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[11i to R12 - Reimplemenation] getNodeValue prints empty spaces

Hi Experts, We are using a java stored procedure for parsing/doing some XML operation(FYR - 11i code implemented in R12.2.6, the xml has SHIFT_JS encoding).We are getting some issue , so I am debugging this, Now I am trying to the value of a NodeList element PFB the code for that.kindly pardon me.. because i have more than one question - I have mentioned in the below comment section.  domparser.parse(url);//url has the path where the format.xml is placed XMLDocument xmldocument = domparser.getDocument/*If i print xmldocument.toString()- it prints oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLNodeList#c3abce--> how to print the XML question Question #1*/NodeList nodelist = xmldocument.getElementByTag("label")for (int i =0; i < nodeList.getLength() ; i ++){     /* print nodeList.getLength() its print 1*/     Node node = nodelist.item(i);     /*print node.getNodeValue - it prints NULL, Not sure why its printing null Question #2*/     {          String s_ret = null;          NodeList nodelist_test = node.getChildNodes();          int i = nodelist_test.getLength(); // value is 27          int j =0;          do            {               if(j >= i)               break;                              String s1_test = null;               if(nodelist_test.item(j)!= null)               {                    s1_test=nodelist_test.item(j).getNodeValue();                    if(s1_test!=null)                    {                            /*Control comes here*/                         s1_test =s1_test.trim(); // When i print s1_test.trim() -- its empty MAIN QUESTION *why its empty??*                    }                    if (s1_test !=null && !s1_test.equals(""))                    {                     /* ---Control DID not go in this block */                      returns s1_test;                    }                    /*some logic*/                                   }               /*Some logic*/            }                    }}  
i post this question in this portal , as this is related to oracle and XML
Please let me know if the information provided is inadequate or else any modification needed.

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