Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

Is there a doc on how to create the supporting OBIEE 12c repository database?

We are getting ready to install OBIEE 12c (  I see in the install doc that a database is needed to support the repository.  I can't seem to find a doc to describe how to create that database.  We are looking at an database on a unix (solaris 10 64-bit) server.  Are there any special configurations for this database?  What options are required for this database?  Any help would be appreciated..... -Kelli
Hi Kelli, Just follow the installation guide and you'll find the steps that will create the required schemas for OBIEE (here's a guide). Regarding which database you can use, you can check the certification matrix here and check the database sheet to see which databases are certified for the OBIEE version you mentioned.
Pedro, Thanks for the info.  Is there a separate database to support OBIEE or are the schemas created in the databases from which we will be pulling data? -Kelli
Hi,It's something else from a logical point of view: the repository schemas (OBIEE will require to create 5-7 schemas) will not be used as sources for the data you analyse.It can be the same physical database if you want, but OBIEE will create its own schemas there. The "simple" install will create them automatically during the configuration of OBIEE (you will be prompted to enter connection details and use an account with sysdba permissions). You can also create them before using the RCU (it is inside the OBIEE install).As Pedro said: follow the doc and everything is there. The process is: install weblogic, install the OBIEE files, create repository with RCU, configure OBIEE => enjoy OBIEE 12c
Gianni, I'm sorry for being so thick.  I don't need a separate db for  OBIEE.  Is that what you are saying?  That the schemas will be created in each of the existing databases we choose to use OBIEE for? -Kelli
OBIEE support 3 different kind of DB for its repository: Oracle Database or, DB2 10.5, SQL Server 2012 or 2014You say you have an Oracle DB, so it's fine. OBIEE do not care where you data are stored, they can be in one, 5, 10, 100 different databases, that's up to you. All OBIEE require is a supported database for the RCU and an account with SYSDBA privileges during the config (or just before) so you can create the required schemas.Schemas being what other DB call users. The repository schemas are unique for a give OBIEE install, so you create it in one place and your OBIEE setup will use that one. It will not need to create anything in the sources you will then use for your analysis. These schemas are used by OBIEE itself for it's own usage and do not depends on the sources for your analysis at all. So it can be the Oracle server you already have, it can be another supported database, it can be the same as the one with data you will use in your analysis or it can be a totally separate database, that choice is up to you and your infrastructure. Keep in mind OBIEE will need to access these schemas to start and run. Even if it's possible to move them around it's a bit annoying, so you better use a database you aren't going to decommission in few weeks.

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