Oracle Application Express (APEX)

How to change Apex URL into any specific URL?

Hi I made an application in Oracle apex. I want to change its URL ( to any Specific CSS URL (e.g. How Can i change this?Regards,Rekha.
You create a relay proxy server to do that for you.Or - you create a static "redirect" page at your desired URL. MK
How can i made this Relay Proxy Server.. In oracle Apex..?
Within APEX?  You don't You can not change how the APEX's URL looks like.This is where the Relay Proxy Server comes in. A Relay Proxy Server is a "specialized" HTTP Server.It exists at the same "layer" as TomCat/GlassFish/EPG/IIS/Apache HTTP/etc. Simplified explaination:It take the URLtranslates it to an APEX URL"relays" the request to another server (eg APEX)get the results from that other serverfinds all URLs in the result and translates the APEX URLs into regular URLreturns that result to the client.  Although I say "specialized", some HTTP servers can do this via Apache HTTP server (I think IIS also) can be configured to be Relay Proxy Servers. But, be careful.  One mis-configuration and half the internet will be using your server for anonymous web browsing. MK
Hello Riku230795, Depending on your web server you can do rewrite rules.Apache look at MOD_REWRITE  URL Rewriting Guide - Apache HTTP Server IIS look at ARR Creating a Forward Proxy Using Application Request Routing : The Official Microsoft IIS Site Tomcat look at UrlRewriteFilter - Rewrite URL's in Java Web Application Servers and in general there are lots in interesting tips out there if you Google and finally, I found this blog series interesting, especially the third installment hrURL – human readable URLs in Oracle APEX | get along with Oracle and APEX Regards,Brad
It is possible to create a nice looking url using RESTful services in the Apex SQL Workshop.You need to use ORDs for this and need to have APEX_LISTENER and APEX_REST_PUBLIC_USER installed. Then you are able to map a url to a specific page in your application. See this blog entry by Krice Rice how to do it:
As I understood from the OP's original post, he/she wanted to change the server name also.Kris' solution only involves the Path. Changing the server name will require a relay proxy. MK

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