Arabic Language correctly while coding v

SQl Developer suddenly hangs

red performing the requested operation:  IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish An error was encountethe connection  Vendor code 17002

Slow Startup, 'Restoring Windows'

This bug still exists in 4.2

Chart in Reports produce errors regarding timestamps

Sql Developer Formatting Setting

why does ref() function get object instead OID?

Cannot Print Data Flow Diagram as  SVG,  4.2.0, Windows.

[4.2] Formating partial worksheet content always brings you back to line 1

Bug found in newest SQL Developer 4.2

SQL-Developer IO Error only while running Stored Procedure

How to stop script output grouping into 11 record groups

How to connect to HR Schema?

shortcut key ?

Migrating a SQLServer database using CLI - How to map the datatypes

Editing the connections.xml file

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Comments in quotes '--'
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