Oracle Application Express (APEX)

Bottom Splitter cannot be moved in Internet Explorer

Hello, I have a question if anyone else have a problem with dragging horizontal (Bottom Splitter) in APEX if you open SQL Workshop > SQL Command. Same happen e.g. in SQL Workshop > Utilities > Query Builder. Here is visible also Left Splitter, which behave same like Bottom Splitter. When I drag up or down splitter to make window bigger or smaller and leave mouse button I cannot move splitter anymore. It's only possible if I press F5 to refresh page, but it will work again only till I release mouse button. I'm using IE 11 on Win10, but I noticed the same behaviour on Win7 PC. In Google Chrome work Ok, but my primary browser is IE so I would rather use IE. Does anyone can reproduce that and how to fix this problem if is possible?
Hello, I'm on APEX 5.0.3 and Windows 7 with IE11. I have been able to reproduce the described behaviour. If you open the browser console in IE (F12) and drag and drop the splitter, you'll see the following error: 
SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'trunc'
File: f, Line: 408, Column: 1
 Because of that error, only the first drag and drop will work and subsequent actions will fail. There's not much you can do about this, apart from using a different browser. The same problem occurs in APEX 5.1 EA1 by the way. Your best chance at getting this problem fixed is by logging a feedback ticket there. Or do you want me to log some feedback? Kind regards,Nick
Hi Nick, Yes, it would be nice if you can log feedback. I'm currently new in APEX and I don't know yet how to do it. Can you please by the way write short procedure where and how to send such kind of problems, so I can do it by myself next time. I hope they will soon fix that. I would still like to use IE, because it have all features I need for my work. Thank you.
Hi, You can log your ticket here, and can view if the ticket is being picked by oracle people. -- Sunil Bhatia
I have reported a bug using the APEX 5.1 EA feedback system. The feedback number is 143. Simply create a workspace on to start logging your own feedback. There's a feedback icon in the top-right corner. Nick
Thanks for your both replies. In the mean time I also login into Beta version and send feedback. So now will be reported twice.

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